Sunday, September 23, 2012

A scuffle and I am wrongly accused.

Remember how I've been telling you about the nice humans in my neighbourhood? Well, I wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression that everyone here is nice because that would be a lie.

This morning, I was waiting outside Woollie's for My Cushion to buy some milk and juice.

When he came out, a human started scolding him and told him I bit her mini-human! and was a vicious dog! and should be muzzled! 

My Cushion tried to tell her that I was A Good Girl and would NEVER do something like that but she only scolded him some more. The human's Other Half (who had their own BigDog with him) told her to stop because nothing had happened and I didn't bite her mini-human but she just told him to keep quiet. Then some other human who was there said he knew me and I was The Friendliest Dog In Balmain, but she wouldn't believe him either. Then she pushed My Cushion in the chest! and some other humans had to come between them to stop the squabble.

My Cushion was very upset, and so was The Typist when he came home and told her what happened. My humans wish they knew what really happened to get the mini-human's mama so upset but since she was incoherent, I guess they'll never know.

This has made my humans even more determined to take me somewhere nice to live. I don't know where this will be. Maybe the moon.

Sadly yours, The Accused Georgia Little Pea.


What Remains Now said...

Georgia! I'm so sorry this happened to you and sad that your Cushion was pushed in the chest! That's crazy. It sounds like her husband might be reasonable, so hopefully he calmed her down and you'll never hear from her again. This is one of the most frightening things someone can say to a dog owner, and I'm sad it was said to your Cushion.

Jen said...

That's totally bizarre that somebody would just make up a story like that. Scary, too :(

georgia little pea said...

It was bizarre and scary. I'm still upset thinking about it and I wasn't even there.

Our educated guess is that the woman let her child go up to say hello to an unknown dog SIGH SIGH SIGH and the child might have had food in her hand or just eaten. If she did, Georgia would have tried to steal it or sniff her face. Some humans (like the one we posted about) are cool about that, and obviously others are not. There was no mark on her to even indicate that she'd been nipped and her husband said many times that nothing had happened. Besides, Georgia's been around enough children and babies for us to know she would never bite one. Too sad and in fact, disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Oh how upsetting!!!!! Poor Cushion, he is such a gentle creature, how could anyone dare to push him. Bet the mini human was more upset by the mothers behaviour!! This will make my SAHH think twice about leaving me outside woolies (which I HATE). Arn't these two legged beings strange Georgia? Tara xoxoxoxo

georgia little pea said...

Speaking as a woman, F, I think pushing a man like that is not on and a bit below the belt. What is he allowed to do back? Very uncivil and aggressive. If it were me she'd pushed, it might have been a different story. There are some kookoos around here for sure. Be careful on the streets Tara and Sammy! X

verobirdie said...

So sad this hapened. Of course, the Cushion could no "fight" back. Hopefully, the lady calms down.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I am appalled and upset for the three of you. You Typist because sometimes the imagining of the incident can be worse than being there in reality, for poor Cushion trying to deal with an (obvious) mad-woman, and dear little Pea for being falsely accused.
I am truly outraged and so, so sad that this incident had to happen to you. Would you like a hand with the sorting, tossing and packing? Let's find you somewhere "nice" to move to hey?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

PS: I have never and would never initiate aggression but if a female had pushed me (another female)for no apparent reason or provocation, I would have probably boxed her bl...y ears.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Georgia, we are so sorry this happened to you and your cushion. In the first instance, why the HECK is the lady letting her small child approach a dog she doesn't know and what the heck is she doing pushing your cushion in the chest? This is just so wrong. She needs to learn some decent manners and have some BASIC dog approach rules for herself and her poor little kid. Take care mates. You are not in the wrong here. She is!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory. P.S. We are sending that lady a big GRRRRR

georgia little pea said...

Vero, who knows. She might need anger management first :(

Rose, you're my champion. I would have smacked her back too I think. That's probably why she did it, because she knows a man wouldn't hit her back. Pathetic. There was a huge Sunday crowd there too. Poor Cushion was so dazed when he came home.

We're all cleaned up!!! The council truck just came by and took whatever junk the scavengers didn't and Vinny's now has a third of our stuff LOL. The house feels lighter! Love it.

