Friday, April 13, 2012

Oi! Tudo bem?

Once a year, for a week or sometimes 2, I become a wannabe Brasileira.

I start to do inexplicable and, frankly, embarrassing things.

I speed-flip through my Portuguese dictionary trying to cram new or forgotten words into my aching head and wish I hadn't wasted the other 51 weeks learning how to speak Klingon. 

Sometimes, my English develops an interesting Portuguese accent.

I test out my new language skills on Georgia who mostly looks perturbed.

I develop a sudden craving for  pão de queijo that, for most of the year, I manage to quell because they're so annoyingly fattening. 

I buy ingredients to make a big pot of feijoada. 

I drag out the dusty Brasil-On-The-Go playlist on my iPhone, listen to Brazilian jazz and pagode. And I wail along with them as I pretend samba around the kitchen.

It's fair to say this is a very confusing and trying time for The Man and The Dog.

Here are 3 old favourites I listened to yesterday morning as I was cooking. I am a sentimental fool.

Tragic, no?


What is all this wannabe-ness in aid of? 

My capoeira batizado or grading starts in just 2 more sleeps!

Thanks to my stinky right knee [acquired during a careless and callous takedown in training], I've missed 2 big gradings over the last few years, and I think, 3 little ones. So I'm absolutely chuffed about the one coming up! 

That said, I've never had much luck with gradings and now approach each one with trepidation [more like a sense of impending doom].

>>> One grading day a few years back, The Other Half dropped me off at Darling Harbour, drove across Anzac Bridge and was 1 of 5 cars involved in a pileup when a truck in front tried to avoid a carton in the middle of the road at the very last minute and pulled his brakes.

Our car was a total write-off. To the amazement of the cops and ambulance crew that arrived on the scene, The Other Half emerged from the wreck without a scratch. I only found out about the accident hours later, when I returned from the grading. The Other Half can be stoical, considerate and silly.

In memory of that little miracle, we named our new car Baz, short for batizado which in English means baptised. [The same car that now sits on the street, unwashed, unloved, covered in cobwebs, gum leaves and bird poop.]

>>Another year, my nanny passed away in the middle of the grading. Although she was old and not in the best of health, it was unexpected. She was playing with her grandniece [or nephew, I can't remember which], felt tired, had a shower, a mug of Milo, went to sleep and never woke up again. She was the mother my mother never was, and I loved her very much. But it was the best possible way a person could go, so I was grateful.

>>Last year, I had just returned to training after a break of more than 2 years, and didn't feel ready to take part in the rough and tumble. Then, Rufus died and I lost interest in even being a spectator. 

What could possibly happen this year?

Glad you asked.  


Incredibly [or perhaps not], the curse has struck again! and my good left knee went bad about 2 weeks ago, thanks to a devilish move that entails dropping to the floor from a standing position onto one knee then swivelling around on the ball of your foot to the back. [Don't bother to try to picture it. It's too hard to even explain and I probably didn't do it right.] Then, repeat the move 10 times on each side, every day, for a week. 

It was just a disaster waiting to happen.

The Other Half [and my long-suffering GP] will tell you that some of the stuff we do in capoeira is ridiculous and unnatural. 

Hogwash, I say! I can think of loads of things worse for the human body! Like shovelling gravel every day for a week. [Right, Jean?] Or sitting in front of a computer all day and night blogging. [Right, all you people reading this?]

Should I give up just because my body is falling to bits?

Hell, NO!


So that's my exciting news for today. 3 masters from Brazil have already touched down, with more to come. And I've mastered what to say when I meet them. My scintillating conversation will go something like this -

"Oi, Mestre So-And-So! Tudo bem?" [Hi, Master So and So! Everything well?]

And if they should be kind enough to ask me the same, I will cheerfully answer, even if I feel like crap, "Tudo bom!" [Everything good!]

I've cooked enough frozen dinners to last The Other Half most days of next week. Being a forward thinker, I've also made an appointment with my trusty orthopaedic surgeon [whose waiting list is 3 months long, in all 3 of his clinics]. I've even spoken to Georgia about being away a lot next week and she basically said, "So?" 

In short, I think I'm set! There's a good chance I'll be too knackered to blog, so I'll see you in 10 days or thereabouts. [Unless I have any exciting news or another black eye to share.] If you want to hang around, that would be grand.

Till then, tchau! [That's goodbye for all you people who don't speak fluent Portuguese like I do.]

With love and respect, as always, The Typist :) x



I just had to include this priceless picture of a capoeira friend, Laura, enjoying her udon lunch.
Taken by yet another capoeira friend, MandaChuva.
Guess where Laura is from.


>  In case there's any of you who still don't know what capoeira is, here's the link to that old post with the video.

 >  This reminds me that I haven't yet finished telling you about our trip to Brazil. I don't know if anyone is interested any more. I've certainly lost the zing. But I know The Other Half is keen. So, specially for him, I shall be writing about the tail end of the trip soon. 

Very soon. 

In fact, just as soon as I remember what happened. 

It'll be the least I can do for putting him through this week-to-come. Stay tuned.


Jean said...

Wow. I'm glad I finally followed the link to see what capoeira is. For some reason, I had it in my head that it was some type of dance, probably of a ballet nature - possibly because the word looks similar to capezio, the dance shoe company! (Okay, seeing the video, I think I wasn't too far off!).

