Thursday, July 29, 2010

One day I'm going to tumble down the stairs and die.


Pig in a blanket.

NO, I didn't pose for these pictures. And they weren't altered in any way either. This should be obvious seeing as how bad they are. 

My humans can't understand how I keep my blanket on.

I don't want to sound too intelligent but I think it may be s.t.a.t.i.c  e.l.e.c.t.r.i.c.i.t.y.

I wish my stay-at-home human had taken the trouble to airbrush the last picture. I look so F.A.T. in it. It's very unfair that she deletes any bad picture of her, and keeps mine because - "They're funny!"

And while we're on the subject on being F.A.T, I've lost another 0.8 kgs. *YAY* for me.

I wonder what I'll get as a reward. Maybe a jam doughnut. The Bertoni ones are alright.


How is Rufus B Thumper?

We think he's going to confound the vet again!

He's walking reasonably well [could it be the daily massages? :p]

And he's back to bossing Georgia around.

Yesterday evening, he insisted on going on his Treat Tour - Baker's Delight, Blooms, Victoire,  2 petshops and a vet. Of course, he wasn't allowed any, but boy, did he try! He sat himself down in front of Victoire and refused to budge. I had to lift his bum up to get him moving. At least the usual crowd of people there had a good laugh.

Rufus is also thriving on his new diet and can't wait for his meals. He gets fed 3 times a day. It was 4 last week. My dream, and intention, is to get him back down to 2. It would be great if I could get him to tolerate SOME low-fat kibble but I'm not going there again, yet.

Anyway, after some trial and lots of error, we have found that this works best for Rufus:

Rufus's Post-Pancreatitis Diet

Plain white rice - cooked
Oatmeal - cooked [this can make the meal a bit gooey]
Bran - raw and unprocessed

Cooked chicken breast fillet, lean lamb, lean beef [trim away any ANY excess fat]
Lamb/Beef - panfry without oil/grill
Chicken - boil in a little water to make stock. Cool the stock down and remove any excess oil at top before using it to flavour the rice.

Leafy greens - blanch and blend
Carrots and celery - blend raw

Now, if only we could figure out the incontinence bit.


Anonymous said...

Love the blanket.
Very Gandalf the Grey.


Anonymous said...

RE: Rufus B Thumper
As I said before, why go to another doggy heaven when this one is perfectly fine.
Vittore, indeed.


georgia little pea said...

dear zooly - you're here, you're here, YOU'RE HERE! : )

my stay-at-home human says when YOU'RE old and incontinent, you can come stay with us too. wouldn't that be heavenly?


Chapeuzinho said...

What BEAUTIFUL formatting.

It IS a dog's life in your house. I think that if my children could read they would be on the next 445 to your house.

georgia little pea said...

: ) hehe.

they could prob eat the same mushy food as mr thumper! xox