Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last week, in pictures.

Saturday-Sunday, Bondi Beach.
Monday-Friday, the city academy.
Back home. 

Alone all day for the whole week, The Dog gets cross and starts to throw [minor] tantrums.
Friday night, St Mary's Cathedral.
Saturday, Darling Harbour.
Back home.
The Dog has had time to reconsider and starts to cheer up! She realises life with just her and The Cushion might not be so sucky after all.


After 7 days of [some] training and [a few] games, my left knee finally gives way on Friday night. 
Apart from that, I survive the grading without incident! as did The Cushion and The Dog! Hallelujah!

I don't want to bore you with explanations of what we did. But if any of the stuff you see here looks weird and/or interesting and you'd like to know what it's about, please ask! :)

Normal programming should resume shortly.


By Sunday.
"Bummer Cushion. Looks like The Typist is home again."


Berts Blog said...

Wow Georgia, you have the busiest human ever. I am sorry you didn't get to go on all the adventures, but that cushion looked pretty comfortable to me.


The Race Against Time said...

Is the cushion in trouble? i am only seeing his legs in the last picture *LOL*

I sure hope you are in one of the pictures... tell us tell us which one... sure looks like a very very fun week.

I am sure The Dog and The Cushion had loads of fun at home while you were away too.. hahhahahahaha They might get used to the idea of being just two of them...

georgia little pea said...

Those are MY legs. It's ME! Can't you recognise me? ;)

Honestly, I think Georgia couldn't care less if I wasn't here. She and the Cushion are a match made in heaven.

Tootsie said...

I'm up and wagging. Thanks so much for your good thoughts during my illness.

I love what your Human does. It looks like a blast. My mom wishes she could move and spin and twist and shake and engage like that, but she thinks she'd break something very quickly. It's just walkies for us. But I like the way you welcome your Human back home!

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your Cushion and Human.

Keep the wags up.

H and Flo said...

Yay! Glad you survived (just). I didn't realise that this torture that you put yourself through also involved implements. Owch. GLP does look quite comfy there... but I am sure she knows which side her bread is buttered on really.

georgia little pea said...

Tootsie - My Typist has been broken lots of times but she keeps going back, silly goose. So glad you're wagging again! x

You funny, Fab! The implements are harmless musical instruments. The sticks can be ouchy if you get smacked on the knuckles. Only the big boys and girls play with the knives, thank god!

What Remains Now said...

Gosh, it looks like a lot of fun. It's so uplifting to be with a group that loves the same thing...so much to learn and experience. I have a question...Are there different levels of mastery, like the colored "belts" in the martial arts? How are they represented or displayed by the individual person?

georgia little pea said...

Oh goodie, a question!

Yes, there are different colour belts representing levels. In our group (it differs from group to group), the beginners wear white cords. Next is white-yellow, yellow, white-orange, orange, blue-red, blue, green, purple, brown then black. In capoeira, it can take 20 years or more to get to black. After blue-red, you can sit for years at a belt before moving on to the next level.

To earn higher cords, you have to master not only the skills required to play good strategic games, you have to be able to play all the musical instruments and sing capoeira songs (always in Portuguese).

At this grading, someone in our group became the first female black belt or mestra in Australia! There was also 1 brown belt given. Apart from those, only the colours you see in the picture - white-yellows to oranges - graded.

Hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking, Lori! :)

Bermtopia said...

No mats!!????

Jan said...

We are pretty much exhausted with all that activity. Thank goodness for the restful activities of the cushion. We just want to know why the typist does all these non-doggie activities.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Amazing what those capoeiristas (sp?) are capable of! I tried to do it once but was way too shy to go in the middle of the roda :)

Georgia looks like she's in heaven! That silly belly is irresistible.

Declan said...

Hello Mate! I saw you on Bringing Up Bella and thought I'd pop along. My Mum loves Oz! Anyway, nice to meet you. Deccy x

Kristine said...

Awww! No video? I guess I will live.

It looks like you had a blast! Hopefully your knee heals fast so you can get back out there. I would love just to be a spectator to such a huge event! Now I will have to see if there is ever such a thing in Nova Scotia.

Patrice and Higgins said...

