Saturday, August 18, 2012

Proceed with caution.

Alexa is not my friend and I would like to spit in her eye. After 2 and a 1/2 years of blogging, I'm still eligible for a Liebster? That sucks. I could possibly also be the only blogger left in the world without twitter and pinterest accounts, a facebook fanpage, or even a good camera. What is wrong with me?

That said, I've learnt to accept that ambition is not in my DNA. 


Between yesterday and tonight, I had quite a few ideas for some amusing posts. Stories to distract you from the big hole I'd dug for myself in the last post. I even scribbled them down on a piece of paper while frying mushrooms and sweet peas this morning. 

But once I sat down on this very chair this evening, my mind went blank.

What did I expect? This is a diary of a dog's life and the dog has grown up. She's A Lady now, who [disturbingly] spends most of her day sleeping on her Cushion and rarely does anything worth reporting. 

This pic from HERE.

Can I keep posting about how much she farts? I guess so, but how boring that would be for you, and for me. 

I don't want to end this blog. I'm going to try my darndest to keep it going until Georgia goes. I want something we can look back at and laugh and cry about, somewhere in the far future, wherever we may end up!

But, truth be told, I don't really think of myself as a dogblogger any more. I think I'm more a blogger with a dog in her life. And this is a blog about our lives together.

Yup. I guess this little blog is at a crossroads. As muddled as our lives are at the moment. I'm not quite sure where it's going but I'm just going to go with the flow. 

So please accept my apologies in advance if  Georgia starts discussing the pros and cons of moving to Bali versus The Bay of Plenty. You know that girl. She has strong opinions about everything.

This pic from HERE.

How about you? Has your blog evolved in unexpected ways? Have you ever considered stopping?

Stop blogging? Today? No way! I want to be around when Pamela, Mike and Honey set sail. 

This pic from HERE.

And when Kristine does a perfect cartwheel.
This pic from HERE.

Hope you girls are working hard at it!


How Sam Sees It said...

We get stuck too once in a while, but find just regrouping, posting a few pictures, and finding things to do where we can take pictures helps a lot!


booahboo said...

Truth be told.. i started my blog to be about Piper... then Piper and i separated and we went to live in different towns.. and i got stuck with the Curly. Even though we are at Piper's Kingdom... Piper is stuck with my sis :D now now.. i think a dog blog can be a mixbag and its okay really... we love your rants and your holiday stories.. and your injuries.. hehehhehee.. but the best was your Bondi beach vet's bending over picture :)

don't stop blogging... even if you move far far away... cos you are too good to not write. You are a great storyteller... we hang on to your every.. almost every word.. we laugh and its entertaining.

tv did make me stupid... really.

bali seems like a good place to be.. i can visit :D

i hate facebook actually.. but now.. it proved to be quite useful for the shelter work... i hate twitter... but i still have an acct... and pin some interest interests me sometimes when i get hungry.. i love to look at pictures of cakes and pretty cupcakes.

blimey.. i think this is a long comment :D

Jan said...

In the entire history of writing, bloggers have what no other writers have ever had, a platform for writing what they want, when they want.

One of my favorite criticism was that my blog lacked focus. "Frankly, Jan, you are all over the place."

Whatever you write, dear typist, I will read, whether you are all over the place or highly disciplined.

verobirdie said...

Reading about the pro and cons of your next project is OK with me. Georgia will give her opinion from time to time.
Inbetween, enjoy your daily routine.

Pamela said...

Gee, I guess I'd better slow down my preparations. I certainly don't want you to stop blogging in 2014.

Personally, as much as I love dog blogs, I also love well-written, clever musings about choosing a life path. I won't go anywhere if the blog shifts direction. But please, keep posting glamour shots of your girl. :)

Jean said...

