Thursday, August 9, 2012

a tTriboot to my Kushion,

Ear Kushion, thankful so much for leaving your job  to be my fulltime kushion!   I really Ap reciate your thoughfulnes and have enjoyd having yuou home with me the last 2 weeks  very  mucH! 

                        although it would be niceif uoj would gewt out of bed a litlew earlier int eh morning so i can mett my friends in the parKk., ok? thank yOu,.

I insisted on pootting toghether this triboot to you all by meself,!   I hope you like it,

MY TriBoot tro  My Kusjhion.

I always likedsitting on somethingg sof for mny bum.
 Iin the beginming it was very hard to make my houmans understand dat!. it topok at lot of suckinmg up.
but I mpersevr persirveerd

tried foR al;ong time. 

at least 3 monThs.
tHen One day,    vooahlah!!!
I haf never looked bak since.

 this is when I got bitten By a dog and Din;t haf a peoper Collar of Dohnut nad my Typis made me one. It was NEw Year'sEve and the Boom BOOM went off and My Kushion poot a towl on me an kept me safe.

  It is one of the bsestest things in life tpo have yourwon own kushion!

 i LOVW YOU kushoiN!!!  Your girly girly  Jaw Jaw Jah X

I hope you liked myn triBoot, kushion! Thank youso much for bineg all M ine and for not geting up to ger coiffee or open the frontdoor whe someone comes. that's wat makes mer realise   uou love MEbest~!and anyway,thats what The Typjst is for, 

P.S! now that you're not worki ng any more ,does it mean  I can geet more walks ???  Also, maybe  cood  you keep an eye on Th eYhpis i think shes cut down my meat to save money.!! you have to be carEFUL with jer you know.


Jean said...

Oh Georgia, what a lovely tribute to your Cushion. I bet it took you a long time to type it, but you did an admirable job. Your Cushion sounds very special, and I think your fine tribute to him should at least net you an extra walk and a couple of bikkies.

Friko said...

Georgia, Georgia, I do appreciate you trying your hand at typing a tribute yourself but please, don't be too much of an opportunist (do you know what that means? It means demanding twice as much as your fair share)

Your cushion is showing admirable restraint, make sure you don't get shoved off unceremoniously. You might get just too heavy at times.

And, for heavens sake, do appreciate the typist too, she won't like being taken entirely for granted.

Jen said...

What a sweet tribute to your cushion! It was heartwarming to read and really made me smile.

booahboo said...

Thats a most wonderful triboooooot tooooooo your Kushion dear GLP :) Lovedd the way he always holds you so you don't slideeeeeee off.. hehehehhee.. and he's definitely ALL yours. You are her girl (don't let the typist hears yous.. else she'll be very green).

THinks the Kushion being home is very good for yous.. and yous. You'll definitely be having more adventures with him.

oh.. my keyboarrrrrrds still a weeeeeee farnee. My aporologies.

Kari in Alaska said...

You sure like to snuggle

Stop on by for a visit

Berts Blog said...

Georgia, that is a great tribute. I love all the places you tried before you got "your Cushion" I tired a couple places like that but I just kept sliding to the floor. It is admirable how you were able to sleep at a 10 degree angle.

June said...

I am quite, quite, very sure that your kushion is only too happy to be held in place and kept warm through your efforts, GLP.
You delicate little dainty flower, you!

houndstooth said...

I think you and your cushion are both very lucky to have each other! How perfect that he is staying home with you now. I hope you can get him trained to start getting up in a timely fashion so you can meet your friends! Kuster gets Dad up at 4:00 every morning by barking his head off. It seems to be a successful technique!


georgia little pea said...

deer miss jean, i am workin on it! gud things take time, uyou know;

deer mis Friuko, heavy? Moi? i do so appreciat the Typis espceilly when its time to eat i am not stoopid.

deer miss june.. uyou are now my new fabourite human after my Kushion. thak you for seeingThe troo me.

deerKuster, the Typis says to tell you if i trythat she will keel me or poot me ourside.its winter now n very COLd so i better not try..

chandra said...

