Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My diet goes kaput.

My humans woke up late again today. I was hungry. Brekkie wasn't ready. And I was sure I was going to miss all my friends at Mort Bay and have a crappy walk.

I was wrong!
It turned out to be the best morning ever...
...all thanks to Jack's human! 
 She'd made some peanut butter bikkies and brought them to the park just for us dogs!

"Me first! Me first!" 
I got at least 4 bikkies! I couldn't believe my luck. I've only been allowed 1/2 a bikkie a day ever since some mean concerned humans at the park mentioned in passing to My Cushion a few weeks ago that I was possibly looking a teeny-weeny bit fat. 
"Are you sure there aren't any more, Miss Tracy? You wouldn't be holding out on me, would you?"

We even got a little bag each to take home!
Sadly, The Typist has since stolen my bikkies put my bikkies away in a safe place.


Here are some friends who got lucky with me today! 

[You haven't met any of them before because My Cushion has never taken any good pictures of them. These ones aren't so hot either but The Typist is using them anyway.] 

This is Milo. He has 3 legs. We don't know why yet but maybe he'll tell us one day.
This is Winston. Don't worry, he isn't growling at you.
This is Harvey. He's been collecting sticks for 12 years.

This is Lily. She's always carrying 2 balls in her mouth. 

[Just between you and me, I think there may be something seriously wrong with Lily and Harvey.]

This is Shelley. Her human has been patiently waiting for her to appear in my world famous blog.
Here are 2 other pictures of Shelly from another day just to make up for having been so slack.

This is Zeus.                                    
And this is Kim. 
Zeus is the scary one.

And of course, this is Jack! whom you have met before.

"Hey Jack! How do you eat like that and not get fat?" 
"You must have very good metabolism."


ThAnk youMiss TRacy! 
I love you! Let's do it again some time soon! How about next week?


verobirdie said...

You, fat?! No, you are just comfortable.
It is nice to see your play mates.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Blogger is being r.e.a.l.l.y mean to (me anyway) tonight, and your photos are either not downloading at all or some are just half, or it might me my internet tonight, so, I'll come back tomorrow and try again over my morning cuppa. I wanted to be the FIRST commenter! :)

What Remains Now said...

Thank goodness for Jack's human! Your fans always think you look fabulous, but in an effort to not be hypocritical...I do keep an eye out on Freedom, Casper & Nikki's weight. I love meeting your friends. Dog friends like human friends are always a mixed bunch.

houndstooth said...

You don't look fat to me! In fact, you look a little peckish. (I hope that helps your case!)

You have some very cool friends, and Shelley is adorable! I hope they all enjoy their moment in the spotlight. Perhaps a few of them should start their own blogs. Then they'd be famous, too!


georgia little pea said...

Vero - "comfortable"? Is that a code word for pudgy?

Rose - sorry #2 ;0

Bunny's mama - so right! The Typist was dreaming of having a network of neighbourhood dogblogs when she first started.

Scrappy Angel said...

BOL that was fun meeting all your furiends...you had me going on that last one! I thought fur sure the BIG one would have been the scary one:)

typical little dog syndrome there, huh?

really happy that your diet got broken - though you look just fine to me through the internet.

your dog park looks like a great place - thanks for starting out my morning so nicely.

you had my tail wagging first thing!

Jean said...

Georgia, I'm going to let you in on a secret - you don't have to cut back much on bikkies to lose weight, you just need to go for more walks!! I've lost twenty pounds since Eddie came to live with me seven months ago, all because we walk longer, more often, and faster than I did with the senior crew I had before. And I still eat my bikkies.
So tell your Typist and Cushion: More Walks, Please!

georgia little pea said...

OMG! What a great idea! Thanks Miss Jean! The Typist says not to get any silly ideas. How horrid is she? She has 10kgs to lose herself, you know.

Jen said...

Those biscuits are great! How nice of Miss Tracy to make them for everybody.

Diets are hard :(

booahboo said...

i thinks.. you should move in with Ms Tracy :p

booahboo said...

and... why have you not destroyed your stinky collar yet? It will surely taste very nice.. almost like the donut you know.. huhuhuhuhu

chandra said...