No, GLP's typist, you are not the only blogger left in the world without twitter or pinterest or facebook (though I do have a fairly good camera - but only because I inherited it). I simply can't understand what is so facinating about a tweet that says "I'm at the mall" or a pinterest board full of ads for commercial goods. As for facebook, until they add a feature that allows you to search more than just people's names, I will never consider it a useful form of communication.
Now, about your little blog crisis - you may recall I recently came to the same crossroad, being down to just one somewhat boring adult dog and no longer fostering piglets or puppies. I thought I might blog about the books I read or local politics or Great Thoughts I Have, but that hasn't happened. I throw up a blog and a few pictures every few days, and most of my readers still seem to read though I do get fewer comments these days (I blame that on Blogger, which makes commenting more and more complicated if one wants to keep out spam!).
Oh, and I've been blogging much longer than you, and I'm still a Liebert (though I had to look up what it means - a blogger with less than 200 followers?).
Keep on blogging. I want to know how Georgia is doing, farts and all, and where you are thinking of moving, and what the weather is like, and what you think of whatever you think about. We are, as you say, bloggers with dogs, and that is perfectly fine with me!

Jean said...

Oops, that should have been Liebster - I think I typed Liebert. Ha ha ha.

Friko said...

Twitter and Pinterest? What are they?

Do NOT move until you have worked out what it is that's missing or wrong now. You'll only take the whole baggage with you and, on top of it, you'll be in a place where you have no friends, doggy or otherwise.

Georgia may have to take a back seat in the blogosphere, but we'll allow her the odd post or two. It's time the typist had her say. As for cushion? Cushion will get up eventually, or else Georgia will have to squash him completely.

Like Sam said, everybody gets stuck in a rut, I am at the moment too, no dog, no idea where to next, what to do with whom. But I'll carry on blogging, it's a way of making sure that I know how boring I actually am.

It'll all come out in the wash, never fret.

KimT said...

Been feeling myself much as you apparently have there something in the air? No ideas for you, but sure hope you keep writing - you're too great at it to stop!

georgia little pea said...

Hey Anny, I wondered about the name of your blog! Will someone reading about our aborted/successful nomad plans a few years from now wonder what the hell that has to do with little dogs on long leashes? LOL. You know we could always start brand new blogs, right? NOT!

2014 Pamela! THAT soon? I think we're giving ourselves 2 years to organise something, which means you and I could be sailing into the sunset together! Woohoo!

Dear Jean Liebert, of all the blogs I read, I think yours is the most like mine (to me). Except for the beautiful, clear pictures on yours, of course! I remember your piggies very well. That's how we met. I spent a couple of nights in bed reading all your old stories.Those were the days eh.

THANK YOU everyone for your kind words and support :) X

ann @ studiohyde said...

Know what you mean....didn't think I would be able to put anything at all on William's blog, but usually find something...well, there is always 'something' happening, even if it's William watching the world go by. Hopefully you will continue, as you say it will be a lasting memory.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Wow Typist, I thought I was about the only one who wasn't on Facebook, or, those other things!! We should start a club. I only have my (NO FOCUS) blog and, email. (HAhahaha love those cartoons by the way)
I adore Ms Pea, that goes unsaid, but
I've come to love reading what you have to say (important or, routine) and how you convey it. In short Typist, just bloody like ya mate, so keep blogging for heaven's sake about 'whatever' takes your fancy! You are a natural story-teller and writer. No false modesty just accept it. :))) Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

georgia little pea said...

Well then, Rose. Thank you for making my Sunday. Your comment was perfect potty reading :) x

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hahaha, love being someone's potty read, but I didn't answer your two questions in blue before. Has my blog evolved? suppose so, if one calls having no real focus or topic and I waffle? all over the place. Have I thought of stopping? Yessss, because I am not a very brave person and lots of 'stuff' I'd like to write about I don't, so frustration sets in sometimes. I'll do a post and after I've hit the publish button, I'll feel a little disappointed with myself because I didn't touch on 'stuff' I would have liked to. Maybe as my blog 'evolves' I will become braver and in my mind take some risks. Mmmm.

georgia little pea said...

Ooops! Rose, we did it again! LOL.Be brave. You can always delete the post or the blog!

