Friday, July 2, 2010

Some old friends.

My stay-at-home human has noticed that I no longer play with many of the dogs I used to when I first came to live here.

She's puzzled and perturbed.

"Is this normal?" she ponders, "for a dog to have the attention span of a gnat? To get bored with her friends?"

"Tut-tut, Georgia, tut-tut. That's not nice."

I don't know if it's normal, or if it's not nice. Maybe someone who does, can tell us.

Meanwhile, today, I'm going to remember some of my old friends.

This is Camy.
I used to play with her every day, sometimes twice a day. Camy's Hungarian. She's beautiful and skinny *sigh* and always greeted everyone like she hadn't seen them in years though it was only yesterday.

Her human was very patient. She let me play with Camy even though I would drag her across the park by her pretty purple collar. She could have screamed at me, or at my humans. Instead, she decided to take Camy's collar off every time we played which, of course, was A Very Sensible Thing To Do and we both had LOTS OF FUN.

This is Monty. He was my first boyfriend. He's Rhodesian.

Monty was very shy but I helped him blossom. He wouldn't play with anyone except me. I have no idea why he didn't pick a more demure girlfriend.
His humans used to drive up and down looking for me in the different parks. Eventually, they just got my human's phone number so they could call and make a date. Our dates were always chaperoned.

Monty's humans had a baby early this year and I haven't seen him much since.

This is Angel.

Angel is Danish, which isn't the same, or as delicious, as being a danish.

You might not be able to tell from this picture, but Angel is very big. She's bigger than me. Bigger than Mr Thumper. 

Though, maybe, not as big as Huey the Newfie.

Angel is very lucky and gets to sleep all day in a shop full of doggy treats and toys.

You'd think Monty would be more thrilled, having 2 of us girls after him.

This is Hector. Doesn't he just look like a Hector?

Hector is part-Irish, like me.
I'm sure you can see how we might be related.
Why, we're almost twins.
This picture of my bum was taken by Tara's human. She must have been quite close. Lucky I didn't have beans for breakfast.

Hector was very fond of fresh chocolate muffins. Everyone in the park was always on the lookout and would shout out a warning to Hector's human when one of us dogs baked some. It was funny and frightening at the same time.

Maybe because of his special diet, Hector has nice teeth.

And THIS is Atlas. Oh me, oh my.

Everyone thinks Atlas looks Argentinian. I just think he's VERY handsome. Atlas is to me, as James Franco is to Miss Louise. *swoon*

When my humans first wanted to adopt a dog, they were really keen on one called Hercules.

The People Who Were In Charge Of Hercules Finding A Home must not have liked the look of my humans. After driving almost 2 hours to get to the pound, filling out a long and detailed q.u.e.s.t.i.o.n.n.a.i.r.e, and being on the phone at least 3 times, they never even got to meet Hercules [who now apparently has been adopted by his foster humans. AHA!]

Do you think I was being too forward here?

If only Hercules knew that he could have been a world-famous Dog With A Blog instead of living in a humongous yard up north near a beach, I'm sure he would be very upset.

So, having failed to get the dog of their dreams, my humans settled for whatever came next.

And that would be me.

A few months after I got adopted, we met Atlas, quite by accident, on one of our ramblings in Callan Park.

"Why, your dog looks just like Hercules!" my humans said to his human with some envy.

"Hercules? That's Atlas's brother! he replied.

"Really?" they sighed, no doubt thinking about what might have been.

I don't really mind. If I could, I'd like to have Atlas too.

Alas! Atlas and I are fated to never be together.

Very unfortunately, I don't see Atlas as often as I'd like to. And sometimes I wonder where all my old friends are, and who they're playing with now.

Maybe I'll go look for them when spring comes round and my stay-at-home human's knee gets better.

More old friends...Timmy, Tank, Shadow, Rocky and Mister.

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