Stella and Rory, it's amazing the number of people who will approach an unknown dog, and who have no or poor knowledge of how to approach any dog. The fact that these people were dogowners themselves makes it even more incredulous.

Anonymous said...

This is so awful, im so sorry to hear that some stupid human caused such a nasty scene over nothing. Poor georgia, poor cushion and poor typist, big hugs to u all! Xxx

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Lulu! Hugs are good X

How Sam Sees It said...

I'm so sorry - it could be the child was licked and the Mom thought she was nipped. People see things differently.


Karen Friesecke said...

#1 What happened to parents teaching their kids NOT to pet strange dogs?
#2 99.9% of people on this earth are certifiable loons
#3 Miss GLP is a good girl and would never have done something like that.

Jersey used to come to craft shows with me many moons ago. When she would get really tired after playing with the customers, she would sleep on her Princess Chair at the back of the booth. I made a sign. It was neon pink with big black letters that said "PLEASE DO NOT PET ME. I AM SLEEPING" and I taped it to the chair back. Maybe 1 out of 10 people actually read it. Yeah, I love humanity :(

June said...

Oh, Georgia, that's just so wrong!
Get me the woman's name and I will track her down and harass her from the other side of the world until she goes completely round the bend and has to be locked away.
How's that sound?

I'm not kidding.
I could/would do it.
She's a jerk.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I am so sorry!! I know you are innocent! You would never do anything like that!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Tootsie said...

Dear Ms. Georgia, the Typist, and Cushion:

This is very upsetting. It is amazing that people create false accusations and then stand behind them even when their loved ones (her husband) say "this did not happen." You can imagine the fight that couple had on the way home. And it's amazing how many kids (and adults) run up to an unknown dog without asking first. Plus, that physically aggressive behavior is unacceptable.

We're so sorry this happened. What a total ticket to bummerville.

Tootsie & Family

booahboo said...

Such a b i t c h. You don't need to push someone's chest to get a message across. Talking nicely works too.

I don't understand why some parents allow their lil children to approach someone else's dog. Even the calmest dog can be spooked by a sudden movement from a child.

Hope Cushion and Georgia is okay now. Moving somewhere else doesn't actually solve the problem. There are "stoopids" all over the work.

Jan said...

She sounds like a nut case, but maybe she was just afraid of dogs which is sad for her.

Someone even thought one of my Poodles had bitten a child but fortunately there were people around who said nothing like that even happened.

georgia little pea said...

I think the consensus here is that...

1. No one should ever go up to an unknown dog to say hello without first asking the owner, especially children. That's just nuts. That was a big problem for us with Rufus because he was such a (child) magnet. Yet, some parents would get upset when we stopped their child from running willy nilly up to him. If he had bitten anyone, even under that circumstance, he would still have had to take the rap, not the the irresponsible parent. KAREN - the fact that your sign didn't work says a lot about the lack of understanding in the general public.

2. Physical aggression under any circumstance is off-putting for me ...yeah I know I do capoeira but that's different! ;) ...The woman's action was just another example of the kind of unnecessary rage that has taken over our society. If she'd been calm and told Cushion what happened, how differently this would have turned out. Cushion has since spoken to other local dogowners who had their own horror verbal abuse stories to tell. It would appear there really are some nutters here. JUNE - stalking won't be necessary LOL, especially from your windy hill. It will do your heart no good ;) ANNY - I know there are bad people everywhere and there's no running away from them. A girl can dream though, right? Maybe it's just me but the older I get, the more I see the bad. Are there really more stoopids around these days, perhaps a byproduct of our "modern" lives/ chemicals in the food/too much telly? Or has age just made me more intolerant of fools?

Yes, TOOTSIE, I can imagine the argument in their household yesterday. The poor man.

It's Monday here. Let's hope it's a better week. Hugs all round X

chandra said...

She pushed our Cushion? (Yes, I know he's completely yours GLP but in a case like this, he's ours too.) And falsely accused our GLP?! If we'd all been there we'd have run her down Darling St. so she could cool off ... in the harbour.


-c at ddy.

Kristine said...

That's awfuL! I don't understand at all why someone would want to say you did something so bad when you didn't. Your cushion handled it all very well. I probably wouldn't have been nearly as calm in his place!

