Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DaerMs marl.o

He,llo! Ive been trying tomwrite you wll weke but My Yypist has been too busy to help.I.m typing this by myself because I know youre' going away soon on Tgursday. I hopemyou can understand me my typing is quite bad.

I went to see you 2 weks ago, do you remember Ms marlo? W3 had to pick ip bed liners for Mer Thimper bdCAUSE he keeps wetting ihs bed and annew car harness fo rme becausei bit the old one alreaDy?

Iu asked about Mama Dew adn whow he's doing.He;s kfinr FINME. I.m sending you theirs pictires do you Can see.
I like Kissiog Mamd ew.
I don't htinks hes a Very Godo  kiseer back.

He;s a good watch fog thoguh. Here you see him guardingnthe capret.,
!he alsmot tripped up my styat-athome human too, thats how good ie is! Some bad nbews! I'm sptty sorry to tell yopu , he hurt his leg a few days ago.
We wwr eplaying a gud game then he got naughty and tired to fight with me. I had tonshow him whos boss. i thad not choice. I hpoe you undersgtanf.
I'm so happy yungave him to me Ms marlo.! He's my best friendin the house because Mr Thum,doesn't talk to me andnit can get lonely.

i think I=have to stopmnow. I'm very hinggry, my stomach is sitll not good, and My toes arr berry tired.   Typing isthard.

I hope you ;ll be happy in Ameridca. Plrase make lots of money and when yumcome back, please bring me somethingnnice.

Goodbye Ms aMwrlo!

Dr Dog wont be the smawe without you. ThAnk you fore ,looging after me!

Xox, youra politely, Georgia Lttle Pea & Mama Dewe.

p.s. beofre You go, [please tell the next lady to be kind and ncie to metoo. Dont foeget to trell her I like liver treats!

p.p.s. i hwpe My Typisr wakes up soon. She didm;t get any ssleep all ngiht becuace mr Thumpuer and me I me both ahd bad tummines. She works too hard.


Jean said...

Hey Georgia LP you did gud! Yu wil get bedda at dis typin' thing the more ya do it. I knowz cuz sumtimes I take over my mama's 'puter (like now) an' it does get easier. Spellin is hard though - humans haz a lots more words ta spel than us. woooof rooo rooo roo rooo woof.

Oh, an Charley (that's my olda sista) sez Mr. Thumpa might not like that you mentioned his - em - accidents on de blog. She hates it when our mama duz that. But she duzn't talk much to me eiver, so maybe I'll tell mama's readers that Charley sumtimes pooops in de bed when she sleeps.
I tink I need a Mama Dew. If Ms. Marlo is cuming to America, dats my continent so maybe she can walk north to Canada and bring me a Mama Dew too. Ya think?
Luv, yer Canadian pal, Sadie.

georgia little pea said...

daer sadoie, My TypiCT is stil sleepjng. thanks you..tha tm maeks me feel much better. i \was beginning tothink mauybe i wasn;t so smart. is it tru about Charley? that happens to Nr Thmper too! EKkk! i will ask Ms marl;o. I;'m seeing Dr Dog tomorwwo because my sotmach is till sick. Love bak xox, gerogia

bermtopia said...

Dear Georgia - and I hope I don't offend you by the familiar address. . .

Your typing is impressive (I'd suggest trimming the nails a bit -- it really helps! and easier on the wrists, most def) but here's the deal, I've found (because I'm an Australian shepherd mix with Keen Intelligence), using telekinesis to post is the most efficient.

Here's what I do: Stare intently at the computer with or without The Two-legged Missus on board. Somehow I ALWAYS get an Internet connection. Call me crazy.

Then I look at the screen AND THINK INTENTLY about what I want to say -- and voila! the words appear. It's Intense. Sometimes I have to go bark at something before I finish my post.

Give a try. It's a ride and then some.

Best to you and yours,

Ben in Bermtopa

houndstooth said...

Miss Georgia LP, I think you did a fabulous job of typing! It looks like you have big paws like my sister, Morgan. I usually type for her (and everyone else in this family) when I can get the keyboard away from my human!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, thanks Georgia!!! I will miss you too and your big brother Rufus! Make sure your owners get you a new Mama Duke if your current one gets too ratty. Who knows I might be back before you know it. Nice Uncle Steve and Jason said they would hold my job for me :)
I'll see you and your typist tomorrow.

georgia little pea said...

@Me Ben - you tole mne about this telejkines before, i stil don;lt understrnad thougj. my nails ARE a biit long. SHhhh please.

@Bunny - how come youj spel so well? arfe you Very .Clever?

@ Ms Marlo- see yuou topmorrow :)

chandra said...

Huge hugs 'o healing to your and RBT's tummies. And bon voyage to Ms. Marlo! She sounds like she was a keeper ... doesn't she know it's winter in America? Yuck.

-c at ddy.

Kristine said...

Awww, Georgia, you are a pretty good typist. Even better than me, really. I am pretty sure I have way more typos when I draft my posts. Probably should put down the wine glass every once in awhile... Any tips on teaching my dog how to type like you?

Anyway, that is one beautiful relationship you share with Mama Dew. I know you didn't mean to hurt him. I know he understands.

Lavinia said...

It's nice of you to let your typist get some rest. Your typing isn't bad, but I would suggest a spell checker. It helps a lot.

I hope you will get more nice presents and treats from your visitors. If I saw you I'd give you some, I always have some in my pocket.

Pamela said...

Ms. Marlo is lucky to get such a nicely typed thank you, Georgia. Good job.

BTW, the reason Bunny types so well? She lives with a teacher. I suspect Bunny gets some special tutoring.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love all photos, Georgia!
You always make me smile!
Kisses and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, Georgia, your typing skills have left George green with envy! It looks like he's got a bit of catching up to do before he's allowed to write anything on our blog.

And the post has left me rolling on the floor laughing. Having said that, it looks like I'm not the only one rolling, although I haven't destuffed any teddies yet. There's nothing I like more than an upside-down dog. Great photos!

georgia little pea said...

@ everyone - thank you. You're all so kind; My typing is much beter today vecause I fund my cushions iPad AND it che ks m Y soiling for me . Anyway my typeidt is finalky awake so I don't have to type anywmore after this. Thank goodness,THANK YOU.

I sm off to see dr DOg this mornign. HAVE ANGREAT DAY! Xox georgia

Peggy Frezon said...

Looks like when you were kissing Mamadew you took off a bit of his nose! Hope your tummy feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, terrible news today. Suspected poisioning at Ewenton park today, not confirmed though. Oscar's very new friend Charlie was rushed to the vet and to everyone's dismay did not survive the ordeal. He had eaten something in the park and his mouth did turn blue, but the vet could not say what it was he had consumed. This is all so very sad and upsetting, Charlie was a lovely, playful happy guy, who really did not deserve this.
Your distant friend, Tara xox

georgia little pea said...

Tara, that is TERRIBLE news.The Man mentioned it last night as well but it was one of those ...someone told someone who told someone etc... so wasn't going to write about it. Your report is first hand :( Any new news from vet?

Thank you for letting us know. I hope you're well. Miss the old days! AND TAKE CARE! xox