Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My personal 2-year struggle to find the perfect bed.

Dear Sage, Thank you so much for giving me a Stylish Award! I hope it's okay to use your picture here. My Typist was going to ask permission  first, but she wanted it to be a surprise! I see you've had a struggle with finding the perfect bed too. It's tough, isn't it? Love ya :) xox, Georgia. p.s. I'm glad I don't have to share my bed with a c-a-t, even if it's a condo. They're s-c-a-r-y.


Once upon a time, long long ago, I got lost.

If I wasn't so good at looking for food, I would probably have starved to death. 

This picture is obviously a re-enactment. I don't know why I wasn't allowed to pose for it. http://deepu-is-writing.blogspot.com/
I had to sleep on the ground. It was hard. This is a re-enactment too. I don't think either of these dogs look at all like me, but My Typist is too lazy to google for more. She made the pictures black and white so you can pretend better. http://mumbaistreetdogphotos.blogspot.com/

Then I got caught and was sent to a pound.
My Typist did a good job here. This Lady looks much more like me, don't you think so too?

One day, a human came to pick me up from the pound. She took me to her house. I was very excited, as you can imagine! To my great dismay, I wasn't allowed in her house and had to stay in a kennel in her backyard.

The kennel floor was cold and hard, but there was an old bed in the corner. I got to eat bread and spam and bologna and real dog food from a bag. I think I was very lucky, even if I was lonely.

Weeks and weeks went by. Some people came to visit and I was let out of the kennel so I could meet them! There were 2 humans and 1 old dog. It was obvious The Man was a pushover and The Woman too hardhearted, so I immediately headed for The Old Dog.

"H*ello** hEl*lo*" I said, in my best girlie voice, dancing round him and kissing his face. "Are you my grandpa? Are you? Are you here to take me home?"

There's a sucker [or 3] born every minute. The Old Dog gave the OK, the humans signed some papers, and they took me home that day.

I row!r-groo!*!wr -aRkkkk*!!ed, struggled and screamed all the way, even though the car was a lot more comfy than the kennel floor. Especially the shiny clean leather seats.

My Typist INSISTS on using this picture to re-enact the moment she picked me up, even though I look nothing like that littledog.


The moment I saw my new house, I knew I would be quite comfortable there. It had nice warm rugs and carpets. Then they showed me a bed and said it was mine.
It was possibly the ugliest bed I had ever seen. It looked like it had been made with scraps from someone else's bed. The workmanship was atrocious.

But I was too polite to say anything and went to lie down on it.

Luckily, Mr Thumper decided he wanted everything I had, and happily traded his bed for mine.  His bed was bigger, had a lot more stuffing, and pictures of littledogs and bones on it. 

I think that's when I realised Mr Thumper wasn't too bright.
Mr Thumper had a nightmare over the bad decision he made.

The days passed. Then, to my great surprise, another bed popped up! 

My "new" bed was a hand-me-down from Mr Piglet. I know now that it was a momentous decision for the humans to have given me his bed because they loved Mr Piglet a lot.  

The bed was a nice firm futon and just my size. Then, what do you know? Mr Thumper decided he liked it too, even though he could hardly fit his big bum on it.
Here are 2 pictures of Mr Thumper and me fighting over MY bed.
Please ignore my dreadful outfit. That was before I got my beautiful jammies.

As the weeks went by and I got to know the house and my new family better, I discovered there were even more comfy places to sleep on than an old bed on the floor.
Then one day...I found THIS waiting for me in my sleeping corner.
It was a doughnut bed! I don't know why they call it that when you can't eat it! But who cares?! It was my first, brand new, fresh-from-the-shop-still-with-label-on bed! My Typist specially sewed the bed cover for me and it had a pretty ribbon! She even stuffed Mr Piglet's old bed into the cover so the doughnut bed would be extra fat and cushy! She told me, "That's your Princess Bed, Little Pea. Do you like it?"