BTW, dear Kim, if you come back, I hope you sort out your muddle too. Who knew blogs could have a mid life crisis? :)

H and Flo said...

Oh you can't stop blogging! I love your posts, they make me BOL, LOL, ROFL and all those other OLs. I also LEARNED what BOL meant through your blog. It's highly educational. Evolving blogs are better than revolving blogs, which, unless you have a really naughty or really clever dog, is probably what you'd end up with. Unless you get a puppy. :) I know where mine's going in the short term but not sure how long I can keep it up! Bali? Quite a few people from 'round 'ere have places up there. I think I may be the only person in Darwin who hasn't boarded that particular Jet* flight. :)

georgia little pea said...

You MUST board that flight, H! It's probably closer to you than WE are LOL. You'll love it. It has lots of (not to sound trite) SOUL. Just avoid the tourists, especially the Aussies ;)

Kolchak Puggle said...

Dearest Typist, You have so much to write about and so much to share in the coming months and years that frankly, we'd be disappointed if you up and left! We're lookng forward to seeing where life takes you next and we're sure Georgia will have some opinions on where that may be.

I hear you though! Kol's NOtes is a dog blog (and always will be) but in writng it, I've discovered that I am a blogger at heart and a blog of my own can't be far behind. After all, my loud mouth puggle just might have a loud mouth Mama too!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Georgia's mum. I too haven't got twitter, facebook or any of the other modern thingys. I don't think I would have time for them as blogging is enough for now. Sometimes I think my blogs might be boring too but I do it for my own sake I suppose.

I love the friends I have met around the world who take time to comment and in recent weeks sent me words of comfort when my Dad passed away. It truly helped me. So, keep on blogging I reckon.

As for being retired, well I can only say, how fab. My hubby is 55 and hopes to retire in five years and we can't wait. I work too but only part time and I would retire tomorrow if it were possible. Take care. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

booahboo said...

start a new blog? you gotta be kidding... *LOL* i am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy... and i like the ppl that come by just the way it is :D what if you don't come around anymore.. becos u can't find my new blog.

btw.. i got blogs n blogs flowing outta my ears.. and they are mostly d-e-a-d :D

Leslie said...

Yikes. Please don't stop blogging. There are some bloggers out here in the blogosphere that I follow because they have interesting, witty and thought-provoking things to say. You're one of them!

I think one is more likely to 'get big' in the blog-world if they *don't* write just about their dog or dogs in particular or cats or whatever. You have a great voice no matter what you're addressing. Like everyone else here, I'm not going anywhere regardless of your topics of choice. :)

Karen Friesecke said...

It's your blog, so you get to do what you want. There are times when nothing is inspiring, but something is always right around the corner, even if it is blogging about moving to another country. I *loved* your Paraguay posts!!

georgia little pea said...

Kol's mama, I know how often you post and how much effort you put into that blog so if you start another one, it will surely mean you've discover the 30hour day. Or how to live without sleep. Or *gasp* that you're stopped baking treats for Kol!

Anny, I know. I've seen the dead blogs on your roll. Bad feng shui, love. Time to toss them overboard ;)

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE for your support! I may not have 1000s of readers, but the ones I have are gold. Hugs all round :) X

houndstooth said...

Oh yes! My blog has definitely evolved as I've found my voice and my dogs and I have grown. When I first started writing it, I just wanted to try a different style of writing from what I'd been doing. Now, almost all my writing is done on the blog!

When I first started, I never dreamed that anyone would read what I wrote. I started my blog about a year after my first Greyhound died and we'd gotten Bunny. There were many funny Treat stories that I'd shared over the years, but they weren't all in one place. They were scattered all over the web. I wanted to keep the stories about Bunny and our other dogs together in one place. I thought that maybe a few of my online friends who encouraged my writing would read it, but nobody else. Now I have people from work and my two sisters in law who read it, along with people from all over the world. It's uncanny sometimes.

