Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm such a mutt.

Yes, I am.

But what kind?

My humans have always been curious. They have a little piece of paper telling them I'm a W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ X. And they have their suspicions about what else I might be, since getting to know me better.

But they'd love to know what YOU think too.

My Typist has assured me that The Mystery Mutt Tour is the way to go. She says this is a Very Scientific Method, much better than a DNA test because IT'S FREE and doesn't require any drawing of my blood.

In fact, she's taking it so seriously, she's put clues into our posts this week [HERE and HERE in case you missed them].

In addition to those clues, she also wants to share these thoughts with you.
I'm very ladylike.
Except when I'm playing.
I like my head covered when I sleep.
My humans like to take pictures of me where I look like a capybara a.k.a a large rodent.
But I can look quite serious and [dare I say it] sexy too.
I have A Very Loud Baying Voice. [You can hear it HERE if you're keen.]
I used to be fat.
But I'm not anymore. [I now weigh 43 kgs.] 
I still love to cook and eat.
I love watching telly too.
And sitting on My Cushion.
I'm very patient and forgiving with stupid humans who have poor fashion sense.
I'm bigger than most children.
And smaller than some dogs.

That's it! I'd best let you get to it. I know it takes a long time to do proper investigative work. I can't wait to find out if I have any daschund in me. I'm certainly opinionated enough.

Thank you!

Thank you also to Ms Jarolim, Ms Frezon and Ms PupFan for organising The Magical Mystery Mutt Tour!

Yoohooo.o.o. If YOU'RE a mutt, why not take part too? Click on any of those name links to find out how! It'll be FUN!


Peggy Frezon said...

You are definitely a one of a kind! And a very lovely dog at that. I see Great Dane in your muzzle and in your height. I can't tell what those ears are, maybe some kind of cattle dog? And maybe some yellow lab too. Thanks for joining the blog hop today!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Love the photo show--especially the big yawn. Dogs are so cute when they yawn.

AJ said...

This is a tough one! At first, from the muzzle shape, I was like "Is there Great Dane in there?" and then I saw the last picture and decided that there probably was not.

I'm stumped! What does your certificate say??

Kristine said...

I admit, I've always wondered about Georgia's breed but thought it rude to ask. Not sure if it actually IS rude, but "what is she"? doesn't sound very polite. When people ask me that sometimes I just want to say "a dog." But I don't because that wouldn't be very nice either.

Anyway, I am rambling as a way to delay answering as I really have no idea. I like to pride myself on knowing my dog breeds. After all, I used to spend hours leafing through breed books. Heck, I still do. Ever since I was a kid I've loved looking at different breeds and guessing them. But Georgia? She has me stumped. Maybe she is something really rare we don't have here in North America. At least, that's my excuse.

The shelters here generally just say "shepherd mix" when they don't know what else. In your posts you hinted she may be part bulldog, you also mentioned something about pig dogs. I didn't think pig dog was a breed so I did some research.

Bull Arab is one dog that came up. I've never heard of them before, obviously an Australian breed. But they do look similar. I had been thinking Great Dane on my own anyway, so perhaps that's somewhere in her as well? I'd also been thinking maybe ridgeback somewhere, but that could be off.

How about Bull Arab/Great Dane/Ridgeback mix?

I hope I've at least entertained you!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow... that is a crazy mystery mutt... I see lots of different breeds but have no idea how they come together... the closest combination i can come up with is

I see airedale terrier ... and maybe dane or wolf/deer hound....

Pup Fan said...

So fun - I loved your clues! I'm stumped... maybe some lab, maybe a tiny bit of bloodhound?

Team Kenzo said...

Georgia is an absolute mistery to me. There should be some great dane there, mixed with a couple of other breeds. I am just happy that you are going to reveal your thoughts of what her roots could be :)

AlbanyPets said...

I think our dogs are similar as well so I wont put my guess here. My dog LOVES watching TV too. She barks at the remote if you don't turn it on. Your pup is a beauty.

Ruff Toy Reviews said...

Okay, don't laugh... I'm adding this without looking at your comments, so I could be WAY off! But I see Rhodesian Ridgeback and some kind of wolfhound with his fuzzy face and wide set eyes... he's a handsome boy!

Unknown said...

I say Great Dane and maybe Airedaile or some sort of terrier face.

Jan said...

