Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are you sleeping, Father Jack?

A Pretend Story    by Georgia Little Pea

I met Father Jack last night
when he came out to play.
He looked a little tired
and sadly, he couldn't stay.

"But WHY...?" I asked my friend,
"are you sleeping on your feet?"
"And WHY...?" I asked.
"are you walking in your sleep?

He turned to me and whispered, 
"Listen and you will weep -"

"It'll be a week this Thursday,
since I got any sleep
What's a poor dog like me to do?
There's no use counting sheep."

"I'd just hit the sack last night
when I woke up with a fright
screamed baby Riley!
Lord all mighty!
There was no more nighty-night."

"But instead of hushing baby,
my humans looked at ME  - "

"Shhh! Father Jack! There's a baby in the house!
Be quiet as a mouse, Father Jack!
No more bow-wow-wows!"

Then off went Father Jack,
softly into the night,
I was sad a long time,
until he was out of sight.

Now, as I go off to bed tonight
to count some ba-aa ba-a-aaa sheep
I'm thinking of you, Father Jack 
and wishing you some sleep.

C*o*n*g*R*a*t*u*l*a*t*i*o*n*s !
Anna Keith & Father Jack


Chapeuzinho said...

My baby currently barks like a dog who smokes 60 a day. She has a cold, poor poppet.

Espirro said...

poor antigone. 20 more sleeps till winter is over when we will all miraculously be warm, happy and healthy again : )

Father Jack said...

Thank you so much for your poem, Georgia! I've been getting plenty of sleep, but I can't say the same for Keith and Anna. Riley gets pretty noisy sometimes, but they keep talking about how cute she is, so i don't think they really mind the noise :-)
I hope I get to to see you soon...
Love Father Jack

georgia little pea said...

dear father jack,

i'm so sorry i took so long to reply but my typist forgot. although there are no babies in our house, she is always sleepy and absentminded. maybe she has d.e.m.e.n.t.i.a.

i'm glad you're getting some sleep and i hope to see you soon too. till then, too-roo : ) xox