Monday, July 5, 2010

Did I meet you last week?

At Ewenton.                                                                                                                            
Look how much weight I lost! I feel like Giselle Bundchen again.      
Unfortunately, it's Sammy. We look alike, don't we?

                                 I am thinking of a good name for Sammy, Tara and me. Something like The 3 Amigos, but much better.
    It's so dark. I hope I don't step on poop.

This is Wellington. My out-at-work human thought he was a bloodhound but he's a Hungarian Weisler.

Shadow and Rave.

Ranger who lives round the corner.
                                                                       Dudley who has TWO sets of bottom teeth. How cool is that?

Mana and Tora. 
We meet this human a lot. 2 of the dogs, Molly and Rusty, are his and he looks after other peoples' dogs too, like Laika the Dobbie and Baxter the Weimie. We don't know who the other one is.

Molly just had c.a.t.a.r.a.c.t.s removed from both her eyes.

                                                                         These are pictures of The Dog Whose Name We've Forgotten But That We'll Find Out Again The Next Time We Meet. She's special. She had part of her lower jaw removed some years back because she had c.a.n.c.e.r. Her human must love her a lot.


On Sunday, we met Sonny! He's an old friend.

We're both Mad Dogs That Need A Lot Of Exercise.
  We met next to Clover's Garden. It was lovely to see him again.

These pictures of the Garden were taken last summer. I think I am part of the C.o.m.m.u.n.i.t.y. but everyone looks at me funny when I go check out the banana trees. I love bananas.

There are all kinds of vegies and fruits at the Garden. There are chickens too and they have their own house. Sometimes there are big piles of  smelly stuff to roll on right next to the Garden. Mr Thumper and I like them a lot. My humans say they are piles of m.a.n.u.r.e. They don't like them one bit.

Someone told Sonny's humans that he was fat. There are a lot of horrible people around.

He's been on a diet ever since, just like me, except it seems to have worked on him. *sigh*     
Sonny didn't keep still for even 10 seconds and went round and round and round us.

That could be why he's lost weight and I'm still failing The Dreaded Pinch-Test.

*I wonder who I'll meet THIS week!*


Tara and Sammy said...

Hey Georgia, why is your stay at home human up so late? Love to Rufus <3

georgia little pea said...

tara! sammy! so good to hear from you!

my stay-at-home human fell asleep watching masterchef so i think it must have been the other one.

rufus is not at all well again today. he's in the kitchen keeping an eye on his chicken cooking right now.

see you this evening? yay! xox