Also, when I started the blog, we had four Greyhounds. Then we became three Greyhounds plus a GSD. And then we became two Greyhounds and two GSD's. I was surprised by how much interest there was from people about Kuster's training, and now that's become another facet of the blog.

Other things that I enjoy have worked their way in, too. Travel, reading and local history have all become things that we write about, as well as finding the things that we can do with the dogs in our backwards little corner of the world.

I adore Georgia and I love her voice. I sincerely hope that you do keep blogging! I love learning about life where you live, which seems so exotic compared to our life here in the middle of the dusty corn field!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Bunny's mama, now that you mention it, yes! Your blog has changed quite a bit since I started reading your stories and especially since Kuster arrived. I guess it would be impossible for life to come to a standstill. And if it did, what's there to blog about? Your dusty corn field certainly yields some great stories, not to mention hairy neighbours ;) BTW, we're definitely NOT exotic here. LOL.

Sherri / 2Rescues said...

I get stuck too. I have been lately. When I started blogging, I was training Lightning for agility and Thumper was daily source of entertainment with his puppyish naughtiness. I planned to document the progress in agility, but I ended up with a kid playing tournament baseball, and the dog's agility went by the wayside. Thumper has actually developed some manners and impulse control lately, and he doesn't give me the material I had counted on. :( I have actually considered including different, possibly non dog?, things on the blog. Kind of a tale of 2 rescues and their human mom. don't quit....i'll read whatever you write. and GLP whenever she it in too. Frankly - all us dog bloggers know the dog stories can only go so far, and there are real people behind it. they have stories too.

June said...

I never had a plan for my blog so it's evolved, but not in "unexpected" ways. I thought I'd be more literary, and dreaded being yet another "did this, did that, saw somebody" blog. I have gone in that direction. But if I enjoy writing that drivel, I'll write it. If somebody reads it, that's nice. If not, I guess that's okay too, although I do love comments. I love them!
Have I considered stopping. Yes. And I have stopped, but I have resumed again as well. There need be no forever/never with blogging, I think.

Rajashree Khalap said...

I LOVE this blog, it's like a holiday for me. I feel as if I know GLP! Please don't stop blogging!

Facebook is a pain, but my page really does help me spread awareness about Indies and since I'm this self-appointed INDog ambassador I can't abandon it :( I often wish I could just disappear though...I can't get the hang of Twitter and don't want to. My blog is part of my 'job' and only occasionally a fun space for me - but most of the stories are sent by other owners, so I'm lucky! I often get net fatigue, not just blog fatigue. I just stay away from the comp for a few days.

June said...

If littledogsonlongleashes isn't all about Georgia, it doesn't matter to me. I know Georgia's there, part of the family . . . and your life goes on.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Please my dear friend, don't end this blog!! Love it!
I had stop my blog about six months, but I miss so much to communicate with my blog friends and to post, that I return to it again. Many times it is hard to write, because I do my blog bilingual and my English is not good...
So, please, keeping going!
Beijos e abra├žos.

Anonymous said...

I think blogs (like life) evolve and change, just roll with it. We're here. :-)

georgia little pea said...

Haha June! I love your drivel so I'm glad you went that way.

Thanks Miss Khalap. You were one of my first friends in the dogblog park. I love that your stories come from all over the world. Even better that you don't have to work on all of them yourself LOL.

Sonia querida, eu nao paparei. Nao ainda! Tenha uma bom semana, a minha amiga. Um beijo grande para voce tamben X

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yes and yes. I've certainly diverged from the original purpose of a solely dog-oriented blog, and I've sometimes wondered what I got myself into with a blog that I feel some obligation to maintain. I think diversity is the spice of life, and anyone who has found your Georgia posts interesting will certainly want to know about other dimensions of your being.

For my own part, the obligation I feel to keep something of a dog focus has inspired me to keep fostering and volunteering so I have something to write about other than old Fozzie and Lamar! So the blog has been a positive force in ways I didn't anticipate.

As for your blog, I've loved your recent wide-ranging posts. Keep it up.

And thanks for the heads up--I'm going to troubleshoot the disappearing text issue!

chandra said...

