Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tErribel predikamen.

ttyped by me, georgia litle P [sorry!} 

becus The Typis is still usy cleaning. 
and also is comp[aining that the study is too messy for her to tink, 


this is Larry.You  already met heem many times.
he is one of my bestest ffrends. Hes  not a bigdog LIke me but thats OK. size is not  importan when looking for a frend.  \

Larry tinks ehs good with da Ladies,  
i better NOt say anything.

Larry and me haf sumthingvery important in kommon, 
can you geuss wat Larry and I haf in Kommon.? 

The omemt we thinkour humans arent lookin , larry and Me like to go look fotr doogff FOOD! 


Here  isa one of our fabourtie spots where humans like tothrow the ir skraps!!! All us dogs kno about it!,     getting to Our Favbourtie Spot FOr Skraps can be triky. Firtst! we haf to pretend we"re playing so our  humans dont suyspect anythin/   can u see me chasing Lloyd to OFSFS in the piktur above?
Once we are ther, there is NO time to waste and we IMMEDIATLY start lokin fro food, the Windoh Of Ooprtunity is very small.!

Our humans  will kurse and call abd names yell for us to come bak!! we must be smart n pretend not too HEar them,. 

If Larrys human catches him,. hehas to go homw IMMEDIAT:Y! i don;t haf to worry about such tings becus My Kushin is a soft touch.


here are more pictures from anothenr       day,
Its alwas gud to mark the trail iun case we get lost/
Kushin kot us here!! buthe was too far away so we jus ignoRed heem. He cant run as fast as we caN becs he only has 2 legs.
Laryy and me like hunting for dreid squid and prawns. they are VREY gud to eat! our humans are scared we weel eat a hook one day I hope NOT!   that wud hurt and i would haf to stop eating afro a few days./

"Did ya find sumnthing Larry?'
"yeah but i ate it already."

To find enuf food for 2 dogs is hard worj and we haf to keep moving.
 sumntimes, we go deep in the boosh.
Can you see us in the picture?There is no rest for us wven wen the sun goes down!~It can be danjerus work too!
 t\Though we work very hard, Larry and me are not always  so sucksesful. In that case, we  jus find a nice human .
Begging is a gud an valeed hunting tekneek

OK! by now,  u must be wonerfing' WAT TWRRIBEL  pREDIKAMEN IS Geogia talking about?


i willtell uyou soon but not now  becus my tows are hurting form typign,.. and also iot's timefor my nap
The People In Charge Of  THeseTings put these toobs in the park so the fishermwn can stuff their fishing lines and stuf in the,m and not hurt us dogs n other ansimals in the sea [and maybe minihumans too] but i dont kno whether  they get used so oftne.


Jean said...

Georgia! You can't leave me hanging! I need to know about the tErribel predikamen before I leave on my road trip in the morning, because I don't know when I'll have access to the computer again.
You CAN'T make we wait two weeks to find out, can you? That's a lot of worrying I will be doing.

georgia little pea said...

I shall twy
Ms Jean but it doesn't look gud. No one here cares. Bout me any more. Your frend geoegia x p,s pleas hafa guD trip Eddie too. Xox

houndstooth said...

I'm going to toss and turn all night, wondering what the predicament is! Georgia, you tease!


What Remains Now said...

Georgia! You are very clever to leave your readers hanging. That makes us want more. I also think you both are smart and very good hunters of food. I like all of your techniques and think it especially good that you have so much variety.

bermtopia said...

Ms GLP -- Really. Try harder at telekinetically transferring your thoughts to the laptop or tablet as I do. It's way easier -- and there's spell check. Just a suggestion.

But on another note. I have a penchant for park food -- the scrips and scraps of pizza crust and chicken nuggets usually found around the playground at my park. The Two-legged Missus goes, for lack of better term, postal when I snack.

I'm not sure why. I hardly ever throw up afterward any more.

