Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot dogs.

Some weeks back, My Cushion went out for a day on the harbour without me. It was horrible of him to leave me behind on the hard floor. But he took lots of pictures. Here they are.
As you can see, there's A Lot of water around here. 
I'm not sure I like water.
I don't like it when my toes can't touch the bottom. And, I don't know whether you've noticed, but it's all so wet. And here's the really curious part,  no matter how wet I get in the water, when I get home, I always end up getting a hose down. Why? Aren't I wet enough already?

Since my stay-at-home human announced to the whole world that I can now swim, I've been feeling stressed. Every time we go to the beach, my humans now expect me to keep swimming out to fetch sticks and balls. Why would I be interested, I ask you? It's not like you can eat them. Why can't they just let me roll around the sand and find some yummy dried squid instead? I just can't understand humans sometimes.

But I don't like to disappoint My Cushion, so I've been working hard on my technique all summer. I think I might be getting better. Please tell me what you think.

I know I'm still splashing about a bit too much here.  
But here's a picture of me swimming calmly and c.o.n.f.i.d.e.n.t.l.y.
I met this dog @Mort Bay. He didn't think I could swim.
Huh. I showed him.
I'm not sure if he was impressed by my technique though.

Don't tell anyone, but I've been having some secret swimming lessons too. I had one with Pinky Bella  @Illoura a few weeks ago.
Maybe you can't see too well here because my out-at-work human didn't take good pictures, but Pinky is a bulldog. Her human says Pinky is very special because most bulldogs can't swim.
I suspect I might have some bulldog in me.
Early one morning, I had a swimming lesson with Echo too. We met up @ Birchgrove. The water was nice and calm.
For such a big furry dog, Echo swims pretty well. Why he doesn't sink when his fur gets all wet is A Mystery.

This isn't Pinky! It's another bulldog I met @Callan. His name is Rocky.
Lucky for me, Rocky was a regular bulldog and couldn't swim, so I didn't feel so stupid about not being able to either.

All in all, I much prefer playing on the beach.

Alaska likes the beach too.

A new dog came along. He was nervous.
He ran up the rocks to hide.
 It took a lot of patience, but he finally came down to play with us.

Cleo turned up! Her spots still haven't gone away, poor thing.
Mr Thumper can't run much anymore. He tried playing with this dog. I don't think she was too interested.

When it's hot, it's good not to run around all the time.
You can lie down and play and still have a very good game.

The weatherman says it's going to be 41degreesC today. I don't know why my humans would believe anything the weatherman says. If I fibbed as often as he does, I'd be in the doghouse.

My stay-at-home human's been busy watering the plants and getting them ready for the heat. She's filled the water pots too, in case Alfred gets hot and wants to have a swim.

Nobody had better drag me out to the beach today. I'm going to find a nice cool corner and go to sleep. I hope my stay-at-home human turns on the airconditioning soon. Maybe she'll do that after she finishes washing my bedsheets and hanging them out to dry.

Oh! Her phone just started barking! That means it's time to feed me again. I'm getting 5 little meals today. My tummy is still not well.

It's tough being a dog.


Unknown said...

Oh, Georgia. You are such a brave pup facing all that water.

Honey has it even worse than you. She also doesn't like to swim. But because she's a Golden Retriever, everyone thinks she has to enjoy it.

Lucky for her, we really like boats too so Honey gets to ride nice and dry in the kayak. Of course, by the time it's summer in the North here, she'll probably be too big for the kayak.

Should I buy her a canoe?

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! I felt warmer just looking at them.

georgia little pea said...

Honey rides in a kayak? goodness, that's Very Brave. yes, of course you should get a canoe for her. every dog needs one. and please take some pictures of her in it for us to see!

wishing you warm thoughts :) xox

Sage said...

I am so jealous, I am so jealous, I AM SO JEALOUS. All that water and I'm not there? What's up with that?

georgia little pea said...

stay postitive, sage! can't you try swimming over? you can't be THAT far away :p

KimT said...

Water. Sunshine. Hot. Air conditioning. Boy, you sure know how to make some of us green with envy!! BOL We're waiting on a BLIZZARD today!!

I'm very impressed with your swimming, Georgia, don't listen to the humans. You look like an athlete in that water. And, uh...can I come live with you? We don't have water or dog parties here. Deprived, I tell ya, deprived!!

georgia little pea said...

Dear CindyLu,

Please send some blizzard over by express post. It's 11.30pm and we are melting here, even with the air conditioning.

Thank you. Gratefully yours, The Athlete Georgia LP.

Kristine said...

All that heat, all those beaches, all that sunshine? Is it really so tough to be a dog, Georgia? I would like to trade you places, though Shiva is probably much happier here in the cold and snow and cloudy skies. Too bad for her she doesn't get a vote.

It's nice of your cushion to finally remember you exist and take you swimming after her fun boating experience. With all those other dogs to play with, it looks like you got a good deal out of that.

