Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh no! why is everyone packing? and 2 Mr Thumper stories.

Dear Mr T, 

I don't know where you are and Australia Post can be a bit iffy, but I hope you get this letter. 

I don't mean to start my first letter to you in a year with a complaint but my tummy hasn't been so good, the humans are feeding me pap, and I'm feeling a little faint. 

Yesterday, even though they could see I was starving, they ate their Saturday market grilled chorizo and bacon with salad and chimichurri rolls right in front of me! I didn't even get the end bits! I always thought it was your fault that I never got to eat chorizo rolls, Mr T, but I might have been a little hasty in my assessment. Please do accept my apologies for any evil thoughts I might have had.

Otherwise, we are all well here! 

Yesterday, The Typist put on her Organization Face and started packing boxes and bags. The guest room is a mess.
I hope they're not sending me away to holidaycamp again. I'm not sure I can take another bout of The Camp Commandant's cooking and it's already so cold. 

I don't know if I should be worried but I'm putting on my best sad face just in case.
In other exciting news from the home front! The Typist took these pictures a few weeks back! They're with that old ball you scavenged from the park. Yes, it's still here! I'm taking good care of it.
The photo session didn't go so well, as you can see. The Typist was terrible at giving instructions and just left me with the ball. What can I possibly do with a ball other than bite it?

Luckily there was 1 kind human in the house who could see I was struggling and tried to help me make the pictures more interesting.
To be honest, I don't think he was any help whatsoever.
At the end of the session, The Typist said I didn't look as funny as you did with the ball, Mr T. *
It sure is tough to always be compared like that. If it's not you, it's Mr Piglet. It's a good thing I'm a very understanding and forgiving dog.

The truth is, I think everyone misses your funny stories. The Typist just had a good laugh reading this one.* But we can't all be big, silly, fluffy buffoons can we? 

That's it then! Hooroo for now! Please say hello to Mr Piglet for me! Much love, your friend who's trying hard to be A Good Girl in difficult circumstances, Georgia Little Pea x

P.S. I get to sleep on the bed now. 


NOTE FROM The Typist: 

One year already. Hard to believe. Miss you Rufus B. Please stop popping up around the house. Only Georgia can see you and it's scary, especially when you're walking on the ceiling. Okay? Thank you.

* Highly recommended reading if you're new to the blog, or would like a good laugh today :)


Jean said...

Oh my goodness, I really must spend some time reading all the posts about Mr. Thumper. I am in love. It's not that I don't love you, GLP, I do. But you are Rufus are like Sadie and Eddie - each funny and endearing in your own sweet way. And you both melt my heart and make me smile.

As for the packing.....hmmm.....don't tell me your typist is leaving you AGAIN? What's that - three holidays in the last few months? I sure hope you get to go along too this time.

Berts Blog said...

So your not going anywere are you? I mean your not moving or something?

I love that Rufus comes back to visit you. Sometimes we feel Syra walking with us.

I love the pictures in todays post, even if you think they werent the best. You are a photographers dream.


georgia little pea said...

On the off chance that you might come back Flo, thank you for reading Mr T's old stories. I'm glad they gave you a giggle :)x

georgia little pea said...

Jean and Bert, re: the packing - AHA! maybe. Not telling yet :0

I'm glad we're not the only ones who get visitations!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Is your people making you MOVE?! Oh no, no no, no, no. Moving is terrible. Don't do it Georgia, just say NO!

Prab said...

time flies ey.

verobirdie said...

What is this packing all about? I'd love to know.
Btw, pretty absolutely sad face.

Anonymous said...

First we thought it was a doggie box, then we saw a KITCHEN box which made us worry, but then we spied a camera!! Hope it's a holiday! Please tell us.......Tara and Sammy xoxox

The Typist said...

Its a secret. Georgia doesn't know. Shhh.

Leslie said...

Oh my dear, sweet GLP, it is my turn to cry. I've spent the last hour reading about your dear Mr. T and have fallen in love. What a sweet, goofy old boy he was. I'm sorry for you and your typist that he's no longer with you and know how hard those "anniversaries" can be.

I doubt it's even the 29th there any more but it is here and I just wanted to let you know that we are taking a moment on this day to think of you and your family, remembering your handsome friend. I wish we had known him, too.

(We still think your pictures are awesome and are looking forward to the big "reveal" re: the boxes.)

georgia little pea said...

Thank you for reading about Mr T, Leslie. I was so careful to choose ONLY happy stories to link to, so I'm sorry you found the sad ones too! Yes, there were some weepers.

Good thoughts to you and a big hug x

Kari in Alaska said...

That is one very sad sad face

Stop on by for a visit

What Remains Now said...

What a lovely remembrance of Rufus.

I'm curious about the packing too.

bermtopia said...


As a a dog Who Studies Things. Relentlessly., I believe filling boxes means A Change.

I hope it does not involve a skill saw and tools that are operated Pneumatically.

We may have new Closets, but my life has been most disrupted.

Most sincerely (but still Slightly Deaf from things operated Pneumatically) yours,

Ben in Bermtopia


sonia a. mascaro said...

Love seeing you, dear Georgia, taking good care of the blue ball!

One year already... Yes, it is hard to believe that the time fly (in Portuguese, o tempo voa...)
I know you miss so much dearest Rufus B. Sending many comfort hugs to you.

Jodi said...

I don't normally pack boxes when I am going on vacation, unless we are driving and staying in a house. Let's hope you are going on vacation Georgia!

Pamela said...

Oh, GLP, your Typist/Photographer is so hard on you. I don't know what she wanted to make the pictures "more interesting." What could be more interesting than a beautiful girl chewing on her old friend's ball.

So sorry for your sad anniversary. I certainly understand. Every day, after Shadow died, I'd wake up and say to myself, "I miss Shadow."

This continued for nearly a year until I decided Honey would think I was being disloyal. So now, I just keep such thoughts to myself.

chandra said...

Thanks a million GLP for sharing the brilliant Rufus B. Thumper posts. ... Pull me up! Pull me up! ... ahh, that cracks me up every time.

-c at ddy.

booahboo said...

Even i don't get to sleep on her bed still... can you believe it. She says i bring in too much sand.

you should spook her more with staring at all the corners GLP.. hehhehehee.. You have indeed grown up to be a very good girl.

woofs n licks,

Rajashree Khalap said...

Will GLP mind if I say she's sweet? Or will she think it a terrible insult :-) :-) Love the bed pics!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Khalap, YES you can call me sweet! It's such a nice change from being called a "boy" or "opinionated". Thank you for being so perceptive :) x

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Dear Typist and Cushion - I had read nearly all of Rufus's stories and adventures, many made me cry actually bawl my eyes out and some made me laugh my head off. I'm only a little late for your anniversary remembrance Mr Thumper. Keep visiting won't you old darling.