Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm not attached to anything in my wardrobe. Twice a year, I drop off clothes, shoes and accessories I no longer wear at Vinny's or the Salvo's. So there's nothing much to sort out here. 

Georgia inherits our old Ts as bathtowels and occasionally as fashion wear.
Both these pictures, circa 2010.
Of course, I do have a few things I'd like to keep.

I bet I'm not the only one who had a swinging mirrored Indian satchel in the 70s.
Can you imagine teaming this with a blue, brown and green striped viscose mini-dress and a clunky bright green pair of Dr Scholls? I did.

Get a load of this cool leather duffle! I nicked it from Sister 2 and I have no idea if she knows that. [I guess she will now, when she reads this.] 
I coveted this greatly as a child. Sister 2 had long shiny hair, was prettier, smarter, had boyfriends and was my mother's pet and this duffle was yet another reason to hate her. It's all brittle now and just sits in another bigger bag, gathering dust in the dark.

This tiny thing, only about 7 or 8 centimetres [3 inches] long was my baby anklet. It must have been longer once, but is now broken at one end and missing a charm or maybe 2. Here's a close-up of one side...
What insane person puts a beer tankard on a baby anklet?
...and the other side. 
Look! That's a doggy on the right!


Here's something I'd love your opinion on - 

I have many Tshirts that are worn out, torn, stained or out-of-shape. They're too nasty to give away but I can't bear to bin them either because they're somehow special to me. Do you think I'm mad to keep them?

This Tshirt was a present from a friend, from the days when South Africa was still under apartheid.
This one's just a cheap Tshirt I bought at a سوق‎ sūq, but it reminds me of a great backpacking trip I had with one of my best and oldest girl friends.
This pullover is from the early 80s. It was bought during my 1st and only visit to Anaheim while on a Contiki tour. [You know, the tours that are just for people under a certain age.] 
Look how thin it's become! The fleece inside has worn away, it's ripped around the neck and stained with brown paint because I was silly enough to wear it while painting the garage at our last house.

I was seconded to Chicago for work, the year the Bears won the Superbowl. This Tshirt was given to me by a couple of work colleagues who'd invited me over to their house to watch the game with them and a bunch of friends. 
It was the 26th of January, 1986. 2 days after the euphoria of the win, the Challenger came down. 


Thank you again for sharing the special things from your childhood in yesterday's post. I can tell by what you mentioned, that some of you are much MUCH younger than me!

My question for today -

Is there anything you wish you had never worn?

Come on! Fess up! 

And some thoughts on what to do with my old Ts would be good too :)


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Typist what fun these posts are, I am greatly enjoying your sort/toss/keep sessions. So you drop stuff off TWICE a year to the Op shops?? Does that then means that 'oh-most-generous-Cushion' replaces your gear twice a year?? WOW.
Have to say Ms Pea could look a little happier with your admirable recycling efforts. BOL she is such a fashion diva! but soooo darn cute!
Oooh the 70's fashion gear - yeah baby! I wish I had NEVER worn so many clothes without a BRA in the 70's and maybe now I wouldn't ... er never mind...
So, does the leather duffle stay? or, (go)?
Your little baby anklet is r.e.a.l.l.y unusual, would love to hear what you know about it.
Ta da.... here lies the answer to your dilemma. You must not get rid of or hide your 'special' Ts Typist - go to site below and discover the joys of making your beloved Tshirt QUILT.

georgia little pea said...

I LOVE YOU ROSE! I just had a look at the link. I would NEVER have thought of that. What a super idea. Of course this means more work and it's been years since I made a patchwork anything [badly]. but I think this is a great way to go. Thank you! MWAH <3

I drop stuff off twice a year because I have that much junk to begin with. These days, I buy most of my clothes at the markets and can't resist hippy dresses and secondhand stuff, which I then grow out of or lose interest in FAST. It's BAD but I'm getting it under control. Right Cushion? [I know he'll read this.]

Poor Miss Pea. I should show more respect for this fearsome pigdog. Have you ever read the post on my effort to sew her something to wear? Re: bras, or lack of. Yes, I'm with you. Even in the 80s. To work. What was I thinking?

