Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some nice humans from my neighbourhood.

My humans have been talking a lot lately about moving to Somewhere Else. Of course, no one has bothered to consult me at all, which is frightening. Shouldn't I have some say in my future? Where is Somewhere Else anyway?
Personally, I like where I live. There are possums in the trees, fishing on the pier, parks everywhere and lots of other dogs to play with. 

The only down side to living here are the scary dog-hunting cats. 
 But I guess it's hard to find an absolutely perfect neighbourhood.
As long as you don't get your ears pecked by the mad swooping birds every Spring, you will almost certainly have a good time in my neighbourhood.

We saw this magpie get chased by 2 noisy miners on our Saturday walk!

There are also many nice humans where I live. This might surprise you since we live in a big city, but it's true.

Of course there are crap ones too who never smile or say please and thank you and who hog the sidewalk and supermarket aisles, but I won't tell you about those today because I'm in a good mood.

Some of my most favourite humans work at our chemist. 

I don't have any pictures except this blurry one from a long time ago and The Typist is too lazy to go get a nice new picture for me. It's the shop on the right hand side!

There's always a bowl of water outside and a big bag of treats under the counter for dogs that visit, and the humans there aren't stingy with them either.


From my experience, the easiest way to pick out a nice human from a crap one is to give them a good sniff. 
Nice humans always smell of treats. I don't know why that's so. It's just a fact of life.

You don't have to do very much to get treats from nice humans. All you have to do is be polite and patient.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate nice humans since The Typist usually sends me out into the cold without my brekkie every morning.
Miss Tracy made us more peanut butter bikkies last week! I got a big star! 
Can you believe my humans forgot to give me the heart bikkies from a few weeks back? They turned mouldy! and had to be thrown away! Don't worry. I've eaten the big star already.

Here's another example of a nice, sharing human. She belongs to Merlin.
This is Merlin.
As you can see, Merlin is a sweet and gentle labrador.

Look what Merlin's mini-human had in her hand one day! 
It was a piece of pear and it was obviously too big for such a little human. So I took it from her. So she gave it to me!

"That was yummy, mini-human. Do you have any more?" 
"Come on. Open your mouth and let me check." 

"And let's clean that horrible sticky pear juice off your fingers. No one likes a dirty baby."
 "Ooo. Is that more pear I see in there?"

I think she's going to be a nice human when she grows up, don't you?


Of course, it's not all about food! 

This is Mister Keith. He always wears gardening gloves to the park. Can you see them?

The Typist thought that maybe he had funny looking hands. But she's wrong! He wears them because he picks up rubbish for other humans who're too lazy to use the bins. 

Rumour has it there's another Mister in another park who carries a bucket and spade with him so he can scoop up any dog poop he sees on the ground. How kind is that? Sadly, we have yet to meet this saint ourselves.

Sometimes, Mister Keith gives us a little grooming.


Midas was very happy with Mister Keith's work.

I hope you liked meeting some of the nice humans from my neighbourhood!

I don't know if we'll ever get to Somewhere Else but if we do, there'd better be some nice and kind humans there too. My Cushion will be in big trouble otherwise.
"I wonder how you ask for treats in Spanish."


The Typist would like to say a very belated 

thank you! 

to everyone at the park who's been asking after her knee! 

And especially to Tara and Sammy's human who brought over  a yummy homemade lemon meringue pie! 
She forgot to take a picture of the pie, so here's one from the internet.

[It was mostly eaten by My Cushion because he's not so fat.] 


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Ah serendipity, I'm the first!
Ms Pea, I sure understand your trepidation about moving to .... um Spain this week is it?? All that dancing and stomping will do you in. Protest, object! You have such nice humans around you where you are!
You totally cracked me up with your mini human antics. Indeed! your Typist is getting lazy not doing her own pics! Really take her to task girl. Did you mention your Cushion Ms Pea? How's your Cushion.
It is nice that your Typists knee is nearly all better, maybe you can get on her again now?

georgia little pea said...

Dear Miss Rose, My Cushion is fine though crabby at having to be home with The Typist all day. I did get up on The Typist once but she made such a drama out of it, I'm not getting up there again. I have been sneaking up onto her bed at night though :)

William the Lurcher said...

