Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things fall apart, not by Chinua Achebe.

There are a few technical hiccups I've been having lately that I thought I'd better make a short[ish] post about, especially since I promised Ms Karla Of The Stamp that I would.

1. I've lately heard from 3 people that they've been reading and making comments all along on the blog. I hesitated to call them liars, but went so far as to say, "NO.O.O.O...really?" I hastened to tell them that I'd never seen any comments from them before. I'm addicted to looking for comments and would surely have noticed if there were any awaiting moderation because, you know, that's the highlight of my potty reading every morning. There. I've said it.

So, in case anyone else out there posted a comment and got miffed that it wasn't published....I have published EVERY SINGLE comment EVER received! Trust me on this. There's nothing more sad for a blogger than an empty comments section, and I've often been tempted to make up more, just to make this little blog look more popular. [By the way, this message is not an open invitation to spammers.]

I've also heard from a few people [non-bloggers] that they've often thought of commenting but can't think of anything clever to say. I like being helpful, so I'm going to suggest a simple template comment here for anyone who feels the same way. It's a starter comment and you will surely gain more confidence and become just as opinionated and verbose as me in no time at all.

"Hi there. That was fun/interesting! Loved the pictures. Have a great day :)"

Seriously, please feel free to use it at any time.

2. After a whole year of blogging, my eagle-eyed Other Half noticed a few weeks ago that I'd made a mistake with the email address on the comment form. Yes. Very unfortunate. Not only am I myopic, I've also started to get long-sighted and seem to have problems with commas and fullstops. So, once again, if you tried to comment or say "Hello Georgia!" via email and got your friendly shoutout bounced back - "I'm sorreeee!" There will be NO MORE typo erros on this blgo.

3. On a totally unrelated subject, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've put up the Followers button. I did it this morning. I hate the word "Followers" and wish The People In Charge Of These Things would consider a more friendly and less sheep-like word.

Of course I've changed the title. It's no longer sheep-like. Now it's just rude. I hope you find it in the sidebar because I've also stuffed it in a somewhat inconspicuous spot in the middle.

Why do it? Curiosity, mostly. Also, not just 1 but 2 whole people asked me lately how they could follow this blog since they couldn't see a Follow button. TWO! What am I waiting for?!

I do hope some of you will click on it because, like the comments form, it's 'orrible when no one wants to be your fwiend. [No, that is NOT a typo error.]

That's it then. Thank you for reading. I love you too! [I'm not talking to you, Mr/Ms Anonymous/Spammer.]

As usual, please take everything here with a bucket of salt. Except for the hiccups. Those were for real.

Update 2.40pm Told you [in the comments section] I was a compulsive re-editor. I just remembered a link I wanted to share. If you're a blogger,  you'll particularly enjoy reading it.

I've broken some rules it seems. Tell me what YOU think of her points!

Upate 10.30am, The Next Day  The Queen of Bermtopia shared a link that's too good to be hidden away in the comments section. Here it is.

It's a letter to a  spammer. I guarantee you will laugh.


Jan said...

My favorite comments are from people who have obviously not read the post and they have names like Trusted Fences for your Pasture.

georgia little pea said...

oh that's a good one!:)

Unknown said...

Blogger has been experiencing some very strange quirks lately- I change the look of my blog often and this morning it loaded the template from 2 changes ago! WIERD! Then, it also would not upload my video of Sophie stealing from the kitchen sink. So, perhaps the comments are the same?!? Just a strange blogger prob??

In any case, I am quite pleased to have found your blog and I comment as much as I can (but read all posts, regardless of time to comment, just so you know!). Yup, I am enjoying getting to know your crew!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Karen Friesecke said...

@Jan - You should see the names that come up in my spam filter! Since this is a doggie friendly blog, I can't repeat the names, they're pretty rude :O

@Georgia - another way to follow a blog is the RSS feed. It's that little orange button in the top right hand corner of your browser bar. Look into getting an actual RSS button for your blog. Blogger WILL have a widget for it, somewhere.

georgia little pea said...

@Jen - it probably IS a blogger problem. i absolutely REFUSE to take the blame for it! i hope you get your vid and template sorted. you must have had a hair raising moment. i know i would have.

i've got you on my reading list too, Ms BDCrew! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLICKING FOLLOW, number 23 :)

@Karen - i should take what you say Very Seriously because i remember exactly how many hits you get every day! but RSS sounds fiddly. besides, i read on some help site that if you re-publish posts, RSS subscribers get notified every single time. you have no idea how irritated they would be by me! i am a compulsive obsessive re-editor.

Anonymous said...

Fire your IT manager!!

georgia little pea said...

BUT...that would be...YOU?

Kristine said...

To those who say they are too intimidated to comment, I say bah! I was there, once upon a time. It took me years, yes years, to get up the courage to type my first comment. I was insanely nervous I would be mocked. But surprisingly, nothing happened. And then I commented again, still nothing happened. The earth continued to spin. The only change was, I wasn't nearly so afraid to reach out.

If I can do it, anyone can!

georgia little pea said...

you heard it from The Fearless Kristine! come out and play everyone :) [no, not YOU Mr/Ms Spammer.]

Chapeuzinho said...

ummmm I'm a follower and have been FOREVER. Is there another follower type thing that you added this morning that I need to do? I'm confused. Don't worry though, that's easily done.


georgia little pea said...

no, my love. you're An Angel and have been FOREVER. definitely, NOT a sheep. xox

p.s. judging by your comment, i must have made the Follow button too inconspicuous. *sigh* it's hard to believe i ever used to be in a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g.