Yours in dried (that's d-r-i-e-d, btw) squid and prawns. . . and pizza crusts and chicken nuggets,

Ben in Bermtopia

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Georgia, you are so clever to write that all by yourself! Larry use to love my friend Sammy, but seems to be afraid of her now! Can't say I blame him as we know what a social retard she is!!All my love Tara xoxox

georgia little pea said...

deer mr Ben, you dont look like a nohty dog at all! i al;ways chuk up after. dreid. thats wat i said dint I?
btw, The Typis used her spelcheck once/ DISTASTER!

dear Tara, let's dum SAmmy one day and lunch! we'll make our humasnpay ok? BIG HUgz, XOX

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Ms Pea - it's so wonderful to hear from you, good to see you've been assertive and pushed Typist away so you can sit on your rightful throne. Love your gorgeous new header and your collar is just divine.
Very fitting for Spring. I know you will be coordinating your wardrobe accordingly.
I really think you should tell Larry just why the ladies don't need to fear him.......
A cliff hanger Ms Pea?? who HAS the "tErribel predikamen"? You? your Typist? heavens not your poor Cushion?! Heavens don't leave us hanging by our claws for too long now - will you.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

PS: oh little Pea whatever do you Mean? noone cares about you anymore. We simply must be informed as to the goings on in Balmain!!

booahboo said...

i heart your predikamen (even though we still have not got to your predikamen story mory)... looking for food sure is hard work.. i think i'll just stick to being cute and show my cow those sad puppy eyes. Works all the time.

is them Larry your boyfren? cos i am the seeing the both of yous kissin in them booshes you know.

georgia little pea said...

deah ms rOSE, thank you for noticing my new waedrobe. you are always the only one who dus/. my prediakamen is DIRE.

dear Ms oon, shhh. SHHHH!!!

verobirdie said...

What a pity you have to type by yourself. Your typist should be reminded of her priorities. Besides, why is she cleaning? Dust always come back...
Lovely collar.
Don't let us wait too long about your predicament.

3 doxies said...

GEEEEEEEEORGIA, girl it is so good to sees and hears from you!
You and Larry looks like ya'll is good hunters and gatheres...until one has to go home cuz they not listen...hehehehe. I has dat Selective Hearing Disease too.
I has nevers has squid or prawns, does they taste like chicken or squirrel? Ooooh I bets they is all mushy and stuffs.
Yea...sooooo, what exactly was ya'll doin' in da bushes? Hmmmm, do tells.

PS: mum paid $6000 fur her fake boobs but hers is silicone and not saline...saline be cheaper. Her is really happy withs 'em. And so is dad....bwhahahahahaha. Howevers, her not get them fur him but fur herself.

georgia little pea said...

dea ms Vero, you bin on holidays too long and not kno wat's happening here. We are hafing a BIG springCLeen! i haf to be kareful in case they pooT me out on the kerb to be pic\ked up by the truk too.

deeR Pudds. BWAH Haha!!! i am speechless! n so is Thge Typisd., i tink Kushin mite haf sumting to say tho.

Jan said...

A cliffhanger. No fair.

We see you have begging down to an art or science. Dogs are never given enough credit for those acting skills.You are good.

Anonymous said...

BOL! Having a partner in crime is the best!! Lots of love from Stevie-pup! xxx

chandra said...

It's dried squid, I know it! You've found the secret source and you don't know whether you should share with Larry, especially since he OBVIOUSLY doesn't share with you!

Or, the predicament is you've already scarfed all the squid bits for yourself and, in your enthusiastic gorging, you've stained your beautiful new collar. Oh dear, I hope it's not that.

Love your new banner image. Uncle Walter and Mason have collars from your fabulous maker on order!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

I see you tAk After yur
Papa Ms C! You are a misteri riter! I have more colahs but The Tupis hasn't tole you ye!pleese take a piktur of M and WaWa wen the new colahs ariveOK? x

melf said...

There is nothing better than having a best friend to scavenge with is there Georgia? I think humans have their own version of this. Here in the states they are called flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. :)

I'm still wondering about the Predeikamen.

Karen Friesecke said...

Miss GLP, you must have the loveliest smelling breath when you find a dead prawn treasure. Yummy :0