Thursday, August 16, 2012

A leap of faith.

Georgia threw up again this morning and is a little down. It looks like brisket bones have stopped agreeing with her delicate pigdog constitution. Or perhaps she just feels the anxiety/excitement that's been hovering over our little house the last week.

The Other Half has now been a fulltime cushion for 3 weeks. He's really working hard at it too, so Georgia is a happy bikkie. It's been an interesting time for all of us. 

Georgia has learnt how to sleep in till 7. She often eats brunch instead of brekkie. Now that she doesn't have to look forward to the man coming home at half 5 to take her out for her evening walk, she randomly, hopefully pesters him to take her out at all odd hours. Weekdays melt into weekends. Without even capoeira to mark time, I often have no idea what day it is. 

It's been a while since there were 2 bodies in the house 24/7. Like some newly minted couple, The Other Half and I are learning how to make space for each other, and I don't mean just physically. I'm not sure who will go mad first.

This week, the hot topic in our little house has been "What next?" or to be precise, "Where next?"

Apparently, the #1 spot in the world for a happy comfortable retirement is now Ecuador. I wonder if Julian knew that.
This pic from HERE.

Some of you who follow our stories might remember that we've been fiddling with the idea of moving to Somewhere Else for a while.

Like many people of a certain age, we wonder what we're going to do with the rest of our lives, how we can make our money last, where we could go to live more simply. We're not seeking enlightenment, just something less mundane than suburbia with a view of our neighbour's big gum tree.

Since The Other Half stopped working, such thoughts have gone into overdrive.


While in Brazil, we met an 80-odd year old man who spends 9 months of every year on the road, travelling with no frills and all by himself. I feel envious and tired, just thinking of him.

Did he meticulously plan for this kind of retirement? Or did he just wake up one morning particularly bored? Could we do it? Even more importantly, is it possible to embark on such an adventure with an occasionally fearful 45kilo dog at the end of a short leash? 

Maybe Pamela has some answers. 

"My friend Oscar moved to London last week. I think it's very far away and way over the bridge." 
"Bye Oscar! I hope you have a good life! Please don't forget us!"

The Other Half passed me a blog post this morning. 

Reading it, my head started nodding and my heart started pounding. The idea of moving  to Somewhere Else! further than the Gong, or even Hobart! at our age! is daunting, fascinating, frightening and exhilarating. 

The idea of moving to a place that we've never even set foot in, could just be plain stupid. 

And yet. 

And yet. 

A gungho Other Half is kind of pissed off at my lack of courage. He tells me, "We just have to take a leap of faith."

"Are you sure, Cushion? Remember what happened to me when I leapt off that ledge at Mort Bay?"

So there you are, Rose. If I've been quiet and not posting or visiting lately, you now know why. 

I've been busy pondering alternative realities,

things that may or may not come to pass, 

with a man who is on a short break/long break 

or possibly even, has retired.

As you can imagine, this might take some time. Please be patient and don't hold your breath.  


H and Flo said...

Oh the world is your oyster. I am envious; I don't think I shall ever be able to retire. :(

As for Ecuador... tread carefully. I suspect relations are about to turn a little frosty. Actually, maybe not Aus-Ecuador... but certainly UK-Ecuador! What other places are you considering? I reckon (within Australia) that Tassie would be a great place to wind up, if only they'd turn the thermostat up a touch.

I hope Georgia stops throwing up... Princess Pigdog. :) It sounds as though she's getting into the swing of this retirement thing.

georgia little pea said...

Dear H for Human [I finally got it!]...

We've never been to Tassie *shock*horror* but it looks gorgeous. Yeah, if only it were 15 degrees warmer, it would be a contender.

YOU travelled halfway around the world to live in Darwin. So're one of those people living your dream. Right?

verobirdie said...

Amandine told me Tassievis a great place. She loved the time she spent there.
You know, I met a few grey nomads while downunder, some had arranged their car into a stunning camping car. I can imagine myself hitting the road when I retire.
Ok, moving at your very advanced age is scary, but living the rest of your life with regrets is even more a burden. As for Georgia, being with both of you 24/7 should make her happy, wherever you go.

H and Flo said...

I'd never really thought about that... my dream doesn't involve work though! Bah!

I highly recommend Tassie. I always try identify the 'surprises' - things I didn't expect - in a place I'm visiting for the first time. In Australia generally it was beetroot. On everything. In Tassie it was Devonshire teas. Everywhere. And peacocks. :) It is a fabulous place, really really worth a look. I would love to go back, in summer.