Congratulations on learning to swim! Got any tips for my Shiva who thinks water is the root of all evil?

Peggy Frezon said...

I'll send you some blizzard from New York too. That is very good job swimming. And what fun to have all those dogs to play with on the beach! Kelly likes to swim, although she'd love to have a friend to swim with her too.

georgia little pea said...

@Kristine - you can see how my humans did it in my old posts "I need a holiday" and "Things I am learning #6".

In short...My Cushion carried me out into the sea (not too far) and put me in the water (with my nose facing the beach). I didn't have any choice but to swim to save my life. It also helps that a lot of my friends are keen swimmers and almost all the parks where I live have tiny dog beaches because we are on a peninsula.

Shiva might not like to swim but SHE CAN SKATE!

@Peggy - yes, please do. It's now 6.45am and already 27degrees. Another blistering day coming up! Doesn't Kelly get to meet other dogs at the beach? That sounds sad.

I'm sending some sunshine to everyone now :) xox

Team Kenzo said...

What a tough life! It is horrible :)

Fun to see that Georgia also does that tactic where she lies down and then jumps in the other dogs face. Have not seen many other dogs do that (Kenzo does it too though).

Glad to see Mr. Thumper was along on the trip, did he enjoyed the water a little too? maybe dipping his toes ...

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Georgia - You and your Thumper are so cute! So are all of your friends. My three are all supposed to be water dogs and they are all afraid of the water. I think you are very brave!

georgia little pea said...

@ Kenzo - that's interesting that you do it too! It must be a hunting dog thing, which is one of the clues in this post for our Friday Mystery Mutt Tour :p Sharp, Kenzo!

Yes Mr Thumper does like dipping his toes. JUST his toes! He's a sissy. He wasn't too well yesterday :(

Pup Fan said...

Really great photos!

Karen Friesecke said...

*Why* do you insist on taunting me with these lovely beach pictures?In Toronto we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of snowmaggedon :(

Jersey didn't like to go in the water if she couldn't feel the bottom, either. Now she is a swimming champ. I would throw the stick a little farther each time until the realized that she wasn't going to die. I didn't want to force her to do it, so it took a good year until she was comfortable with swimming in deep water. Now I can't get her out of the water!! Just keep at it, eventually Georgia will love to swim!


That is a bodacious amount of water and I'm not quite sure I approve. As previously noted, I am not too happy even getting my paws wet so the idea of full immersion in the water is quite unsettling.

Even when I go fly fishing with the Two-legged Mister, I walk carefully over the rocks till I am perfectly balanced -- all four paws, preferably dry! -- on one tiny stone so I can keep an eye on the bugger.. I mean Mister.. it's a good thing I'm so Agile.

I will have to think about this going-IN-the-water-thing.

Tick tock, tick tock.

There, I've thought about it. At the end of the day, I don't think it's a very good idea and won't be trying it soon. (Mainly because anything remotely liquid is frozen here at the moment.)

Keep me posted on this water thing. I know they say you can teach an old dog new tricks, but I seriously doubt it when it comes to water;-)

Ben in Bermtopia

georgia little pea said...

@ Karen - I don't know why I keep taunting you guys facing snowmaggedon and blizzards with pictures of our meltdown. I thought I might try to cheer you up with some virtual sunshine but it seems to be having the opposite effect. Hmmm :p Yes, Georgia WILL learn to swim! WILL!

@Ben - bugger it! You are the funniest dog, Mr Ben! If I remember correctly, you were quite shellshocked at your first peek of The Sea. There is A Lot of it here, without a doubt, and none of it is frozen :( Here's wishing you dry toes forever xox


Chandra said...

Well, GLP, everyone knows ladies don't like to get their hair wet! But I'm very impressed with your form - you splash less than I do! Hope RBT is feeling better and your tummy has settled!

Your OAWH's photos of the Harbour were very cool! When I was in OHIA (On Holiday In Australia) we took the Manly Ferry and walked to Shelly Beach. We saw HUGE lizards along the way. I bet you would've like to hunt them!
c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

We were thinking of YOU ms C, when we posted those pictures, and wondering if you'd done a cruise or ferry ride of some kind when you were OHIA and seen that view :)

Lizards? In Manly? Were they blue tongues? I LOVE lizards. Can't wait to see some pics of your hols! Hope you had a beaut time xox

Anonymous said...

via email -

dear People & Pooches, hi & thanks for your latest old-sea-dog-bog-blog.

Thankfully a cooling change / sea breeze yesterday arvo' helped us survive a scorcher, but it's another hotty down here today.

Great to see Georgia enjoying the sea, I'm hoping to go back down to the beach (with the dogs) this evening.

I agree with Georgia, we don't wash the dogs after the beach, salt water has a lot of positive properties. Plus Inky thinks Flash has turned into a big potato crisp.

That's all folks, stay cool, happy & well, rgds STeve