Saturday, April 7, 2012

A quick retort to that rude youtube video that purports to be me.


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hahahahaha, (snort).

Everyone else must have something to do on Easter Saturday, except us!
Ah well I"ll go and get spoilt tomorrow up in Scone and have dinner cooked for me by the fam. I hate leaving my dogs home alone for several hours though.
OK I"m off to play with my doggies. Going to take them and me for a walk down the river, snakes should be hibernating by now surely, its bloody freezing up here this morning. :)

georgia little pea said...

Snakes? Scones? Freezing? What an exciting comment! That woke me up for sure.

Yes, we lead a sad uneventful life here. At least the weather's holding up :) x

Jean said...

Right on, Georgia. You tell 'em!
And have a happy Easter - I hope there are some non-chocolate Easter eggs (maybe made from bikkie dough?) hidden around the house for you.

What Remains Now said...

None of us believed it was you, Georgia.

houndstooth said...

Well said, Georgia! I knew it couldn't possibly be you!


The Typist said...

It was Georgia! I swear! She was sleeping right next to me. Okay, I admit I pumped up the volume but it's all her, except for the rustling bit which was The Other Half sorting out his res med. We have A Very Noisy Dog. Truly :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Loved the vid. Reminds me very much of Kyuss. But I know you're too much of a lady to snore like that Georgia!

Jan said...

Georgia may be noisy but Georgia has a lot of important stuff to say. We are awaiting her book signing tour. That would come after the book is published of course.

simon pender said...

Hello Sweetpea. I'm pleased to see that you are writing again after the passing of your fuzzy loved one. It's tough, isn't it ?!
*Big Sigh*

We're still very sad at poor old Monty passing away, bet we've dived in and rescued a new mutt. Meet Mr Darcy. He has a full belly and a soft bed and seems to be settling in.

Keep writing. I always read, though I don't often comment.
Thanks for you words of encouragement and messages.
See ya. Si

booahboo said...

Its all a conspiracy GLP... trust me on that. We all know who them snorer(S) are :D

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Ms Pea, Typist and Cushion!
Really hoping the storms last night didn't affect where you are.
Hope all is well there.
Take care!
Rose and the "Team"

Anonymous said...

all you have to do now is record the other end and you are set!

The Typist said...

Wicked idea, grrl! Last night would have been perfect. It was so bad, we had to lock her out of the bedroom ;)

Patrice and Higgins said...

I could not watch the video, but I believe you Georgia!!!


Peggy Frezon said...

You tell 'em!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy Easter! Feliz Páscoa!
(Sorry my belated greetings)

chandra said...

That should be your banner pic, GLP!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years