Bravo, GLP! Such a lovely tribute to your cushion.

I read it to Mason and and he was very impressed. As you know, he has a cushion of sorts, except his has attached "pillows." He would like you to know that if you every find yourself in Los Angeles without your cushion, you are very welcome to borrow his ... for a specified period of time. That will be prearranged. And some blackout periods may apply.

Does your typist laugh her head off every time you get into one of your positions upon your cushion? And I'm wondering have you ever mistakenly used another cushion and realized your mistake?

-c at ddy.

Jan said...

What a very lovely tribute. your cushion seemed to learn very fast, but then you are a great teacher.

How did you hit the space bar without thumbs?

What Remains Now said...

This is the best tribute ever. You are so lucky, Georgia. You make good use of your Cushion.

georgia little pea said...

Dea Miss Chamdra ... no I haf nEVER! Mistaken someone elses for my Kushionl he smells. Differ ent I mean. Plees say tank you to Mason for me! It will save having to,pak,my Kushion ups for the trip.the y charge you extra for heavy,baggage you kno.

Oh, and my Typis doesn't laugh, she just goes green.

Dear Miss Jan, I use my NODE. I have a nice big one.

H and Flo said...

Your eloquence, as ever, astounds me. I love the photos, especially the first one... I'm trying to work out what on earth the Kushion was doing lying on the floor in the first place. Perhaps your Kushion has stopped working because your Typist won't buy you a new bed and he realises that you simply have to have somewhere soft to lie. That's devotion.

Amy said...

It's a perfectly lovely tribute, GLP! I imagine your cushion will cherish it and probably feed you some extra meat when the typist isn't watching.

georgia little pea said...

Dear miss Flo's mama, he was om,the flor so I wouldn't have to poot my bUm on it. Sometimes hw sleeps on ,my bed on the floor wit me too. He's nice that way tho my Tpsi says he's just stranje . HUH! what does she no about troo love.

koko said...

That's such a lovely tribute to your Cushion, GLP... and it's obvious from the photos who is his favorite girl in the house :)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh you do love your Cushion Ms Pea! Isn't this wonderful that he'll be around full time for always?!! This being the case and although you and Cushion have a gen-u-ine mutual admiration society happening, you mustn't push poor old Typist out in the cold too much. She might feel neglected, third wheel if you like - eeeek redundant! So little Pea, do a bit of sitting on her too OK??? Pics to prove that you're doing the right thing would be good OK? Remember you are a lady now!
and, ooooooh you are sooooo cute...

3 doxies said...

Omd, Georgia...I needs me one of them cushions. When I does it my dad bitches and complains AND I is a little dog...but I licks him and he don't likes dat...sigh.
You so lucky to has your very own cushion. And you can even tells your cushion what to do, how cool is dat. He should has quit work a long time ago. Nows you just lay theres until da typist has your din din ready and make sure her brings it to you on a tray.
Off to search ebay fur a cushion like you.


georgia little pea said...

deer Mis Rose, thank u for saying I'm sooooo cute. I have also bin tole by miss June that I m a delicate dainty flour. U are all soooo kind! I will try wit the Typis butm I'm not allowed to sit On her now becos of he stinky knee. Mayne when she gets better! Oh BTW, she IS da turd wheel.

Dea Puddles, I don't belief you . What kind of Houman doesn't wan a dog on is lap?? but don't give up ok. Some Oof tem take a long time toTRain. Maybe he's just sloe. Good LUCK!!

3 doxies said...

Dear missy Georgia, is you kerazy? Dats MY bloggie..fur me...da only time my brudder is in theres is when I makes fun of him...hehehehe. My blog, my blog I say. Ah snot, mum says I has to share dat you already knows, her is kerazy.
I shall put him on theres more fur you...oh I has a sissy too but hers not on there much cuz her is shy. Her was used fur breddin' befores her came to lives with us. did you knows I had a sissy?


