Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apparently, we're the driest inhabited continent on earth.

Who would have known?
Yesterday, My Typist found out that my friend Kol's mama got out of her sickbed to make Kol some peanut butter cookies because it was Peanut Butter Lovers Day. 

My Typist felt so guilty was so inspired, she decided to make me a yummy peanut butter treat this morning!
It was delicious and I was really happy that she had gone to all that trouble!

Here's the recipe with step-by-step instructions on how to make it, in case you want to try it too!

1 tsp peanut butter [crunchy or smooth]
1 bikkie [lowfat multigrain if you're on a diet like me]

Spread peanut butter on bikkie. 
Serve immediately.
"Can you just forget that I'm on a diet and make me another one?" 
"Please? It's Stryliah Day!"


 "Oh my goodness! Is that a Vegemite Special?"
Sometimes, My Typist is okay. 

HaPp * StryliAh  * Day!

My Cushion took me out to see the Stryliah Day ferrython! He was a bit sad because he used to take Mr T there and they would sit on a picnic rug and have some wine and watch the boats and ferries go by.
We didn't see anything today because it started raining, so we came home. I think we're going to watch some telly now.

p.s. The driest UNinhabited continent on earth is Antarctica! For more interesting facts on Stryliah, CLICK HERE.

p.p.s. I don't know why but Kol's peanut butter treats look a lot better than mine. I do hope My Typist didn't just play a cruel trick on me.


What Remains Now said...

Finally, a recipe that I can make! Looks like Georgia appreciated all your efforts.

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Lori! I always feel like such a bad dogmom for not making special treats and birthday cakes for G ;)

Kolchak Puggle said...

This is Kol's Mama - well gee. I feel awful silly now. It looks like Georgia enjoyed her treat every bit as much as Kol enjoyed his. Are you saying I could have a happy dog with way less work? **smacks forehead* I'm taking lessons from you! (Although, I'm pretty sure not a living soul here at Casa de Kolchak enjoys vegemite. *blech*)

houndstooth said...

Those peanut butter treats look pretty darned yummy to me! I hope your Typist makes them for you more often. I'm sorry the boats didn't come out in the rain.


georgia little pea said...

dear Kol's mama who knows how to bake REAL treats and cakes - vegemite is definitely an acquired taste. i haven't yet acquired it myself.

chandra said...

HAPPY STRYLIAH DAY GLP, TYPIST, CUSHION ... and, of course, RBT, who in my mind has just picked up Daley in his Ute and they're doing doughnuts through the big dog park in the sky!

It's evening of the 25th here and I'm watching the Australian Open. The vegemite and peanut butter combo has kind of blown my mind. I'm going to have to try it. I just searched for where I can buy it in LA near my house and came up with The Friar Tuck Shoppe, which apparently is next to the Robin Hood British Pub. Ack. But I'm going for it tomorrow!

Big yeasty hugs,
-c at ddy.

Jan said...

I love the recipe. It looks like something I could totally make without all those pesky mixing and putting in the oven things.

georgia little pea said...

Friar Tuck Shoppe - are you kidding me???

peanut butter and vegemite are a classic combo! [yuk] big yeasty hugs back! x

Berts Blog said...

Georgia Georgia, please tell me you were just teasing on my blog.

You know you are very special to me.

Please, "Say it isn't So"

Oh and thanks for the recipe. Now if I can just get My Vickie to make some.

georgia little pea said...

Bert. Bert. Hmmm...i vaguely remember a dog i used to know by that name. ran off with a girl called Charlotte when he could have had ME!


Driest inhabited continent? Move over. Relocating tomorrow.


Peanut butter and crackers? So not fair. The Two-legged Missus (see above) would say my thtomach is thtoo thensitive.

Ben in Bermtopia

P.S. I FINALLY figured out how to post comments here. The Two-legged Missus (see above) is such a ninny sometimes.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Q &SG - do you need an airport pickup?

dear Mr Ben - are you making fun of the mitthuth? That'th not nith.