The Typist has done a grand job with all your photos, and it is lovely to see all your pals. My mum is impressed that somebody clears up litter in the park, how kind is that.

3 doxies said...

Wells, I knows fur a fact you DON'T wanna moves to my 'hood cuz da Stoopids live heres.
It sounds likes you lives in a nice area...except fur da freaky birdies. Da hoomans theres seem to be purty nice, especially da ones dat carries treats....hehehehe...thems my favorite.
Has anybuddy evers tolded you dat you has some big teefers?


georgia little pea said...

No one's ever told me that before, Puddles. I think they're the right size for a BigDog though. I'd look pretty funny with YOUR teeth in my mouth. And btw, there are Stoopids here too. For sure ;)

houndstooth said...

Your neighborhood seems so nice! Much better than the Village Idiots who live next to us, although I think they're finally moving away. I think you're pretty lucky to live where you are!


How Sam Sees It said...

So where are you moving? How exciting!


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

thank goodness we run into more nice humans than not-so-nice ones! Where are you moving to?
Thanks for visiting my brother Dakota's blog today! Love, Cody

Amy said...

Georgia, I feel very confident that you would find lots of nice people who will all love you Somewhere Else - you're basically irresistible! However, mini humans who like to share their pears are pretty rare. You should cherish that one as long as you can. =)

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Mini humans seem to have a natural affinity for dogs, as well they should. Love those dog-and-baby pics. You sure do have a lot of nice humans around; my guess would be that you bring out the best in them and so would find them anywhere you go.

Jan said...

What we have found is that no matter where you go, if there are dogs around, the nice people come to them.

We wouldn't worry about moving to Someplace Else. Dogs are magnets for nice people and the poopy people just stay away from them.

Patrice and Higgins said...

I sure hope that Somewhere Else has nice humans there, cause I am not sure you can top the humans that you just showed us!! I don't understand why your folks don't ask for your opinion, cause clearly, your opinion is the one that matters most!!


Jodi said...

I bet wherever you move to, the typist will make sure there are nice humans there Georgia. If not, you will have to be the dog ambassador and win them over, something I'm very sure you can do!

Tootsie said...

Ms. Georgia:

Why is it that nice humans are always the ones to pick up doggy doo when crap humans should be the ones forced to do it?

I was telling Grandpa about the Cushion and about the possibilities of Somewhere Else, and it really made him chuckle.


Pamela said...

Thanks you for introducing us to your nice neighbors. I can certainly see why you would miss them if your humans make a move.

Luckily you are such a charming girl that I know you'd make friends anywhere you go.

Here's a phrase you might want to learn: ¿Puedo tener un trato? I think it means "May I have a treat?" But I've never studied Spanish so it might mean "Will you please scratch my bum?"

Either way, you'll probably make a new friend if you learn it.

georgia little pea said...

OMG Bunny! That's such good news. You should pop some champagne while they're packing up LOL.

Dear Miss Pamela, thank you! That's going to be a very important phrase to learn. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to get The Typist to google it, just in case you told me something inappropriate. I am A Lady after all and wouldn't want the wrong human to scratch my bum.

A message from The Typist - We still don't know where we're moving to yet! But we've been doing a lot of research the last couple of weeks and hope to narrow it down to a couple of places to check out. I'm pretty sure it'll be a 2 year process. There's so much to do and we want it to be right so it'll be the last move. Who knew retirement could be so scary? :) .....but exciting! X

Friko said...

poor Georgia, now you have to hang around and wait for your humans to make up their minds. I hope they'll consult you before they do anything rash. I know you can be trusted to be sensible.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Georgia,
I miss my friends blog so much!!!
This was a great post!! Lots of wonderful pictures!!
Thanks for your visit on my blog. I can't come often but wanted to come special to say thank you!!

What Remains Now said...

Hi Georgia. I love it when you show us the dog park and all your friends. You are such a smart girl! When I saw the mini-human, I thought, "I hope Georgia checks that black pouchy part of the stroller for treats, and you did!" Well done, it looked promising. I would be interested in a post from The Typist on what it will take to move YOU to the new retirement location. Is it going to be complicated? I imagine that it adds a whole new dimension to the move.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Miss Lori, The Typist says to tell you you must be a mind reader. Yes, it is apparently VERY complicated! My humans have been googling lots and are already thinking of all the things I have to learn. Gulp. I hope you really can teach an old(ish) dog new tricks ;)

Kristine said...