I hope at the very least you never have to see that woman again. My faith in humanity remains only because others jumped to your defence, including the woman's husband. It's good to know most people will stand up for a good dog.

georgia little pea said...

You can have him MS C! LOL! The Cushion is no dalai lama. And Georgia is not The Friendliest Dog In Balmain, whatever that man said. But they handled the mess well and I hope will regain some faith in humanity like you have, KRISTINE.

A new thought crossed my mind this morning that they could have brought their dog up to Georgia to meet her. She wouldn't have liked that, being tied up and might have reacted to it. More disregard of How To Meet A Dog Properly protocol, if that's what happened.

You can see I'm not obsessing about the incident at all :D

Anonymous said...

Good grief...I think I would have had an incredibly hard time being polite. What a crazy person....and a crazy situation.

2 Punk Dogs said...

Poor Georgia Little Pea! And Your Cushion and Typist! He handled it better than the Mr. here, there probably would have been words like "are you F'ing serious?" at loud volume. Oh wait, that would be me. :)

H and Flo said...

Whaaaaat? That sounds a little strange. Big cities sure are full of weirdos. :( Not like here where we're all so normal. ;) Poor Georgia.

Sherri / 2Rescues said...

Aww Georgia we are so sorry that you were blamed for that. Some people just don't make sense. They think good dogs are bad dogs because of some misunderstanding. Thumper has been victim to that - our bad neighbor lady accused him of trying to bite her through the fence and our people had to defend him against the crazy lady. You are lucky to have Cushion and other human friends to tell them what a good dog you are. Keep on being a good dog no matter what those mini humans and crazy ladies do. You are a good girl.

Lightning and Thumper

Peggy Frezon said...

I know you would never do that, GLP. So sorry you were accused. The woman obviously has a few screws loose. Tell your typist unfortunately there are weirdos everywhere. My neighborhood's full of 'em. I guess we have to just do what we know is right and hope we don't have to suffer too many fools.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Oh, poop! What a terrible thing for your Cushion and Georgia to go through. A lot of people are just sniffing for a fight and having mini-humans seems to exacerbate the tendency. I could go on and on about people like this, with their pleas to "Keep your dog/cat/germs away from the BABY," and their campaigns to "install more speed bumps so no one can drive anywhere but at least the CHILDREN are safe." I try to just give them a wide berth.

I can understand it making you want to flee but unfortunately, those types are everywhere.

3 doxies said...

Weeeeell, dis just rightly pisses me off. Da whole incident was wrong on multiple levels...da strange dog, yada yada yada...da pushin' and yada yada yada. Even though you don't know what happened I thinks you is purty in tune with Georgia to knows her wouldn't bite a child.

Nows, gettin' all physical creates more of a problem than it was to begin withs but let's be honest..if hers had pushed my kerazy lady hers would has knocked da hell out of her. My dad would has just walked off.

Not sure if it is age or you is just more aware or maybe see things differently.

I am just so sorry ya'll had to deal withs such a pathetic moron.


Amy said...

It sounds from the comments you guys are recovering from the craziness. I'm sorry this happened to you all and I hope that woman gets ahold of herself before some really does box her bl**dy ears and run her into the harbor!

georgia little pea said...

KIRSTEN, I generally give them a wide berth too. There are some very cool parents around, but there are also too many who think that having a baby in a stroller somehow gives them the right to hog. I recently read a post on Friko's World about Germs And The Baby LOL. It was funny in a sad way.

When I was a child, I got bitten many times by dogs, ours and other people's. A couple of times, they were bad enough to send me for shots but my parents never had a hissy fit or abused anyone about those bites. They knew it was my fault for going up to the dogs for a pat. How times have changed.

It reminds me of a lovely big tree on a nature strip that got chopped down because the owners of the house were afraid the neighbourhood kids would climb it, fall down, hurt themselves and they would get sued. It's never the parents' responsibility these days. Am I getting a little off topic here? Only a little I think.

That's the thing, PUDDLES. If she'd shoved another woman, we could have boxed her ears ;) A man doesn't really have that option. As Kirsten said, there are lots of people sniffing for a fight. In this case, she knew she wouldn't get hit back. Sad. Time to take another 10 deep breaths and make coffee! X