I don't know about the duffle. Have to think about it. And I know nothing more about the anklet.

Gosh, this reply is turning out longer than the post! ;)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hahaha that's what I thought - more work for you making a quilt! Like you've got nothing else to do right?
OMG I love nothing better than to pour over the markets, cruise around the Op shops for that totally amazing buy and I'mm still a hippy at heart!
You must say where that post is on sewing for Ms Pea. I'd love to read it.
(hehehehe) the 80's? to work? what WERE you thinking.........

georgia little pea said...

I was/am a plank. That's why I wasn't thinking. The link http://littledogsonlongleashes.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/my-fashion-tuesday.html

It's one of my favourites. Those were the days :)

June said...

I was going to say "a quilt!" But I would have been kidding, quilting beyond completely outside my abilities and interest.
I can't think of anything I wish I hadn't worn in my youth. I looked good then in everything. Maybe not the very VERY short black velvet dress to the fraternity party.....

georgia little pea said...

Dear June, would you believe I still have a clingy velvet dress, thankfully not very VERY short? I might have to burn that.

What Remains Now said...

I thought about this and I can't think of a thing that I wish I hadn't worn. I will say that I'm not one to be attached to clothes...a little more attached to jewelry. My husband does hold memories in his clothing and the way we solved the t-shirt problem with him was to have a special box for his special t-shirts. They're all there, safe, folded neatly and always available to take a walk down memory lane. One of the gals I work with had a t-shirt quilt made and it was really cool. Much cooler than I would have thought. She had a lady that likes to do such things make it for her. Your t-shirts are probably small enough that you could fold them up, put them in large ziploc bags and a binder and make a quirky "photo" album of them.

Karen Friesecke said...

Stuff I'd wish I'd never worn? The 80's neon fad was something that I wish I could have avoided but it was SOOOO COOL then :)

georgia little pea said...

Lori, a Tshirt quilt was something Rose mentioned too. I probably have enough to make a small blankie to cover my knees which would be great! Your album idea sounds like much less work though LOL. How can you have NO fashion regrets!!?

Karen, I must have been too adult for neon :) thank god! Though I do remember wearing leg warmers and tank sized shoulder pads and worst of all, I had a corkscrew perm on a mullet cut. The 80s stank! (is there such a word?)

booahboo said...

Oh my my... you are on a roll.. and rolling them posts like hotcakes... i haven't even read the last two... good god!

I think you can make a quilt with them special teeshirts (if you know how to quilt) for the life of me... i don't sew well and can't/won't learn to use my mom's sewing machine. My mom was however a wonderful quilt blanket maker.

love the teeny tiny green tee on Georgia.. she looks so sexy there.. *LOL* it must have belonged to the Cushion :D

booahboo said...

i wish i haven't/didn't wore those long blouses with big cartoon pictures over loooooooooooong billowy skirts. i looked like a kooky cartoon because i am already very looooong. People use to associate me with Olive Oyl. Someone took a picture too and that horrid ensemble is forever in someone's photo album now. Bah!

georgia little pea said...

OMG! Anny, I just had to delete my own comment because I was asking about your fashion boo boos and of course, you had a 2nd comment coming. Next time, I'll wait 10 minutes ;)

I don't remember these long cartoon Ts but I'm forever going to imagine you as Olive Oyl now.

booahboo said...

i am a walking fashion faux pas... now in my old age.. i just stick to white tees and blue jeans.. and i am still Olive Oyl :p

Jean said...

I really have no regrets about things I wore - I really give a rat's a** about fashion - but I'm sure my daughter (who is a classy dresser and very fashion conscious) has many regrets about things I've worn when I've been within fifty feet of her.

Like Rose, the first thing I thought of was 'quilt' even though I couldn't sew one myself if my life depended on it! I also thought you could choose a few of your favourites and stretch the centre of each on a piece of heavy cardboard and frame them - easy to do, makes a conversation piece on the wall, and relatively portable when you pack up to move.
I'm also enjoying this series - what a great way to make a tedious and often difficult job(downsizing, spring cleaning) more fun!