Of course I liked it! It was Everything A Dog Could Want In A Bed! EVERYTHING!

But well.

That was more than a year ago. The cover's tatty and faded now. It's been mended [badly] because I scratched and tore it. And I ate part of the pretty ribbon. And the bed's gone lumpy too.

But please don't be sad or worry about me.
I've been busy this last month, making other sleeping arrangements...

...and am really quite comfortable.

This story was inspired by this post in Leaves Of Grass, which featured dogs from blogs around the world, taking over their humans' beds and sofas. Sonia kindly included Georgia in her post :)

Update Thursday 10th March  On a totally related subject, The Poodle [and dog] Blog made this post [with a LOL funny vid] that I just have to share HERE. Thanks Jan!


Jen said...

Ahhh, lucky girl!! Every good dog deserves a quality bed of their own!!

Jen and the BDC

Pamela said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Georgia. I'm glad you found the best bed of all in the end.

So if you don't look much like the little dog in the adoption picture, does your dog mom look like Pamela Anderson?

BTW, you look so dainty and delicate in all your sleeping pics but you are awfully risque' in your header photo. You'd better be careful showing your belly like that or someone will come and blow a raspberry on it.

Anonymous said...

I love her story,
and her t shirt too.

Watched the movie - hound wuffs in his sleep as well.

georgia little pea said...

@Ms Pamela - she says YES! you do know she's delusional and blind, right?

i WAS a bit worried that the picture might be too X-rated. thank you for only wanting to blow a raspberry.

Jan said...

If I weren't laughing so much this post would have made me sleepy watching all those snoozy shots.

You are quite the little hussy in the header shot.

houndstooth said...

Way to go, Georgia Little Pea! Your newest bed looks an awful lot like mine. I do allow Mom and Dad to sleep on it with me, though, because it helps keep me warmer and that way I can be sure that I won't roll off the bed in the middle of the night during a rabbit chasing dream. I think you did pretty well in choosing your new family!

You know what's even better? Getting them to let you have breakfast in bed! That is a little slice of heaven!


georgia little pea said...

dear bunny, you are officially My New Hero! could you please write a post soon with clear instructions on how to get breakfast in bed? thank you in advance xox

Anonymous said...

I love a happy ending!

Our Best Friend has appropriated The Middle Child's bed as his own, but only when she's not it in. He doesn't like to share. His "real" bed came from Costco and smells like cedar shavings. And if I get up in the middle of the night, I find him on the couch, even though he's not allowed there.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Miss Georgia. I have been remiss in not getting around to visit. You so graciously welcome me with this emotional tale! I would have been sad and worried at the beginning if I did not know it has such a wonderful present day. Yet, still you struggle to find the perfect bed. How terrible you have to experience all those other spots in your search - too soft, too crowded, too flat. It looks like it was all worth it. And you get to snuggle with the humans too.
Thank you for including the dog pound song, although we had some singers here join in.
I had best go and do some cuddling.

Ruff Toy Reviews said...

Dear Georgia, you have the coolest typists! My typist kicked me off the bed today JUST because Cassie and the two typists like to hog the whole bed, and teeny little petite me was simply trying to squeeze in where I could. Where did I get? Kicked out onto the "dog bed"... how insulting!

ps... did you know your typist is posting doggie porn photos of you????

chandra said...

GLP, I so admire a girl who knows how to SPREAD out and make herself comfortable! Love the photo of you struggling for a corner of the bed with RBT ... Also like the new dirty shots of you on the sidebar!

oh, the dog pound song ... sniff sniff sniff.
c at ddy.

Peggy Frezon said...

haha that is great! Good for you for finding just the right bed! You had me laughing all the way from the kitty condo picture right down the the very last one where you stole the big bed!

georgia little pea said...

@thebarkpark - on the couch WITHOUT a human there? Hmmmm...another interesting idea. Must try it one day. I'd like to have the whole bed to myself too but My Typist would scream a lot.

