Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A story for strong stomachs. Chapter 2.

Here's Chapter 1, in case you missed it. 

Chapter 2.
"Yum. Is that a french fry?"
"Yum. Is that cabanossi?"

"Yum. Is that palm fruit?"
"Yum. Is that puppacino?"
"Yum. Is that possum poop?"
"Yum. Is that squid?"
"Excuse me."

"Why am I seeing Dr Dog again?"

 "Excuse me."
"What are you doing with my poop?"


My tummy hasn't been good since December. Neither has Mr Thumper's. But we've been very considerate and always take turns to be sick so my stay-at-home human only has to look after 1 of us at a time.

Sometimes, my stay-at-home human has to go out. This is very rare because she's extremely dedicated to looking after us. But if she has to go out, she always leaves clear instructions for my out-at-work human on when and how much to feed us.

Last Saturday, my stay-at-home human told my out-at-work human to feed me 3 tablespoons of pap, 5 times a day.
Here's how much 1 tablespoon of pap is.
Here's how much my out-at-work human thinks 1 tablespoon of pap is.

My out-at-work human isn't very good at following instructions.

It's my birthday in 10 sleeps and Dr Dog just told my stay-at-home human I'm not allowed to eat anything but pap for the next 2 weeks.

I think I might be in trouble.

"Excuse me."
"Does this mean I can't eat that dried tuna Ms Tracy gave me?"


It's 11pm and Mr Thumper just pooped in his bed again. Lucky my humans were awake to clean up.

There's never a dull moment in this house.


Lavinia said...

Oh, here's chapter 2... I must say, you find a lot of exotic food lying around. We don't have possum poop around here.

Aschiuta also had to eat chicken and rice when she was sick. But she liked it so much, I made it for her for months.

Don't worry, your tuna should wait for you until you get better.

Jen said...

Poor Georgia and Thumper!! The girls in this house also suffer from tummy upsets at times, so I feel your pain. Mind you, Sophie wouldn't if she wouldn't eat silly things like stuffed toys, poop and whatever other things she finds and thinks are edible. Get better soon!!!

Jen and the BDC

georgia little pea said...

@Lavi - thanks for reading and commenting on chapter 1 too :) Yes, Georgia's a real scrounger, probably because she used to be a street dog. You don't have any possum poop? Aschiuta's missing out on all kinds of important nutrients then haha!

@Jen - Sophie eats stuffed toys? At least I don't have to worry about non-biodegradable stuff. Yet. Except for fish hooks.

Pamela said...

Honey has finally gotten "leave it" down but I despaired of it ever happening. At 3 months old, she gulped down a dead pigeon whole! I think it weighed as much as she did.

I wrote some song lyrics for a contest over at Champion of My Heart. Georgia might want to sing them for you. If you have a strong stomach, you can check them out in the comments section here:

I sure hope Georgia is having a really great time given the amount of trouble she's causing you.

Karen Friesecke said...

Dogs eat the nastiest things, don't they? Jersey's favorite is kitty nutty butties from the litter box :O

Question - is that a tuna fin? I surely cannot get that in Canada!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Pamela,

I feel so much better now, knowing I'm not the only one on night diarrhea duty and cleaning rugs. Yay! I notice a couple of other sufferers too. Maybe we can start a new online club and share cleaning stories and tips.

Good luck with the contest btw :)

georgia little pea said...

@Karen - kitty nutty butties? Good thing you mentioned the litter box, because that actually sounds delicious. The fin is weird huh? I think The Cushion said it was tuna. Our fave petshop in bondi gave R and G one each. Wonder when their tummies will be able to tolerate it. They get sick with pig ears and other such "natural" chews.

Juliette said...

Very sophisticated food tastes you two have! Hope you get better soon - was Dougie's birthday last week, he had duck. I mean I gave it to him, not that he killed one!

Kristine said...

Awww, that is not good. Georgia, you and my dog have a very similar appetite. If you also say, "yum" to dirt and lettuce, I would think you were twins! I fear she is going to be very sick one day because of it. Any advice?

Happy ten days before your birthday! I really hope you feel better in time to enjoy your special treat!

georgia little pea said...

@ Juliette - Duck? My word, how sophisticated is that?! Happy belated b-day to Dougie xox

@ Kristine - Dirt and lettuce are good too. If I had a picture for everything Georgia puts in her mouth, it would be a book not a post.

Re: any advice - apparently there's some kind of muzzle that scroungers can wear [both Juliette and Pamela have mentioned this]. Sounds Hannibal Lectorish.

chandra said...

GLP, I do believe you are one day older than me! (That's without years coming into the discussion.)

On first read, I thought the the picture of that thing which I now believe is the dried tuna was actually the cause for you saying "excuse" me!

This may be the fifth time that reading your blog has made me queasy. Bravo!

-c at ddy.

houndstooth said...

Two weeks of eating that stuff?! Oh, heck no, Georgia! I say you stage a revolt. No dog should be deprived of good smelly stuff on her birthday! Maybe you can get your out-at-work human to give it to you on the sly.


georgia little pea said...

only FIVE? i'll have to work harder to gross you out then. i'm guessing expresso was one of them :p

aha! bday coming up. hope you'll get to eat better than G.

and what's that about the "excuse me'? you mean, did she FART?