Sherri / 2Rescues said...

I know a lady who is contemplating the same Big Move - she talks about Argentina where she and her hubby could have cattle and land. It's an exciting dream, but of course I tend to think "but that's so far away! How would I see you?" Lol. Best of luck in figuring out your next move, and on being home 24/7 with your other half. Lord knows THAT'S a big change too. Hi to Georgia from my Thumper and Lightning...they are jealous of her Cushion and that she can type her own blog entries. :)

georgia little pea said...

Hi Sherri - thanks for dropping by. If your friend does make that move, you'll be in for some terrific holidays! Wouldn't that be nice?

Hi back to Thumper and Lightning. What great names :)

Jean said...

Ha, there you are, Georgia! I was about to email to tell you that now your Cushion is home, your typist should have MORE time to work for you (since, of course, he can take on half the home load), and we should therefore see more posts!

As for Ecuador, Typist and Cushion, you are certainly more adventurous than I am. I thought retiring to an island a two hour ferry ride and several hours drive away from my family and friends was a Big Deal.

I'm guessing Canada is a little too cold for your taste in retirement living? Just make sure whereever you go, Georgia can go too without a thirty day quarantine when she gets there. Or just ship her to come live with me.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Jean, alas about the home load! That is NOT turning out to be the case ;)

I've seen pictures of where you live. It's stunning and a doggy paradise but yes WAY TOO COLD! ...although your heatwave looks promising lol.

Quarantine for Georgia is a big concern. A 30 day Q would be nothing. Part of the problem of taking her out of Australia (to certain countries), would be bringing her home if everything went pear shaped. A long time ago, it used to be 6 months with more time in transit in a 3rd country. Much better these days. The places we're dreaming of... once out, we would probably have to stay out for the duration of her life. A scary proposition that requires more research.

booahboo said...

I thot you went missing like me.. (i do check on you everyday) *LOL* but i am still slacking :)

great article that Cushion shared.. pls tell him my thanks.

We can be anywhere in the world.. really... as long as we are happy :) you think GLP would mind moving to Ecuador?

hope she's okay and stopped throwing up... she could be just having a bout of too much Cushion too.. hehhehehehehhe :D

take care yeh! miss you guys!

Pamela said...

I figure people dumber than me are going on adventures all the time. So why not?

And, if your adventure doesn't require you to learn a new skill, like sailing, you should be almost ready to go. :)

I'd say work on knowing what makes you content every day. Then, where you end up hardly matters. Because you'll carry your joy with you and find it in each new place you go.

Hope Georgia feels less sensitive soon. Maybe she holds the answer to your questions. Make her treats from all over the world. If food from Ecuador doesn't bother her tummy then you have your answer.

Good luck with your ponderings. It is hard to make big decisions. But it sounds like your heart is definitely telling you something. And your days will be teaching you how to listen to it.

Jan said...

This is really an exciting time in your lives, a time you've never been able to enjoy before. The world awaits you. You can do what you want to do. Be adventurous. Follow Georgia little pea into the sunset. After she stops throwing up, of course.

Kristine said...

How exciting! I've never moved out of the country but I have moved to a place where I'd never been and in which I didn't know a single soul. It wasn't nearly as scary as I'd expected. Though, the people all spoke my language - kind of.

Whatever you decide to do, I have a feeling it will be something awesome. Now if only poor Georgia will get better so you can get started!

georgia little pea said...

Awww Anny, thank you :) It may be Ecuador or somewhere a lot more realistic and closer! I have no idea how Georgia will take it but hopefully, she'll be adaptable. A few of her friends have moved away over the years, 4 of them now live abroad. Conversely, there are dogs that have come from overseas and who are now perfectly happy here. So I guess dogs are pretty adaptable. Of course, their owners didn't take them to scary places ;)