Peggy Frezon said...

We sewed our special t-shirts into a quilt, it's really quite awesome. There are instructions how to do this online. Then you can wrap it around you any time you want!

H and Flo said...

Oh I feel your pain! I had t-shirts from all the HK Sevens tournaments (from when the tickets only cost $5 and you could build beer can pyramids in the stands, ah, those were the days - wasted youth? Perhaps), and some from things I'd been to see at the Edinburgh Festival many MANY years ago. I had a big clear out about 3 years ago because they were just sitting packed away in a suitcase in my parents' attic, going that weird colour that old, worn clothes go. At the time it was a HUGE wrench. Now... it doesn't matter. At all. But the time has to be right to say goodbye. :) I love the expression on Georgia's face - she's totally humouring you, I'm guessing on the off chance that she'll get a treat for wearing your clothes!

Clothes I wish I'd never worn... it's hard to have regrets about dodgy fashion after the passing of a sufficient amount of time, but those stripey legwarmers which I used to wear with a pair of yellow jeans... hmmmm.

Loving these nostalgia posts Typist. :)

georgia little pea said...

Your poor daughter, Jean ;) I remember an old post where Georgia lambasted MY dress sense!

Another good idea for the Ts. Although I've actually seen Ts framed (even at my capoeira college and they look great), I never thought of doing it myself. How strange. Framed things are quite hard to pack and move around though.

I'm having fun with the posts too though they're taking a lot more time out of my days than I anticipated. Blogging every day is damn hard work.

H and Flo said...

Actually, I've just read the other comments and yes, those fingerless neon gloves (think Pepsi & Shirley/WHAM!) were seriously awful.

georgia little pea said...

Peggy, you made one! Alright, this is the way I'm going then :)

H - Just reading about those Ts makes me sad even if you no longer miss them. I wonder if old, no! I mean VINTAGE tshirts are worth much on eBay. I don't want to think about neon fingerless gloves. YUK! Yellow jeans sound kind of cool though. Acid yellow?

Jan said...

I had quite a jolt when I saw your Mickey Mouse tee shirt. I still have mine from a trip there many years ago. And the Chicago Bears tee shirt I inherited from my father will never leave my closet.

(Yes, that's football)

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I also keep Old "T"'s for sentimental reasons too. I hate to say, but many of mine I use as rags. Or...could you make a quilt or a pillow cover from any of them? Maybe combine them and frame them?

I also love the idea of the old T-shirt as a towel for a dog!

There are SO many things I used to wear that I probably would die if I wore them today like a glittery harem pants outfit from the 80s!

ann @ studiohyde said...

No, I don't think you are wrong for keeping the T-Shirts, they are a good reminder of times past - but if you are stuck as to what to do with them you could put them to use by making them into cushion covers - that way you get to see them everyday. (just a thought!).

Kristine said...

Mad? Not at all! Somethings just have sentimental and historical value and are worth keeping, even if you never wear them again. I have a tendency to throw everything out. It's actually my motto for house cleaning: when in doubt, chuck it out. But I've gone overboard sometimes and there are some items I wish I had kept, if only for the memories.

I have many things I regret wearing. But the first item that comes to mind are the bright blue high heedled sneakers I thought were so awesome in 10th grade, a la Spice Girls. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

as a fashion obsessed 20-something i can tell you EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG IS BANG ON TREND!!! And my husband would kill for any of those beloved sweatshirts/tees, he actually has the jumper of the chicago bears tee, he got it at a vintage store in london and loves it!! keep it all! :D xxx

houndstooth said...

Gah! How did I miss yesterday's post? I have to go back and look now.

Anyway, I remember in kindergarten begging my mother to let me wear skirts and dresses and she refused. Instead, I was stuck with these hideous red pants with little x's and o's all over them and to this day I hate them! Hate them!

As for what to do with the old t-shirts, you could make a t-shirt quilt out of them. Then you could still enjoy the memories that come with them and hold them close when you curl up! I've seen some that were very well done!

georgia little pea said...

