Thursday, April 26, 2012

Up the road and around some corners.

Not so far from our little house is this cake shop. 
It is quite famous in Stryliah and has its own TV show which My Typist surreptitiously watches so that The Cushion won't be too disgusted and scold her. She says she watches it for the human drama and not the cakes. You can believe her if you like.
In fact, My Typist [The Queen of Tarts and Cream Cakes] has never eaten any cake from the shop since they are fabulous [looking] cakes that cost 1000s and she only eats ones that cost under $10.

Here are 2 better pictures of the fabulous [looking] cakes so you can see why they cost so much.
Both pics, and more, from HERE.


Right next door to the cake shop is a little house. The humans who live there painted this sign on their front wall.

There are some funny humans in my neighbourhood, which is very nice. 

Tiny Footnote: I couldn't sleep and decided to re-write this post after discovering that Planet Cake is nowhere near as world famous as I had thought :)


Kolchak Puggle said...

Oooooooooohhhhhhh, I love the little "Where the Wild Things Are" display! So sweeeet!

booahboo said...

I think we would love Planet Beer and Cake. They do go very well together.. hehhehehee..

The display of the monsters in the forest of sponge trees are a wee bit spooky to us.. *LOL* It would surely spook the hell out of my cow if she passes by at night.

didya get some cake? i love lamingtons.. do u know how to make them?

georgia little pea said...

Ms Oon - Planet Cake cakes are way too expensive for me. I haven't a clue what they taste like but they're absolutely gorgeous to look at! Have you ever seen the series on telly? That's where they shoot it (I think).

No idea about lamingtons. Too sweet for my liking.

Jan said...

We've never heard of Planet Cake or Planet Beer, but there are a lot of Wild Things in our neighborhood.

booahboo said...

i had my first taste of lamingtons in the Dandenongs.. and it was heaven as how i still remember them. Maybe i was just very hungry then.. hehehehe

have not see this planet cake on telly here... but i do adore the kids on masterchef aussie.

Usually pretty cakes are not nice to eat. Fondant just makes them pretty to look at :O

georgia little pea said...

I saw some episodes of the show and the owner makes it riveting reality telly LOL. Planet Cake is possibly one of the most famous cake shops in Australia and it kills me that they're up the road and I've never eaten any of their cakes. Moi! The cake, tart and pastry queen!

HOWEVER, what you say about decorated cakes is probably true, Ms Oon. And after seeing how much fake stuff goes into propping up their shapes, I'm not sure I want to eat them :)

Declan said...

Hi again, thanks for stopping by. Mum says she has very happy memories of VB... I daren't ask! Deccy x

georgia little pea said...

Dear Deccy,

VB gives My Cushion a headache and My Typist a bigger one. Nuff said.

Tootsie said...

Hi, Ms. Pea,

My mom thinks your Typist should treat herself to some Planet Cake cakes because maybe she almost broke bones and pulled muscles with her Wild Week last week, and your Typist deserves some treats. My mom is allergic to alcohol but if your Typist is not maybe finding some Planet Beer beer could be a poor substitute instead of eating Planet Cake cakes.

And all your Wild Things inspire me to go looking for more Wild Things here in Alplandia, but then the King of the Wild Things said to me, "Be still," and so I sort of had to think for a bit and be still.

I love this post!

georgia little pea said...

Oh Tootsie, you made me laugh! I love you so much, I'll eat you up! :) x

Tootsie said...


Anonymous said...

Oh those cakes are amazing! I would never pay 1000's for a cake though.
If I ever did though, I don't think I could buy a puppy one. I wouldn't want to eat it! LOL

Kristine said...

How does one get to this Planet Beer? Is there a weekly shuttle?

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Whooooa....those are amazing. they have a cake shaped like a uterus! How do they do that? Not sure if I could eat something like that, but they sure are cool to look at.

georgia little pea said...

Kirsten - how bizarre was that?!! LOL. The uterus cake was even more off-the-wall than that decapitated head!

Friko said...

Surely that cake shop is a joke shop?

georgia little pea said...

In some ways, I suppose it is! Especially if you've seen the antics on the show. Very entertaining ;)

Over-the-top seems to be the way celebration cakes are going these days, judging by the proliferation of such shows on telly. I saw one just last night I'd never seen before, don't even know what it's called, about a cake shop in Brighton. Most of the ones we get here are American. Always good for a laugh.

chandra said...

YES! the Planet Beer House rules! i'd much rather stop in there than Planet Cake (although i would stop in there afterwards!)

i seriously burst out laughing when I saw that sign - excellently played Typist!

hope your pack's week is wrapping up well. i'll be thinking of RBT this weekend. giggling at this post definitely reminded me of when he would weigh in on the blog and crack me up every time!

big hugs,
-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Ms C - You'd rather do beer than cake? What is the world coming to? No wonder you're thinking about Random Breath Tests ;)

I knew you'd remember. Thank you, my dear. Have A Most Excellent Weekend HUGS x

houndstooth said...

Those cakes look completely amazing and drool-worthy! Perhaps, being a dog, you could just run in the door for a quick taste and report back to us how good they are! It's all in the name of satisfying your blog readers' curiosity, after all!


georgia little pea said...

Dear Bunny,

Do you see the security cam in the pic? I think NOT! I hear jail food sucks.

Odgrules said...

Wow those are some wacky cakes! My person prefers brownies tho. Have fun!

booahboo said...

You rewrote this post and added some more gory cakes pictures... how can anyone eat cakes like that... esp the one of them doggies lying side by side. These are just good to look at... i bet the taste sucks.

i'll still opt for Planet Beer anytime :) let's go for a drink... i'll meet ya at them corner there. Be there or be square.

Julie said...

Those are some amazing cakes! I think I would like our neighbors ;)

georgia little pea said...

You caught me out Ms Oon! Had to rewrite and provide a bit of info since no one seems to have heard of PC! It was an almost wordless post before, as you might recall. If you want to see the show, click on the link for streaming vids. I did that specially for you ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big beer fan. :-( But the sign on the wall did make me smile.

I could never afford one of those cakes either and quite frankly I just don't know if I could ever eat a cake that looked like those sweet little puppies!

Pup Fan said...

The Where the Wild Things Are cakes were too cute! I cracked up about Planet Beer. :)