Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mr Thumper gets the last laugh.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I already told you what I did up till about lunch time.

Here's what happened in the arvo.

I got a lovely long walk with [surprise!] my stay-at-home human. I met up with Queen Elizabeth on the way.
We decided to go to Illoura.

There wasn't much water in the pool. Maybe all the hot sun last week dried everything up.

But good news! It was Monday yesterday, so there was lots of yummy food everywhere from the weekend picnics. I got some Coke, chicken bones, a bit of kebab and, best of all, some stinky dried squid bait that humans had left on the ground and in the water for me and other dogs to eat.

My stay-at-home human picked up some of the food and bagged it for takeaway. She hasn't given it to me yet. I hope she hasn't done something silly like throw it away.

There was a littledog already there. It turned out to be Lily.
Lily gets a bit anxious with other dogs but she's okay with me.
If you click on these pictures, you'll see that Lily was hunting me. Lots of littledogs are really good hunters. She could have read my detailed instructions.

Lizzy and I got worried by Lily's hunting technique and decided it was best to run away.

For a 17-year old, Lizzy is very perky. She tried to steal my treats. Lucky for me, her human didn't like her eating schmackos.
My stay-at-home human got ticked off for calling Lizzy an old lady. Lizzy is not old, she's Mature.

Lizzy's human says schmackos are like Plastic and Poison. Those are 2 Bad Words. Lizzy's human should know. She studies these things and makes special organic dogfood that my humans would like to buy for Mr Thumper and me but can't afford to.

I suspect my humans are taking what she said very seriously and this'll be the last packet of schmackos I ever eat.

On the way home, I met Mr Punch. He was just hanging around.

Okay, please stop groaning. That was bad.

While I was out, Mr Thumper had gone for a walk too, with my out-at-work human.

They ended up at Blooms the Chemist. We like Blooms The Chemist because they have a big bag of treats at the counter and fresh water for all the dogs that walk by.

The humans at Blooms are very fond of Mr Thumper. They always ask after him and give him treats and pat him and take pictures with him and go, "Oh noooo.o.o. ....poor, poor Rooofus...!" when they hear he's having a bad day.

Last week, Mr Thumper gave them a treat too when he did a poop outside their front door.
For Valentine's Day, one of the ladies at Blooms -Ms Khanh - gave Mr Thumper a rose she'd made herself!

Everyone made a fuss over Mr Thumper. When he came home, he had a big smile on his face and was so happy, he played with a stick. He finished all his dinner and went to sleep after that.

As for me, I woke up with another tummy ache this morning.


Sage said...

It sounds like you had quite an adventure! I bet some of that surf food would give you a tummy ache!!

georgia little pea said...

i know, sage. but it was so YUMMY!

Jen said...

It does sound like a lovely adventure, like one my black dogs would love!! We need to live closer to water, that's for sure!!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Juliette said...

Nice walk, nice weather, can't wait for UK to get better but we have had snowflakes a fluttering earlier today and the beach walks seem yonks away. Just have to enjoy pics of yours and lots of envy for the moment! Thanks for going to my guest blog today - I've just seen it.

georgia little pea said...

Snowflakes a fluttering sounds pretty! Weather here has been MUGGY, GREY and DRIZZLY. Everyone's down and not well. Ugh.

KimT said...

Wow. Muggy. That's so hard to imagine right now! I was thinking the same, looking at your photos with envy. Ahh...water....well, glad you had fun.

I like the guy hangin' around. Mom had to explain that one to me. I was laughin'!

pee.ess. - I think it might be the schmmackos that are your tummy problem. Just a guess. You and Chester would have a ball together scroungin' around for stuff! BOL

georgia little pea said...

it IS the schmackos isn't it?!

my out-at-work human just brought back a lovely bag of chicken hearts which my stay-at-home human will soon cook for me. they're not organic, but they might be better than Plastic and Poison :p

juliette said...

edited from 2 emails -

Do you know I had a lovely Valentine's Day - one of the best bits of news was that on Feb 14th at around 5pm US time (sorry can't convert for you) someone bought the e book I promote in support of anti-puppymills campaign, it only costs around 12 US dollars and the author donates 20% to anti-puppy mill campaigns, I get US $ 3.70 commission and give 50% back to the campaign, so great. and that made my day for the poor fur babies! I am so supportive of anti-puppy mill things and was only able to help by getting involved 2 weeks ago, so this sale was a blessing for the poor pups in puppy mills that tear my heart out.....

I've managed a full post at http://www.edoglifejacket.com/help/anti-puppy-mills-appeal/ which near broke my heart with the pics and everything.... I'm sure you'll understand.

georgia little pea said...

if anyone is interested in checking out the ebook and juliette's post, copy and paste the link :)

Anonymous said...

We call them "street treats" the stinky stuff you find on the ground and eat /roll in/piss on or all three.

best kind

Chandra said...

Lizzy is 17?! Wow, looking gooood! I've never heard of schmackos before but they sound like complete junk food, which means they're probably delicious!

the description of "street treats" from grrl+dog is hilarious. and gross! best kind.

c at ddy.

Anonymous said...

That's so lovely - thank you!

I am delighted about your story, great photos and special mention of our 'Queen'...;o Perhaps we'll catch you for another walk sometime! BTW thank you from Miss L. for the tip about stinky squid ink - she said she can see the obvious benefits of hanging out with Georgia...;o)

Annette & Miss Lizzy