2 Ts we share in common, Jan! A world apart and from all those years ago. Amazing.

Caren, a harem outfit? Oh you poor poor thing! And a glittery one too. HAHA! Let's hope no photos make their way to the Internet ;)

William, I think turning them into cushion covers is a smashing idea.

I don't remember brightly coloured high heeled sneakers, Kristine. Did this fad pass me by? I have stuff I regret tossing too. IT'S HARD TO LET GO! I just have to keep reminding myself the memories are in my head not in my hands.

Thanks for that Fashion Obssessed 20-Something! That was not helpful at all. I HAVE to chuck stuff LOL! I can see you're going to be in the same predicament as me, some day far in the future :)

Bunny's mama, I only have one thing to say to you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! BWAH haha!

Friko said...

Poor, poor, old GLP. Can you just see how sad she is at being made to wear your clothes? Those eyes!

Do with your old Ts what you want, wear them yourself, but dressing up Georgia isn't fair. My old Ts are still around, I wear them as nighties if they're loose enough.

I've loved all my clothes but I wish I hadn't worn those enormously high, spikey and narrow-toed shoes I wore for decades. The toes on my left foot are all squashed together as a result.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Just been enjoying reading these amazing comments from these lovely people who visit you Typist, but I really came back to say - shoulder pads and my spiral perm!!! One jacket had shoulder pads so huge (and I thought I was so cool) I'm sure they almost rested under my ear lobes and my spiral was so huge I'm sure people didn't like to get too close. Hahahahaha.

yuki and rocket said...

Lol, that beer mug key charm on a baby bracelet is too funny. but hey, there are people who rub rum on the gums of teething babies, maybe it's filled with rum?

i don't think theres anything i regret wearing because it was always decade appropriate...although, i thought in the 80's i looked really cool dressing like 'like a virgin' madonna, so maybe that was a look i'd rather not remember wearing.

georgia little pea said...

How much did The Dog pay you to say that, Friko? She was cold, we are frugal ;) Actually, before the Ts get to Georgia, we wear them as nighties too. We squeeze every last cent out of them! I have NEVER been a fan of heels, especially spiky ones and while I may have spent my life looking like a dag, I know my feet and calves are grateful.

Rose, I had such a laugh sorting out pics from the 80s. I know I've already said it, but hands down... the worst fashion decade evah!

Yuki and Rocket's mama - "decade appropriate" I LOVE THAT! Can I just tell you, I've dressed like a virgin too? YEGAWDS! We were so cool. NOT.

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a funny post!
LOVE the face and expression of Georgia wearing the blue TS! LOL!

georgia little pea said...

The poor girl. When she was young, she got cold very easily. Although the Ts looked awful on her, they kept her warm :)

chandra said...

I don't think GLP favored that blue T-shirt. At. All.

Do not. I repeat. Do not throw away those T-shirts! Several people have already mentioned the T-shirt quilts, which are very cool.

I wish I'd never worn eyeliner. There were only about two years there when I did but I was very heavy handed with it and it's not a good look for me. At. All.

-c at ddy.

melf said...

How sobering to read about the Bears win and the Challenger disaster. I remember both, but strangely enough, never realized they were only two days apart.

I was still in my last year of high school and working at a gift wrapping store that was next door to a media store. We were able to watch the Challenger coverage all afternoon and evening. Everyone did.

I also hold onto t-shirts that mean something to me. Most of them are from road trips I took with my sister. I have just started to part with many of them this year. I tried to think of a way to keep them by making them into something else, so I welcome the ideas from others.

How nice that these blog posts will allow you to see many of the things again, long after they are gone.

melf said...

BTW - Loved Georgia in the t-shirts. I'm not sure she did, but I know I did. :)

georgia little pea said...

Chandra - LOL did you look like an Egyptian princess on pot? Thank god I never did eyeliner, or much make up. My very brief fling with it ended in acne. After I recovered from the boils and pockmarks, I decided makeup must have been the source of my misery so never went back to it.

Melf - does this mean you'll be quilting your old Ts too? I'm now wishing I hadn't already used some for Georgia or the floor. I could have had a much bigger quilt! My thoughts precisely on having these posts :)