Friday, July 9, 2010

Where are you, Tara?

My BGF Tara hurt her shoulder. [It wasn't me, I swear!] This is sad news.

She has to be good *snort* and stay home and is not allowed to come out to play.

I'm not sure when she's going to get better, but I hope it's soon because I miss her.

[Though, shhh...just between you and me, Sammy is very good to play with too.]

Tara's human took these pictures over Easter which was a very long time ago.

These ones are of me. My stay-at-home human thinks they're spiffy.

NOTE TO TARA'S HUMAN: chicken soup, juicy steaks and lightly grilled lamb bones are very good for helping dogs feel better.

G*E*T  W*E*L*L  S*O*O*N  T*A*R*A!


ken said...

via email -

Hi Georgia,

my SAHH (stay at home human) is really not the brightest and has tried 3 times to send a message on your Blog to no avail! She has only just seen your SAHH’s reply, pictures and comments!! I am quite depressed and can not work out why only SAMMY get’s to go out. Tara xoxoxox

georgia little pea said...

haha. it's okay tara. it took a long time for my SAHH to figure things out too. they can be like that. be patient!

see you tonight? and sammy too of course, if you MUST bring her :p