I can assure you there are nice humans everywhere, though some are nicer than others. Since you are very special to your cushion and typist I am sure they wouldn't move anywhere you wouldn't be happy.

I love the pictures of you with the baby. There is something about a dog and a child that is just so simple and natural. It was very kind of her to share her pear with you.

I hope your typist's knee is recovered and she enjoyed that yummy pie!

OG said...

Dear GLP!

Both Petey and I were very happy to see your latest post! What jolly friends you have! Petey loves it when he gets treats from people. But he loves it just as much, if not more, when he gets pettings! He thinks everyone he looks at should give him pettings! He is a very optimistic fellow. If you go Somewhere Else we hope you will come and visit us in the Big Apple!

Julie said...

Cali just loves all of the nice humans that live near us - I'm glad you have lots of nice humans too :) Cali also loves the mini humans . .they always taste so good!! I can't wait to see where you might end up. I know wherever you go, you will attract all of the nicest humans!!

Unknown said...

This has got to be the cutest post ever! Loved all the pictures and descriptions, especially the ones with GLP and mini-human. :)

chandra said...

Oh my dog, GLP, is SOMEWHERE ELSE Mexico?!

That pear exchange was incredibly precious. That small human was very giving and you, GLP, well, you are a peanut butter star. Sweet and salty and ... a star!

-c at ddy.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your day, ms. Pea.

I bet there are tons of dog bikkie recipies out there that Dont have peanut utter cuz Bruce hates it.

The neighbours tell me Bruce has been using his big voice a lot while we were away, especially at 6am, when his voice must ring out the clearest.

So glad I bought human treats for them in berlin!

georgia little pea said...

Welcome home Grrl! Can't believe it's been 6 weeks already. Good thing you brought human treats back alright! And what kind of dog doesn't like peanut butter? :) X

Peggy Frezon said...

Don't worry Georgia there are nice people everywhere. You keep on being nice you and you will attract them. And, that is awfully nice of you to help out that baby. hehe I laughed so hard at your trying to look in her mouth. silly!

Jean said...

How did I miss this post? I look for new ones by you every morning. Clearly, my mind must have been Somewhere Else. Probably somewhere where they speak Spanish, which I don't understand.
Anyway, I love the pictures of you and the mini human. You were very gentle with her, and she was very nice to share her pear with you. Eddie likes pears, too, but we don't see many mini humans around here. But there are a lot of pear trees, and they are loaded right now. Maybe you should come to Canada.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Miss Jean, my humans tell me dogs can travel easily between Canada and Ecuador. I can't do that from Stryliah, you know. I would LOVE to visit you and Eddie! You have some great walks and I'm sure you'll feed me well too. I'll be sure to let my humans know you invited me.

You DID invite me, right?

Jean said...

OF COURSE I invited you, Miss Georgia. I've invited you many times! You will always be welcome here. We even have a spare bed for your humans and LOTS of big dog beds for you - or perhaps you'd prefer the couch? Or to sleep on my bed? And the bikkie jar is always full, and there are bones in the freezer, and I'm quite sure we can figure out how to bake some special treats too.

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Miss Jean! You're so NICE. I would like to take the next bus over if that's okay with you.

Oh, and The Typist wants to know if it's okay to leave her brown bag on? X

Sage said...

I think that little person really liked you GLP! You sure have some fine neighbors and I just know you'd find some Somewhere Else.

Anonymous said...

Well Georgia, your typist must have some really good articles on that computer "thingie", as I always hear our SAHH chuckling aloud when she reads them. Specially about the mini human !!! How could they even contemplate moving you from our neighbourhood?????? Do you think that unset Lemon pudding helped your Typist's knee to mend a little, even though your Cushion had majority of it? Shame and they didn't even give you a taste!!!! Your Friend Tara and the other one say's Hi. xoxoxox

georgia little pea said...

Dear Tara and The Other One's Human,

Thank you for dropping by at last! The Typist says she forced you to, which sounds just like something she'd do. I think your lemon meringue pie helped a lot. But just to be sure, can you send another one so we can check?

About moving away, it's okay. You know ny humans. I'll probably be old and leaky before it happens. Hooroo! Big hug, Georgia X