A most versatile dog! I have no guesses that haven't been made, but I don't see any Poodle. :>)

Anonymous said...

I know people think Basenji's don't talk, but if they did I am betting they would have a loud baying voice. They love to sleep with their head covered and are ladylike and catlike.
The "W" on your papers has me stumped. I have to check out the other clues.

georgia little pea said...

ahhh...just had to put in a comment here. truly enjoying your scientific deductions this morning!

hint: the professionals are doing well, as are a couple of mutt obsessives haha! :) xox

Anonymous said...

OK- the clues did not help me at all but I see that I must come back and read more. You are an excellent writer. Some of your posts did make me tear up. I have to avoid those next visit.
So, maybe W stands for wolfhound (it fits in the blanks) but I really have no clue.


Dear GLP --

The Two-legged Missus and I have done In-depth Research into the your heritalogical (I LOVE making up words, don't you?) mix. Based on a 10-minute scan of the American Kennel Club website, here's our conclusion. You are the most wonderful parts of:

1. Redbone Coonhound --- Which explains the baying

2. Anatolian Shepherd --- Everyone needs a little shepherd in them.

3. Mastiff -- Which explains that pesky tendency to hold on to unwanted poundage

4. Wirehaired Vizsla -- The resemblance is UNCANNY.


Ben and the Q&SPGofBtopia

Edie said...

I don't have a clue but yours is a genuine mystery tour! I loved digging into the links for clues, especially the one where you could hear Georgia's melodious voice.

You may not believe me but I've often thought that you photograph Georgia so that she looks like a capybara. Of course I have a bit of a capybara fixation. After I learned they were the world's largest rodent, I used to dream about them. And not in a good way.

Pamela said...

Georgia, you are one unique lady. You're not that big but your whiskery face reminds me of a wolfhound.

You seem to be really stumping us. I guess you're just beautylicious.

Chandra said...

GLP, you are a darling pigdog of the very-nearly-ladylike variety.

What I didn't realize until now is that you are ... an AMERICAN darling pigdog of the very nearly-ladylike variety.

The telly-watching and the cushion-sitting clinched it.

Super-sized hugs,
c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

it's 5pm and 41.2degreesC here, in case anyone wants to know.

just got back from some mad exercise [yup, mad] to read your comments and YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

love you all xox

Karen Friesecke said...

My guess with be irish wolfhound, mastiff and lab.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha excellent post!!! Not sure what you are -- but you definitely have an excellent sense of humor!

Melf said...

I've got to say that the muzzle reminds me of a wire haired terrier of some sort. I was going to guess Great Dane because she looked so big on your husband's lap, but maybe not after seeing her next to one. I also suspect Anatolian Shepherd - is she wicked smart? Anatolian's are amazingly smart.

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a new one for me. I had never seen one before!

Truly, she is a mystery mutt for sure! But a gorgeous one!

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Hi there...I'm hopping along from the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour. Unfortunately, I have no additional guesses from what's been listed. Dog breed knowledge is not my forte. Her long snout is so precious...and those beautiful eyes!

Life Student said...

This one has me stumped. Though I think the flowered pinafore may be an affront to his dignity!

Mastiff? Great Dane? I'm impressed with the people who did the research and found obscure breeds I've never heard of! All I can say is... THOSE EYES!

georgia little pea said...

Hi everyone - just in case anyone pops back to see if I've let the W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ out of the bag...

Georgia's probably a mix of Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback [which many of you thought - you know your dogs too well!]. And one last breed that I don't think anyone mentioned - Greyhound.

According to some pigdog sites, this is a fairly common breeding mix. People who have the purebred versions of these dogs, and who know her character, seem to agree.

Would have posted this comment sooner but Rufus hasn't been too well since last night. He's on meds now and should be okay.

THANKS for dropping by and commenting on the post :) It was fun!

p.s. AJ - that Great Dane in the picture is a very unusual monster size dog. In retrospect, probably should have used a more normal Dane :p

Anonymous said...


wolfhound just feels right.
Hunting dog, lounging dog when not 'working"
will wade and swim to fetch prey but not stupid balls, etc.

anyway, who cares, she is just so cute anyway.

AlbanyPets said...

I see our pups were on the same page. Cheyenne is ridgeback and pitbull and one tough dog!

hornblower said...

Thanks for visiting me & commenting on my malamutey girl's mutt hop post!

Georgia is gorgeous. & I love her name.