Pamela - "I figure people dumber than me are going on adventures all the time. So why not?" CLASSIC! I do believe you've given us a new mantra. While I may not have to learn how to cook in a tight space with sliding crockery or teach Georgia how to tell the bow from the stern *haha*, we might have to learn a new language. Including her! And I suspect we have a lot more stuff in the house to consider! It's going to take a while to organise. Hopefully we won't freak out before then or worse, give up :)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Wow Typist, this is BIG. Sure understand why you've been a wee bitt quiet. This life-changing stuff requires all of ones energy and thoughts! Got your brew? I feel I'm going to start rambling a bit here. First of all TASMANIA. Simply put, yes beautiful, yes cheaper to secure said property, however, if you're not awfully fond of the cold AND you enjoy the outdoors find "Somewhere Else". But don't go to "Nowhere Else" in Tasmania. (That's a real place by the way :)
Hmm, now let's see, do you need to sell your current property for a move? or could you say rent it for 12 months experimentation?
My friends in Perth are right this minute about to depart in their caravan. They are renting their house out for a year while they try this on-the-road lifestyle. Having (one) 45kg dog isn't much of a challenge with life-on-the-road; having (four)along for the ride constitutes a challenge.
Being on-the-road for a year gives the traveller a jolly good look around Oz for maybe another area to live. That's providing that Oz is the contender and not E.C.U.A.D.O.R. !!!!!
Break your life-changing thoughts into smaller breakdowns and it may not seem quite so overwhelming.
I did it twice. From Nth Qld - Tasmania. And from Tasmania - country NSW. And it wasn't just the geographic change, it was the changing of lifestyle as well.
There you go Typist just my two cents worth.
Poor Ms. Pea hope she's stopped the chundering.
PS I could think of something else and have to return........

georgia little pea said...

Dear Rose, I know you were on the road with The Team. I read the stories lol.

Georgia is probably my biggest IF. If it were just the 2 humans, we could probably pack up and be nomadic quite soon and easily. There are just some places Ms Pea would not be comfy in. The Sahara for example? :) And you know our draconian animal travel laws here. Where we would LIKE to go, it will almost certainly be a one way ticket. We've done quite a bit of relocating ourselves, over the last 20 years so it won't be new. I know the MO too well. But this seems bigger and more final somehow. Maybe we're just feeling old and fragile!

Your friend too eh? Can't keep baby boomers down, not even us peripheral ones ;) please feel free to come back and ramble. I love it when you talk lots :D X

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I can so understand Ms Pea being the biggest IF, in the quest for decisions being made. She's part of the package and in it for the long haul, but with that comes limitations to those decisions. But you would have it no different.
It's an awfully scary and exciting time. One thing sounds certain and thats that you will be taking a one-way ticket. WOW, I wonder WHERE??!!
My moves have been (really) very tame and safe, not terribly adventurous at all by all accounts.
Sounds like the options you and Cushion are looking at might be a little more exciting.
Well whether this is gaining momentum and is in full swing, or you take some time-out to do heaps more research, I'm glad I'm along for the ride sharing it with you and look forward to updates. And I'm sure Cushion would love to hear someone say "don't be too scared Typist, take a leap of faith" even if its a little one.

Julie said...

So fun to be in a place where you have options ;) My hubby and I up and moved away from Oregon to South Carolina on a whim several years ago - then after 3 years we moved back. It was a great experience- we learned a lot about ourselves. I can't wait to hear what you decide to do next!!

What Remains Now said...

I'm a boring old American with nothing to offer other than my best wishes and the promise that I will love following along on any adventure you choose to take. You are brave and wonderful and that is cool.

houndstooth said...

What exciting prospects! Even just to be able to entertain the idea sounds thrilling. I feel like we'll never be able to retire, so whatever you do, enjoy where you're going and what you're doing!

georgia little pea said...

Actually Lori, Ecuador is full of boring Americans. Food for thought perhaps? :)

Thanks guys! I'm feeling the pressure now lol. I guess that's why I decided to blog about it. Once you put it out there, you'd better bloody well give it a go. Right Cushion?

Declan said...

My Mum is totally in love with India and wants to live there. But then she is nuts.... Deccy x

georgia little pea said...

She's not nuts at all, Deccy! The Typist has wanted to live there for years, but The Cushion is a wimp.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Well, that's an exciting change. An exciting, nerve wracking change. Now, not to take up sides here, but we did just go through this with a few family member
6 months ago. Their cushion equivalent retired and the up and moved to the Country within 3 month. It's easy tobe caught up in the excitement of all the changes. They say the advIce they'd give any newly retired couple is to give yourself a few month to get used to "life without work". Figure out how you want to fill your days. Figure out how to live with each other full time, then leap. Otherwise, you'll end up too old people in a cottage in the country with nothing you enjoy to do and only the cows for company.

Whatever you decide, oh we wish you the best of luck!

Gina@the dog house said...

What an amazing time to have the freedom to move about and explore a wonderful world just waiting for you. We will be watching for your coming adventures.

Anonymous said...

First, poor Georgia, what's got her so vexed that she's vomiting? Sampson has vomited twice in the last couple of days too.

