Saturday, August 7, 2010

ro·tund (rō tund′) adjective 1.round or rounded out; circular, spherical

"Come on!" he called out from downstairs, "I need your help at the car!"

"You're kidding!" she huffed back, still in bed, "I'm not going to walk out on the street in my jammies!"

But, not wanting to have a kerfuffle at 7 on a beautiful Saturday morning, my stay-at-home human dutifully went out to the car and saw this -
She was beside herself with joy and thinks it's the best present she's had in years. Poor thing.

Last night, Dell and Cody's human called me rō tund′. I was surprised.

I might have been a little porky before, but these days, I feel quite cylindrical.

And look.

Could a spherical dog have slipped through the side of the barrier like this?

I think not, Mr Callan!

Mr Thumper tried too. He's not rō tund′ either, just very large.
My out-at-work human had this to say on the subject - "She's just a rō tund′ contortionist."

*sigh* No one speaks English anymore.

Since the last post was so successful at getting her what she wanted, my stay-at-home human thinks she may now communicate with my out-at-work human exclusively via my blog.

I hate that barrier and can't wait to eat it. 
But I'm glad I'm being useful and helping to promote harmony in the home.

We're all going to bed now. Apparently, I have to take an exam tomorrow morning before I can join the Second Class at my school.

It's very stressful being a dog.


Callan said...

lol, very much appreciated... poor rotund Georgia. My email for those photos is, we've hardly got any pics of Kody from the last few years, so fucking camera shy =(.

georgia little pea said...

dear mr callan, even though i'm sad that you're still calling me rotund, we shall send you the pictures of dell and cody with a K soon : )