Wow, your dog park crew is awesome! And every single one of them is adorable. Hi Shelley!

I want to see more parties with these guys and girls, and Miss Tracy, too!

William the Lurcher said...

You look perfect Georgia!...glad you had such a lovely walk in the park with your friends.

Jan said...

Fat? No you are just large boned. Humans always like to say they are large boned and that way they can eat all they want, but they won't let dogs get away with it.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

All is well in cybespace this morning and I can see all the pics Ms Pea. You're not wrong, that Jack's human is something isn't she?! AND Doggie Bags to take home!!!!! OMG
About yer friend Zeus, what critter did you say it was again? Why is it playing with dogs? It's a newbie to me ;) Your friends are very nice and must get a kick out of being famous too!

georgia little pea said...

Jan - how interesting. I do remember The Typist saying she's big boned though personally, I think she's big bellied.

Rose - doggy bag! Now, why didn't I think of that? Jack's human is da bomb. Zeus is a Chinese crested and, interestingly, lives with Kim. :)

Peggy Frezon said...

hehehe your dog thoughts are so funny. I can just imagine Kelly thinking, "You must have a good metabolism." BOL

Julie said...

We all deserve a cheat day once in a while don't we? Tracy is a keeper!!

Friko said...

Greedyguts, Georgia. I hope you left enough for your friends?

Kristine said...

How nice of your dog friend Jack to share all his cookies with you. He's pretty lucky to have a human who makes him such things. My dog is probably always grouching about how lazy I am in that department. It's a good thing I can't understand a thing she says.

Zeus is indeed more than a little terrifying.

Pamela said...

You're so lucky to have a friend who is a good bikkie maker. Do you audition your friends first to make sure they're talented enough to hang out with you?

Anonymous said...

I don't think you look fat at all. Tell her to give you back your bikkies. :-)

In the dog park I've been too, the little dogs are separated from the larger dogs, but that doesn't look to be the case where you are. How do you all get along?

Anonymous said...

heart shaped peanut butter cookies!

What a treat.

Love seeing the park pals, more please!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Miss Jodi,

We don't have any "proper" dog parks here. They are all normal open parks that we share with humans. Some areas are leash free and others are shared zones. We all get to run and play together, big and little. I'm really glad because otherwise, I wouldn't have any littledog friends and some of my best friends are little!

Of course there are some dogs that are scared or bullies and kerfuffles can start. But its mostly good! We dogs know how to sort out who's boss by ourselves and the humans look out for us too. I guess we just learn to live together somehow :)

Thanks for asking this great question!

Leslie said...

What a great variety of dogs you have in your park. It is wonderful how you all get along.

You, my dear GLP, have the sweetest most expressive face. It's a miracle your Typist can refrain from giving you all the treats at once. (And you can tell that nasty person who called you not-skinny that we think you're just about perfect. :)

Daisy's Mom said...

Screw the diet. You probably worked off those 4 bilkies playing with all your friends!

BTW- I used to care for a 3-legged poodle too!

Calley said...

Hi Georgia,

Shelly wanted to say a big thank you for her debut on your blog! She's been following you for a few years now (on the blog) and has seen many of her mum's 'day time fur babies' in the photos, but now she feels super special. Being little & owned by a dog walker she often feels a little over looked.


georgia little pea said...

Dear Calley and Shelley, I am most embarrassed by this omission. And you comment too! Of course, I completely blame the man for not taking pictures. Smack! Anyway, I'm glad you dropped by. Thanks! and see you soon I hope, when the knee gets good :) x

Karen Friesecke said...

Lily can carry TWO balls in her mouth?! That is quite a talent :D

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Zeus is gorgeous:) I'd love some peanut butter cookies right now. Great to see so many of your friends, GLP. It's awesome you've got somewhere to meet up with them. We hardly see any dogs to play with now we're at the beach. Frankie says he doesn't like skinny dogs unless they're Greyhounds:)

Sage said...

The nerve of someone to call you fat and deprive you of those bikkies. Are you sure The Typist didn't eat them and just TOLD you she took them home to keep safe?