Change away, Typist! I've just read all the comments and I think you can tell that you and GLP have a loyal following. And this post has made me realize that the name of GLP's blog offers the most brilliant amount of flexibility of any I've seen ... so I think the seed of change was there right from the get go!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Littledogsonlongleashes is flexible? WHAT? Jet lag I guess Miss C ;) x

What Remains Now said...

Funny that you mention this because I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my blog in 2013. I started my blog on a whim. A co-worker's husband lost his job and I asked him to set-up a blog for me, so I'd have a reason to give them money. I must say that my blog has changed my life. It re-awakened my passion and hope for a creative life. I often feel bad that I don't talk more about Freedom, Casper and Nikki, especially since many of my readers are pet bloggers, but I'm not a dog-blogger. I sometimes wish I were because I'm envious of their wit and being able to write from that perspective, but that's not me. The main reason I love my blog is its ability to keep me accountable. I'm so scattered, that I have to have very specific structures in my life or I would be all over everywhere. It probably seems like I am all over everywhere, but for me, my blog keeps me much more on track. I try real hard not to think of my audience and just be me. I have a Facebook and Twitter account but don't use them. Maybe one day if I can think of a reason why. Georgia, close your ears. I love your posts whether they are about Georgia or not. I love your writing and perspective. I hope you keep posting, but in the end, I guess you have to decide whether it lifts you up or drags you down.

georgia little pea said...

Lori, whatever you do with your blog in 2013, I hope you keep going with If I Die Today and The Questions. I might not know how to answer them, but they get me thinking. You so don't need dogs to make your blog interesting (sorry Freedom, Casper and Nikki!) :)

Peggy Frezon said...

I want to tell you that I will continue reading your blog no matter what you post about (well maybe not more farts)because your posts are quality. You are always digging deep and being honest, and that's what I respect the most. So please do continue, and write about whatever is on your heart to write. We are the lucky ones to be able to share your thoughts and feelings and connect with you and Georgia. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Do not

I repeat


Your'e just having a moment. My blog sucked for three years, total uber Liebster.

You just wait till I get back from Kraut land..

oh and btw - liebster in German is one who loves.

yuki and rocket said...

I don't have a twitter or pinterest account, I got the facebook months after having a blog and I do have an instagram account. I'm not much of an ambitious person either, I really just started blogging because everyone was really annoyed with me talking about my dogs non stop. There are some days I just like to disconnect from the internet and any social media. Then there are some days, I feel like being more social, well as social as one can be online and I have lots to share on the blog. I haven't yet considered quitting i guess because my pups are still young, but who knows, I take it one day at a time.

3 doxies said...

Wasssssssup, sorry, I has been away but I is back can thank me laters...hehehe.
Okays, dis is a disturbin' post fur me cuz I couldnt bear you stoppin da blog. Dat would suck...and obviously it would fur a lot of udders here too. I thinks you is an excellent writter, your funny and entertainin' and can be serious when you need to be.
My blog has absolutely no focus and half my posts don't even make any sense but I enjoy it...especially all da furiends I has met...hint, hint.
Personally, I thinks if we didn't evolve and we remained stagnant it would be a borin' world. We are meant to evolve. I seriosly hope I is makin' sense.
We don't do Twitter cuz we hasn't figured out after you tweet sumptin' if it becomes sumptin you twatted...don't do Facebook either...or Pinterest. Mum says there is only 24 hours in a day and we had druther spend dat time by bloggin and bloggin' has more of an intimacy factor.
Okays, I think I is done nows...hehehehehe.


Sage said...

You DO reach that point where you start questioning why you're blogging. Sage has only so many mud-puddles, so I've contemplated a change in direction also.

But, I always am able to read something insightful in yours, so keep it up!

Julie said...

I was just telling my hubby about your blog - I enjoy everything you decide to write about :) Obviously I struggle with focus on my blog . .I'm all over the place!

I look forward to seeing where life takes you - and I would miss your blog!!