Second, Equador! MY GOSH, how do you manage that with a dog? Are there quarantine rules there? I know some places the animal must be quarantined for quite some time.

I don't know if I would be brave enough to decide to live in a far off place with my spouse. That's two pretty daunting tasks in my world. :-)

I'm sure you will do what is right for yourselves, although I bet the decision is somewhat over-whelming.

I'll send some good thoughts your way. :-)

Kari in Alaska said...

Oh I would feel both excitement and scared at the same time!

Stop on by for a visit

georgia little pea said...

3 months, Kol! It takes us that long to decide what bed sheets to buy. No, I think this is more like a 2 year plan. I hope your rellies are enjoying their new life?

Hi Gina! Thanks for dropping by :) Let's hope there'll actually be some adventures coming!

Jodi, the tough quarantine laws are HERE in Oz! I don't think the problem will be getting Georgia out. It'll be getting her back in, which is why we have to be super careful about any move. Ecuador Ecuador! That could only be an example LOL!

Unknown said...

Moving to a different place is always a scary decision - the excitement begins only after everything has been finalized. My best wishes for all of you.

Yes, GLP would be a big factor; Puppy is one of the reasons we chose Canada. And yes, dogs are highly adaptable, but each dog has his/her own personality, and it makes sense to choose accordingly. :)

georgia little pea said...

Hi Swati! I bet Puppy spoke English before you moved. All 3 of us might have to learn a new language first! I'm excited now! I bet I'll be tired and confused before too long though ;)

Unknown said...

Oh, you're brave to consider moving to non English-speaking place! I don't think I could have done it - too lazy to learn a new language at this point in time!

Keep the excitement going! I bet Georgia has caught on it too!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Heheheheh (quiet chuckling) you've done it now Typist - started something now girrrl. :)))))))

Leslie said...

Wow - big happenings in Little Pea's world. Sorry to hear her tummy's upset.

We're in a slightly similar situation what with Jan having retired last January. He's still trying to figure out what to do with himself. Unfortunately, retirement is not on my horizon for the moment so we don't have as grand an option as you are facing.

I would certainly be excited and probably sick to my stomach facing such a big decision. And I can appreciate why blogs and blogging aren't particularly high on your list of things to do. Here's hoping whatever you decide leaves you only happy and excited. (Leave the panic and puking behind. ;)

Tootsie said...

Ah, Georgia. Imagine the possibilities. It could be like holidaycamp all the time! You have my mom's mind whirring, because all she wants to do is stay put in one place rather than two continents!

Love your posts. You always make me wag and wag some more.


Amy said...

So happy for you guys - can't wait to see where life's next adventure takes you all. And yes, traveling with a sometimes fearful dog full-time works just fine. =)

georgia little pea said...

Tootsie and Amy, you guys should know!

Ahhh Toots, the world weary traveller. You have the life many people dream of and want to stop? To be expected I guess. We always want what we don't have!

Amy, that is VERY reassuring. Any tips on travelling with a dog in South America? :)

rottrover said...

Georgia, I didn't over sleep, it's just so darned hot here I couldn't drag the publicist away from her book to do my post. Sheesh. BTW, have your humans considered getting a motor home and just cruising around Oz? A lot of Americans do that when they retire, and YOU could go with!!

Ruby and Bart

chandra said...

Happy likely retirement to The Other Half! My neighbor had a new chair delivered today - she said it was her retirement gift to herself. Now, doesn't the idea of moving SOMEWHERE ELSE sound so much better than that?!!!

I love moving but I seem to have a problem staying (I've moved 10 times in the past 10 years) so I really understand your concerns about coming/going from Australia with GLP, who I hope has a much better tummy by now. Perhaps do a shorter/less restrictive move first? I once moved just 25 miles and my life changed completely for the better. Seriously.

Just got back from Paris. Meh. Fourth time I've been there and it still doesn't do anything from me. But also visited Copenhagen for the first time and YES! I didn't want to leave and want to visit many many more times. But I've heard winter is hard, which bumps it from your list.

I'm excited it for you guys!
-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Welcome home Chandra! Paris does nothing for me either. The only thing I miss is the creme brûlée LOL. Did you do the Tivoli rides? Maybe you can move to Copenhagen. How exciting would that be? 10 times in 10 years is CRAZY. I wouldn't bother to unpack.

Sage said...

Well, you know what they say "the world is your oyster" and maybe you'll find a pearl in it!! It sounds like you're at a cross-road in your lives, but any way you turn, it will be a new adventure!