Daisy's Mom said...

By chance do you have Great Dane in you Georgia? The resting of one's bum on something is pretty common with Danes.

You have a very nice Cushion. Have to admire him for deciding to hang out at home with you. :)

Peggy Frezon said...

Ohhh how sweet! Do you know that you don't exactly fit on your cushion all the time? Don't you think, perhaps, it might be time to fatten your cushion up a bit to give you more space?

verobirdie said...

Miss Georgia, you have so cute eyes, noone could reisist your bun. I'm sure your cushion feels comfortable with you on his lap.
Be tender with your typist too, you do need her too

georgia little pea said...

Dear Daisy's mama - YES! I SAM paper Zante. Sorry! iPad. I mana,I M,part Dane.

deer miss Peggy, The Typis says to tell u HE'S FATenuf! I think you may haf appoint. Though

Anonymous said...

Georgia, that was a beautiful tribute to your cushion. I love how you lay on him to hold him down and keep him from blowing away. I wish Sampson or Delilah would lay on me in that manner. Maybe they don't love me as much as you love your cushion. :-(

Pup Fan said...

Aw, I loved your Triboot! ;)

yuki and rocket said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! those pictures are priceless, and i thought rocket had a problem thinking he was much smaller than what he actually is! I think it's so funny how big dogs don't know their size and the same thing with the little dogs. My grandmother used to have a giant doberman, who was bossed around by her chihuahua and min pin, and it would crack me up every time!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Ms Pea, saw the news earlier and although its jolly cold up our way we haven't copped all the wind. Are you and Typist and Cushion still in one piece? Is your roof still on?? Hope youre all comfy and warm and safe.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Your Typist and Cushion are lucky you want to be on their laps, neither Frankie and Beryl are lap dogs ... probably a good thing in Beryl's case or I'd always be wearing bruises from her bones, lol! Lovely tribute to your Cushion, GLP. I wonder what Frankie and Beryl would write about me?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Ooooh tuck up tonight and stay safe - reply at my place for you.

Pamela said...

That was a lovely tribute, Georgia. And if your Kushion wrote one about you, I'm sure he'd say you sit like a perfect lady.

In our house, Honey has two cushions. But she's much less ladylike than you. We keep getting floofie tail in our faces.

Perhaps you could tell her we don't need our teeth flossed every time she wants to take a nap?

Sage said...

GLP, I know you looked high and low for the right cushion, and here it was, all this time, right there at home! And it's the perfect foil to convince the Typist why your Kushion needs special handling.

Kristine said...

How exciting, Georgia! Now you are going to have two humans all to yourself! I am sure your cushion loves you just as much as you love him and really appreciates your efforts. After all, what's a cushion without someone to sit upon him?

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Georgia, so sweet tribute to your cushion!

LOVE your photos so much! You look always ADORABLE and I would LOVE to know you in person.
Many kisses to you.
Muitos beijos para você.

Anonymous said...

Awww what a sweet cushion! I think Kyuss would appreciate it if I would be his cushion. Sadly, he must settle for just being allowed to sit on my feet. =D

Leslie said...

My dear GLP - what a lovely Triboot to your Kushion. I love that you are such a cuddle bug even if you probably do cause bone-crushing agony to your peeps occasionally. :]

Patrice and Higgins said...

Georgia, that is the best tribute to your Cushion!! You are awesome and the love you have for your Cushion is so touching!!


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Knock, knock - anyone home? Is the power still out ......?

Tootsie said...

Ah, the Cushion. Your bum fits perfectly on the Cushion. Lucky Georgia. Lucky Cushion.

Zowie. You shake it, Ms. Georgia.

Love and wags, always,

Unknown said...

ROFL! So cute and funny!