I am so glad that you survived the long week with cushion! Were you sitting on your cushion?? Maybe that is why the week was so bearable for you! BOl!


georgia little pea said...

The Queen - Mats? What are mats? One of the great things about capoeira (for an older person) is that we're taught to fall and to recover from that as quickly as possible. Sore bums are pretty common ;)

Jan - I'm not sure why I do non-doggie activities. I might be mental. However, in my defence, capoeira came before The Dog. I started about 9 years ago.

Kirsten - I remember you saying that. Shyness and/or fear are common, even for higher belts I'm told. I still have to take deep breaths before going into the roda and if the other player is too fast, a giant or just plain scary, I DON'T go in. Sometimes, you just have to not think and plunge in!

Declan - the creator of the glorious purple sparkly toilet bowl! I've seen your name often all over the dogblog park. I think we may have many common friends. Thanks for coming by :)

Kristine - I fear my knee may be going to the surgeon soon but I'll still get back out there. Capoeira is somewhat addictive! I hope you find it in NS because you would have a ball!

Higgins - yes, she loves her Cushion and sits almost exclusively on him. I often beg her to cimb onto me but she almost always ignores me. It can be quite insulting and rather sad.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Ms Pea, you must make sure the Typist gets lots of rest and recovers. I shudder that your Typist may have been one of those people in the photo where they were standing on their hands and flailing(?) their legs in the air. Speaking of legs in the air, Ms Pea you surely have not resorted to posing for 'Playdog' have you?? (pic 3 of you on the bed) ;) Oh, and I want to know if that was your Typist in those glamourous PJ's, she's a tricky one that Typist of yours - a toe here, a leg or an eye there...... :))
Hugs back Typist, gets lots of rest.

Jean said...

GLP, I'm glad your typist survived her busy week, and I'm especially glad you survived your not-so-busy one. Focussing all your attention on your Cushion is a good way to get back at the typist for neglecting you. But I see you already know that. :)

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Rose - I wouldn't be caught dead in my jammies! No, that was The Cushion ;) Re: the handstanding - my legs flail a lot in that position. Gravity is my constant enemy.

As for Ms Pea - it's always been Georgia's dream to be a bunny and this blog is littered with her indiscretions. Shameless hussy!

Jean - oh yes, she knows that too well. I am the #1 recipient of her whale eye.

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad your typist made it through the week! It looks like it was a pretty grueling ordeal. I think she might be tougher than she lets on, too.


P.S. I answered your question about source on the blog, but it might have to become its own blog post! Basically, it's human remains of some sort in some state of decomposition. They use all different types, teeth, hair, placenta, even the odd detached finger or toe from what I hear.

georgia little pea said...

Houndstooth - Yikes. Exactly as I visualised. Will check it out right now. Thanks!

47 said...

Wow you're hard core. I don't think I could do that much in such a short time!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your week in review. I had not heard of this sport before, but was quite impressed by all you shared on it. Clearly I have been living under a rock.
Miss Little Pea I must say that you handled the typist's absence quite well - and you even managed to look cute doing so! But by far, my favorite is you sitting on the cushion. Guess you don't want him disappearing any time soon either huh?

Friko said...

It all looks far too energetic for me.

chandra said...

So during grading you guys pretty much take over the city? Awesome! I read your response about the belts and I had no idea that instruments and singing were also necessary. Now I know I have zero chance as a capoeira-ista ... What is the proper term for one who engages/performs/masters/kicks ass at capoeira?

I think GLP trailed you to grading. That's a serious move she's putting on the Cushion from her spot on the bed!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

My dear, put a bunch of Brazilians together and they always take over a city. I've never met people who are so good at having a boisterous good time and partying! :)

The word is capoeirista. You almost got it right! And I never thought about Georgia picking up kicks but you could be right. She was slamming those paws into The Cushions's belly!

Here's the thing about capoeira - no music, singing and clapping = no energy = spiritless sad rodas (which is the circle where we play the games, you can see those in some of the pics). Music is the heart of capoeira, not flying kicks and we have it on all the time while we train. Lucky for me :)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Great photos of capoeira. Looks you all had a fantastic time.
Love seeing Georgia so comfortable on the bed. She looks adorable as always!