Saturday, August 21, 2010

The curious case of Rufus B Thumper.

Mr Thumper has always been a medical curiosity.

As Dr Dog, who has looked after him for 6 years or more, would say - "With him, you can never tell."
November 2009

Mr Thumper was not too well in January 2010.

But things really started to go pear-shaped in April.
By June, Dr Dog declared to my sobbing humans that Mr Thumper would probably have no more than 6 months to live.
And it would be sooner rather than later.

Everyone started hugging him more, and telling him what a good and clever boy he was,
even if it wasn't exactly true.

But because everyone forgot to tell Mr Thumper the bad news of his imminent death,
by July, his appetite came back.

He supplemented his highly nutritious no-fat diet with even more nutritious possum poop.
He hogged water bowls to quench his constant thirst.
He felt much better after that.
August 2010
I still like to remind Mr Thumper that he's somewhat special, just in case.
But on a beautiful sunny winter's day like today, 
you couldn't really ask for anything more.
Saturday, 21 August, 2010
I'm sure if Mr Thumper could speak, he would say,
"If only I could have a chorizo roll filled with juicy fat bits, everything would be quite perfect."

Sunday 22nd August

An afterthought from my stay-at-home human:

Is it -
a. recovery
b. remission
c. second 'child'hood
d. the last hurrah?

Rufus is eating A LOT, chasing sticks, fighting for treats and behaving like a young dog again. Hmmm...

A line from this blog about another old dog, gave me something to think about -

"There’s not much holding Buster together right now except the will to be around those who recognise him and give him some love."


Chapeuzinho said...

Good to see him looking so well. He's right about the Chorizo roll, though.

Talking of Chorizo, the butcher in Petersham does the most yummy tasking smoked chorizo I have ever had. Don't tell Mr Thumper, it would probably depress him.

espirro said...

oh, oh oh : ) we won't tell him but we should get some! have you cooked the feijoada yet?

Chapeuzinho said...

Yes we did, it was goooood. Though we may kip on the salted beef 'cause it was SO salty. Is there such a thing as sundried beef? Is it jerky by another name? Maybe we see if we can try that instead.

espirro said...

nao sei. i only use pork and all smoked meat, not salted. jerky...interesting, might be a bit tough?

pudim de leite next? followed by fat farm! : )

STeve said...

via email -

it's good to hear that Rufus is feeling better. He's a big dog with a big heart, and we're hoping that it ticks on for some time yet. Flash is like a little old man, his hearing & sight are failing, and he's content to let Inky do all of the tennis ball chasing. But he (like Rufus & Georgia) is still much loved and gets heaps of hugs. He's most comfortable dosing peacefully in his basket by the fire. During winter at weekends, the dogs major outing is going with me to watch Flynn playing footy at local sports grounds. This past Saturday there was freezing rain for half the game, so the dogs & I were content to sit in the car watching Flynn & his team do their stuff. We're all looking forward to warmer days, but I reckon this will be a long and cold winter.

allegra said...

via email -

What fab news and gorgeous photos to accompany it all. It just goes to show that lots of love and tlc can change everything.

Chandra said...

Okay, that's it. Yes, I realize this post is from August of 2010 and it's now February 2011. No matter. After reading it, I now completely adore Mr. Rufus B. Thumper.

Hurrah, RBT!

c at ddy.