Anonymous said...

i'm tellin Twinkle about yar yummy peanut butter treat...i think she can manage to make me somethin simple like that - Vanilla Bean

Pippa said...

Happy Australia Day mates. But it shouldn't be raining in January!! Not in the middle of summer in Sydney.

Misery says you are making her all nostalgic posting those pix of lovely Sydney. When Master comes in from work she will show them to him too.


Anonymous said...

it's not the look but the taste that matters -Keanna
p.s. We luv opinionated pooches so we are passing to you the Versatile Blogger Award... here's the shortlink ofour post mentioning you

georgia little pea said...

Happy Australia Day, Pippa! it's been raining ALL summer this year. horrible. don't get nostalgic. get on a plane! ;)

woohoo! thank you PinkPixie! will go check it out now :) x

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

My mom is super excited about this do-it-yourself recipe, Georgia. She thinks she might be able to handle it, and your Typist inspires her. I think your Typist makes really good treats. Those treats look way better than the raw vegies my mom keeps giving me. Happy Strayliah Day to you who knows how to eat treats and to your Typist who knows how to make treats.

June said...


Your p-nut butter treat sounds like a trick to us. Did you check thoroughly for PILLS?

Just sayin . . . y'can't be too careful,
Angus and Max

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy. Looks like you had a great time too. Someday we are going to visit Australia.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

It's so great that dogs love peanut butter so much. What an all-around fantastic treat. Vegemite, now? Not so sure about that one.

Unknown said...

Oooh! Peanut butter treats! And with recipe and all!

Puppy would have been given some right now, if only he hadn't emotionally blackmailed me into giving him some of my Laughing Cow Cheese!

Happy Stryliah Day!

Pup Fan said...

So nice of your typist!

Jean said...

Deah GLP - I waz gonna tell you the same thing as Max an' Angus did. My mama gives me peanut butter on a bikki when she's tryin' to hide my pills!! I caught her doing this and I'm now quite gud at spittin' out the pills and woofin' down the peanut butter real quickly.
Sigh.... tonight mama tried the same trick but wiv liver paste. Duz she think I'm stoopid? Hoomans!

Peggy Frezon said...

Happy peanut butter day! I think Kol's mama serves hers on fancy plates. Are you sure your typist didn't drop yours on the floor? lol. Not that I can talk, haha I didn't even attempt to cook pb treats. You get major points, and seriously, I'm sure it doesn't matter what they looked like as long as they were yummy.

georgia little pea said...

@Jean - Is that you Sadie? No, there wasn't any pill in my PB treat. My humans just stuff pills directly into my throat. There's not much finesse in this house. Liver paste sounds exciting! Maybe I'll get that soon mmmmm...

Patrice and Higgins said...

Those look so yummy!!!!! I am drooling!


Anonymous said...

Happy Strylia(h?) Day to youse too.

Kristine said...

That sounds like a delicious snack to me. In fact, I may make one for myself when I get home! Who needs hours of prep work and oven baking time when you can just spread on the love?

Happy Australia Day to you! I hope you had a wonderful time!

PS. Shiva doesn't know what vegemite is but she wants some now too. Too bad for her, I say. Now who is the bad dog mom? ;-)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I made the peanut butter treat mention on the wrong blog post, duh! That's what happens when I get behind and am trying to catch up, I feel like I'm chasing my tail these days, lol! Belated Happy Aussie Day:) And that was a very Scary Website on your other post! OK, are you talking Vegemite and PB together? Can't say I've ever tried that mix. I usually have my PB via a teaspoon straight out of the jar;) And my Vegemite on toast, under scrambled or poached eggs.

georgia little pea said...

Oh Sue! Poor thing. Coffee time and deep breath :)

I don't like vegemite myself but I do like that combo (very occasionally). Maybe because it's both salty and sweet. Try it!

Yes, that link is scary!