Jessi said...

(I found your "Follow" button, and I will be clicking it... now.)


Re: Spammers. . . or you might consider developing a form letter like this:

Regards from the frozen AND NOW damp North,


georgia little pea said...

@Jessi - THANK YOU :) and WELCOME! i will visit you shortly, as soon as i cook rufus and georgia's hearts and chicken. they are slave drivers.

@ Bermtopia - LOL, LOL, LOL or, as they say these days, BOL! i think i must add her to my reading list. thanks for giving me more homework, so much for having a life.

i'm sorry i can't sympathise with your dampness because we are exactly the same here, except in a steamy muggy hot way *sigh* now, where's that towel of mine? :(

Anonymous said...

It's easy to follow,
just ram your nose into the butt of the dog in front.

georgia little pea said...

pffft! is that how hound does it? a stinky method, but no doubt effective! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Georgia. It's my first time on your blog, but I have a feeling it won't be the last. I can't think of anything clever to say :D, but I just wanted to let you know that I really, really liked this post. I think you have a quirky sense of humour so I'm off to rummage through your other posts.


Pamela said...

Your posts always make me smile--this one made me laugh out loud! And you even got a Nigerian fiction writer into the post and everything.

How's this for a comment? You are the queen of funny and I think you should rule the world!

BTW, leaving comments on blogger is a PITA**. One blog I follow never lets me leave a comment. Sometimes it stops me before I start. Other times (usually when I've written a long and particularly insightful and intelligent comment) it waits til the end and doesn't let me post.

I think there's a Montague and Capulet thing going on and Blogger just doesn't like us WordPressers.

If I were you, I'd assume you're getting hundreds of comments every day and Blogger just won't let you see them.

BTW, I'm following you in my feed reader so I never miss a post.

Karla said...

insert comment here hahahha!

georgia little pea said...

@Diana - WELCOME! You're my 2nd new littledog friend today. At this rate, I'll have to change the title of the blog soon :)

@Pamela - what a compliment, coming from a wicked funny writer like you! Too nice *blush*. I like the idea that there've been 100s of comments that I've missed everyday. It's delusional, but I like it. As queen (thank you) and having just watched Alice in Wonderland, I'd like to say OFF WITH THE HEADS OF WORDPRESS AND BLOGGER! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

And still only 25 sheep. Poo. Did I just say sheep?

P.S. For a moment, I was wondering what bread had to to with making comments, but I gotcha now :)

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

You are funny! We like your starter comment! It would be fun to suck more non-blogging people into the blogging world! You have been on our Google Reader all along, but now we are officially FOLLOWING you!

georgia little pea said...

THANKS for clicking the button T, L & SJ! :)

chandra said...

i just read the spammer letter and now i'm concerned about my self-esteem.

c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Huh? Why? Didn't any of your 59 offer you an inheritance?

georgia little pea said...

Dear ms c - Oh, oh, oh! I went back to read it again. I get it now. Me too hehe!!! xox georgia :)

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

I am one of the guilty readers and non-commenters. (I nod, does that count?) Knowing it is so many bloggers' "Love Language" including yours, Friend :) I will be more deliberate. But know that I love your blog and do not miss a post!

Daisy's Mom said...

LOL! That was the best post! I was laughing while sitting on the couch (no potty reading for me today). I've commented on your blog before too. Now I am wondering if you've received them. Hmm... I think I'll click the "Submit" button just to be sure.

Thank you so much for your awesomely humorous and fun post! BTW - I'm going to Follow so you have more than 3 people. :)

georgia little pea said...

@dr finch - thanks, Friend :) of course nodding counts, but only if i can see it :p

@daisy's mom - thank you for clicking! no, i don't think i've ever received a comment from you before. so that would makes you number #4! ARRRGH. there must be a Dead Comments Room somewhere in cyberspace.

BobbieNoSocks said...

Just found your blog. Great!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi dear Georgia,
Just stopping by to wishing you and Mom and Dad a pleasant Sunday!
Kisses and Hugs.
Beijos e Abra├žos.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Hey Georgia - it'z Shiloh'n Shasta here. Thank-u fer stoppin'by our blog. We r nu followerz here butt we fergot tu tell mom so she cood help us leave u a message. Mom haz bin bizy so not able tu help us with our blog at all fer the past few daze. She iz bein'lazy tuday so may-b we can git her butt in gear tu help.

Lavinia said...

"There will be NO MORE typo erros on this blgo." Yes, I can see :D

But, on a side note, I'm envious... You have tons of comments.

As for following, I was sneaky and used the button on the top bar that blogger always puts up.

Thanks for sharing all this.

georgia little pea said...

@TeamBeaglebratz - that's ok S&S. I saw you on the F Button!

You have a very interesting way of writing. I know a few beagles here but they don't write like you. (Actually, I don't think they write at all.) I'm not good at languages and am still trying to understand what my humans mean when they say "come!", "NO!", "swallow the pill!" and other incomprehensible stuff like that. So I hope you'll be patient with me.

I'm kickin my humanz butt tuday tu. Shez bin lazy fer 5 daze which is y yer still commentin ere. Good help iz hard to find. My, that waz 'ard.