Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greetings from the moon!

This pic from HERE.

Dear Everyone, 

We are now checking out The Moon to see if it is a nice place to live. So far so good. We have not met any bad or irate humans and it is very peaceful.

The Typist thinks it's a little dusty and is already complaining that there will be too much vacuuming to do. Some humans are not happy wherever they are.

I am still eating my freeze dried kibble but it will be running out soon and there are no butchers here to buy my chicken breasts from. I hope my humans have a Plan B or I will have to eat them.

I hope you are all well on Earth. We can see you from here so please be good.

Hooroo for now! Much love, Georgia, Cushion and The Typist X

I have turned off the comments on the last post because I think it's time to move on. Thank you for all your thoughts! It's reassuring to know there are still sensible people out there :)


3 doxies said...

Greetings from earth! Can you sees me wavin'? I is wavin' at ya'll...hehehe.
Wells most important;y, how is da weather there? Is it warm, cold, or just perfect?
I thinks da Typist had a good idea bout movin' to da Moon but I be a little concerned bouts foodables and treats fur you Georgia. Does I needs to send some to you?
Oh and I HAS to ask if you has seen any little martians or aliens...is they nice?


georgia little pea said...

Dear Puddles, the weather here is perfect because my space suit is thermostatically controlled. Sorry, I have not met any Martians. They live on Mars. Yes! Please send food. Here's my address: Georgia Little Pea, The Moon.

Jan said...

We have so many questions to ask like is there a man in it. Did you see the cow that jumped over it? It there really a dark side to it? Is lunar madness just a myth?

What Remains Now said...

I often long for the Earth equivalent of life on the Moon. The hard thing for my husband and myself is we have no practical skills, so places that require self-sufficiency quickly get crossed off the list. Ahhh...to have skills would be nice.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Jan, I will try to answer ALL questions because there is nothing much else to do on The Moon.

I have not seen any man other than Cushion. I have not seen the cow either but when I do, I will dead it for steak. Yes, there is a dark side to the moon - there are no butchers here and no grass to pee on. I will have to get back to you on the mad bit. I might not have been here long enough to feel the effects. Wawa? Nanoo nanoo.

Dear Ms Lori, you have not asked a question but I have a suggestion. The moon is very brown. You can come and paint it and make it pretty. When I dead the cow, I will trade you some steak for some painting. Is that okay?

Berts Blog said...

Daer Miss Georgia Little Pea, we have been missing a lot in blogville and just read of your episode with the Mom Human. We are so sorry and thinking of you on the moon makes us sad. You were so far away from us when you were on earth, now....well....that is really far. When do you come back?

Pamela said...

Here in the colonies, we say that you're "mooning" someone when you pull your pants down and wag your bottom at them. You're not having to walk around the moon with your bums hanging out, are you?

I never knew where the expression came from. Hope you're not finding out. It could get chilly.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Bert, I think we are coming back soon. The Typist just noticed she needs to colour her roots. They are quite grey.

Dear Ms Pamela, The Typist is laughing because she has some memories of mooning. No, we are not doing that here. There is no air here you know, so we are wearing suits and masks (please see picture).

Julie said...

Oh geez, I have missed SO MUCH!! Sorry for your encounter . . .I thought the moon was made of cheese . .there should be plenty to eat, no??

Jean said...

Deah Georgia
I am travelling too and it is kwite twaumatic. Maybe the moon is nice than Canada. Are there elevators there? I HATE elevators. And stairs?? and hallways?? Those things all tewwify me.
Tonight we have a suite that is on the ground floor. And a back yard too. It is still a bit scary but much better than the last two places we stayed where I hadza either go up stairs or in an elevator. The last place was on the THIRD floor and down long hallways too. Some Vacation! I think I would like the moon if there are no elevators or hallways or stairs.
The lack of food is scary though. I need my food.
Yer travellin friend, Eddie.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Julie, no one told me anything about cheese. I love cheese so I will go look for it ASAP.

Dear Eddie, there are no elevators or stairs here because we can float everywhere. It's very cool. You should come visit since you are already travelling! Bring food please. P.S. The Typist has only one thing to say, "SUITE?!?!?". Wow.

Jean said...

deah Georgia. As soon as I can find a space soot, I will be there. No Elevators! Floating!!! Wheeeee!

(Tell yer typist the suite isn't in a hotel - our friend here has a suite in her house that isn't rented out at the moment so we gets to use it fer a few days. Iz very nice though! It haz everything a dog and hooman need.
Yer pal who will visit you on the moon and will bring foooood too,

chandra said...

GLP, I'm so impressed that you don't mind wearing the space helmet ... it IS much cooler looking than the donut. (And of course, if you take it off you won't be able to breathe! That's a pretty serious bonus.)

Bring some moon rocks for us - that is, if you don't decide to stay!

-c at ddy.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

can we join you?

Scrappy Angel said...

WHAT? I - rather, my peep makes me - take a vacation from blogging and you take off on a real one all the way to the MOON!


I hope you can see me (way down here) looking up at you. You are shining very bright down here. Thank you for that!

booahboo said...

Can i be your neighbour on the moon?

georgia little pea said...

Okey dokey Ms C. I will bring you a bag. They are everywhere.

YES! You can all join us and be our neighbours, so long as you live on the other side of the moon. We are here for solitude and peace. Bring food! I'm not sharing! Tell us when you're arriving and I will meet you at the space port. Have a great journey. Remember not to eat before you get on the rocket and please go to the toilet first. See ya! X

Anonymous said...

Dear GLP and Typist!

I am very distressed about your recent altercation with that crazy woman! HORRIBLE! Poor Cushion! Poor you! That evil woman obviously had some evil agenda and unfortunately you got caught in it!

Those encounters leave one shaking and angry for DAYS if not YEARS! I had one w/my late dog Precious, who was VERY shy and would never approach anyone. We were on the beach once and this couple whose parents were obviously siblings told me she was foaming at the mouth and had gone after their child. IMPOSSIBLE! It was summer and she was DROOLING from the heat. They told me they would shoot her. This was probably about 20 years ago and it still unhinges me! Alas! Poor you!

Anyway...have you finished blogging? Are you on the Moon? We hope you return.

I am in a big frenzy as I will be hosting the break fast for Yom Kippur tomorrow (conclusion of the Day of Atonement). It's going to be a very ecumenical affair :). However a great deal of clean up and preparation has to take place.

So...since, according to the Jewish calendar it's a new year we wish you happy new beginnings and good outcomes for all your endeavors!

Olivia & Petey

Sage said...

Wow! You can be the colonists and make up your own laws to suit you. And think of the fun you could have with the natives!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Olivia and Petey, your encounter sounds MUCH worse. I'm sorry you still remember it after 20 years. No one should be able to make you miserable that long. Happy Yom Kippur (is that what you say?) and thank you for your good wishes! The same to you X

Dear Sage, I am keeping away from the Moonies. They don't wear bottoms.

Anonymous said...

Say hi to all the moon critters from us. Return home safely.

Pup Fan said...

That little drawing is too darn cute!

Jodi said...

Surely the moon will not be the best place to land. Er...sorry, couldn't help that one. :-)

I was a bit behind in reading so just caught the previous post. Sorry you had to go through that.

Peggy Frezon said...

Greetings from a kind earthling and her nice dogs!

Kolchak Puggle said...

I hear the moon has a delightful view this time of year. I bet the Earth looks lovely, though I feel quite sure I'd get rather lonely up there. And just where would you get fresh bikkies from? Hmmm, perhaps someplace closer to Earth might be an idea, eh?