And I suspect you are right - it is probably much better for the body than shoveling crushed gravel every day for a week. As long as I'm not the one attempting to do those flips and twists and leaps. In which case I'd have two broken hips and a severed spine instead of just an achy lower back and sore shoulders.

I hope all goes well, and most importantly, that you enjoy the week.

georgia little pea said...

Jean - it can be a lot more combative than that beautifully art directed video! The reason my spine hasn't been severed yet is because I don't do flips at all. In fact, I would have to say, these days, I spend most of my classes stretching and ogling those who can. Pitiful ;)

I do hope to have fun regardless! x

What Remains Now said...

Sending best wishes for a great week. Can't wait to hear about it. I am still interested in hearing the tail-end stories from your Brazil trip!

verobirdie said...

Enjoy your week, and TAKE CARE!
I'm going to Marseille, and will ask the Bonne Mere to keep an eye on you. That's what we do here, religious or not.
She is the Lady at the top of the church

Bigdogzola said...

Oi! we're jigging those soft sounds from Brazil - thanks xx

georgia little pea said...

Lori - that makes TWO interested people. I'll definitely have to write a post then :)

Thank you Vero. That would be great! I will need all the protection I can get.

Oi Zola - muito bom!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh my typist, when you said you'd been to Tsv for two of these festivals, I admit my ignorance and googled this art, and make no mistake I am might-y impressed at your er, um, courage, determination to carry on and love for this art (martial art) But Typist! to wait 10 days or so for a report.....I.don'
Yes! we the reader have rights! and you must drag yourself in and lean upon or over your computer and with one finger just type "alive and broken" or "doing well" or something....perhaps Ms Pea could stand in for you. I know, I know I am such a demanding reader but, how did you initially become involved with this robust and physical art form??? Cheerio Typist! (Do exercise a great deal of caution won't you? :)

georgia little pea said...

Dear Rose - I hear and will do my utmost to obey!

I first saw capoeira on telly, that old Body and Soul programme. Do you remember it? That was about 10 years ago. It was so gorgeous to watch that I had a clueless moment and forgot that I might not be robust enough to actually do it myself. Thanks to my lack of wrinkles [at the time], I managed to fool the group into taking me in haha. My master and capoeira friends are mostly understanding about my limitations and work around my aged version of it ;D

houndstooth said...

That is some serious bad luck! I hope that it all turns out okay and this year you have something to laugh about!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I'm quite grateful that you gave some background Typist as I was awfully curious - but no, I don't recall the show at all, :( However, at that time I was living in the wilds of Tasmania with very limited TV stations. Look forward to a progress report :)

booahboo said...

Sentimental food.. fool i mean.. why doooooooo you subject yourself to so much pain.

I do love your 3 fav sentimental songs my sentimental foolish friend :D the first one is one of my favourites actually.

if you don't hurt or break yourself too much... we'll hope to see you blogging again soon.

Good luck with the grading.. and try not to break too many bones... yours and everyone elses. It is almost painful to even think about it.

Peggy Frezon said...

Well how cool to do something so unique! I hope you have a ton of fun and no bad breaks!

Kristine said...

Good luck and have fun! I've watched several videos since you started talking about it and I am in awe of anyone who even half-practices such an amazing sport. I hope your knee behaves and you impress the Brazilain masters with your mad skills. Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you're mastering but it seems to me you have to get a break sometime!! Hang in there.

chandra said...

Boa sorte on our grading, typist! In you absence I will visit this post, listen to the great tunes again and drool over the food.

Paws crossed here that nothing negative happens during this stretch. (I do have to say that the nature of your Nanny's passing is what I would request for myself, if I could.)

Wouldn't it be great if you could go out with Masters So-and-So after the grading for cheese buns?!

-c at ddy.

Pup Fan said...

I hope you have an absolutely fantastic week!

georgia little pea said...

Kristine - you have me confused with someone else for sure. Mad skills? What mad skills?

Jodistone - thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure I've managed to master anything yet ;)

Chandra - those Brazilian sounds are too cool. They make me feel tranquilo and *ahem* sexy :D Obrigada for the luck, which I will need in spades!

5 more hours till it starts. YAY! (assuming they're not on Brazilian time) :) x

Friko said...

May I say, in the nicest possible way: typist, you're insane.

Have a lovely time and try and come back in one piece.

Sage said...

Well, all I can say is that I'm impressed...sounds a bit like a *fun* week!!

Ellen said...

At first I too forgot what capoeira was and then I remembered you writing about it or I looked it up and found out.

I love to get into a culture and it's music and food too! Makes it come alive.

I really enjoyed the videos you included too!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Oi, tudo bem?
Adoro pão de queijo e feijoada também!
Gostei das músicas!

Can't wait to hear about more stories about your trip to my country.

I hope you have a pleasant week.
"Espero que você tenha uma agradável semana". Or you can say this way: "Desejo uma agradável semana para você."

booahboo said...

yooooooooooohooooooooo... are you back yet?? can we know if yous are still not too broken? come back quick... we are having the case of missing the GLP :)

georgia little pea said...

Oi Sonia, obrigada. Agora eu estou no meio do evento. Muito dificil pra mi. Mas e bem legal tamben. Ate semana que vem. Beijos x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can't help wondering why so many of the comments include the word "break" !!
Anyway , now you should be right in the middle of your amazing week . Knock their socks off !