@Ruff Toy Reviews - whatcha talkin about? Doggie PORN? Noooo.o.o.o.o. She would NEVER do that to me. NEVER.

P.S. What is doggie porn?

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

ROFL! We were laughing so much at the pictures of you two fighting over the bed!
We have two beds... We have a dog bed downstairs that used to belong to our big sister Chopper who went to the Rainbow Bridge... and upstairs we have a giant pile of blankets that is very comfy! But our favorite place to sleep is with Mama on HER bed!

Sage said...

OMD! OMD! I haven't laughed this much in a while!! I love that you included Sage in your bed story. It was a riot. I do think Little Pea and Sage have been talking though. She thinks sleeping on our bed is the best--with her long legs stretched out as far as she can. The condo is only a daytime spot....

Sage said...

Oh, and I just noticed (silly me, they've probably been there a while) the mud pictures. I do think Sage & Little Pea are related. We just went to a dog park where I TRIED to avoid this nasty mud-puddle (since she JUST got a bath last Sunday). Unfortunately, she had other ideas and this was absolutely the worst.....

georgia little pea said...

@Sage - thank goodness you're finally here and ok with me using that pic! i've been having a guilt attack :p

here are some things worse than a mudpuddle - dead possum/rat/squid bits and horse manure. yes, afraid so. lucky ms pea is a quick wash dog.

looking on the bright side - at least we have 2 very clean dogs :)

Pup Fan said...

Great post... I love how you told the story!

Anonymous said...

We ♥ ♥ ♥ this story, and especially how you use your human as a cushion (we sometimes do that) or how you jump in the bed ( we are also trying to do that). I typist says she hates it but deep down she loves to snuggle with us in bed. Thank you for all your sweet comments about Snoopy's health. Look forward to reading more.

Angie (our typist), Snoopy and Rummer @ Fetch

georgia little pea said...

@ pupfan - thanks pup! good to see you here again! xox

@Snoopy and Rummer - PERSEVERE! of course your human loves to snuggle. they ALL do, even if they pretend otherwise :p @ Angie - welcome to the blog :)

Lavinia said...

Awww, I loved your story. I'm afraid Aschiuta has gone through a similar stage of "conquering the bed". This winter, she's even gone as far as snuggling under the blanket with us. Not that we complain, she's nice and warm.

After they get up in bed, there's no getting them down, is there?

Anonymous said...

Talking about a picture overload! Great photos, thanks! I found the picture of that stray dog sleeping in the street very moving.
As for the new photo in your banner, risque indeed. I wonder if Georgia might want you to ad a patch or two in certain places...She looks happy though, doesn't she? I love an upside down dog when I see one :)

georgia little pea said...

@Lavi - you're right about that. I fear she's taking more and more of the bed space. I wonder if anyone has noticed The Other Half on the floor in the last pic!

@mylittledog - I wish I had the know-how to put a little raspberry over the bits. Maybe I'll change it soon. After all, this is a family-friendly blog :p

Lavinia said...

I noticed you've got an award there. This is your lucky day (how cliche does that sound?)! I also nominated you for the Memetastic Award! You truly deserve both of them.

georgia little pea said...

awww...THANK YOU Lavi! YouYouTastic for thinking of me :)

Daisy's Mom said...

That was the best! Georgia - I have a feeling your mom and dad are both pushovers (like mine!). I am sorry the typist couldn't find exact replicas of you in some of the photos, but she did a pretty awesome job in the ones you are in (and the ones with Thumper too!).

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia, thank you for sharing your love story with us!
I am very glad you have such a lovely Mom and Dad!

I am very honored to post your photo on my blog! Thank you for the link to Leaves of Grass too!

PS: Sorry my belated comment. Only now I see that great post!

georgia little pea said...

No worries, Sonia :) that was such a lovely idea you had! Tenha uma fin de semana boa. Beijos xox