Friday, May 4, 2012

The old man and the sea [and the dog].

Today, I have 2 really short videos for you. All you have to do is click on the links! I hope you do! I hope you like them! I got really wet making them! 

Part 1. In a continuation from yesterday's attempt at bribery, the old man [that would be The Cushion] had another go at getting the dog [that would be me] to swim.   

Part 2. After many attempts, I managed this! [I highly recommend you turn your volume down here because The Typist shrieks a lot.]

How scary was that?! Does anyone know why it's so bl _ _ _ y important for me to learn to swim? Because. I. Don't. Like. It. One. Bit!


Some other moments from my morning walk with the old man that were quite nice. [You might need a magnifying glass here.]
I could be all cut up about this rejection. But you know what?

Not every dog you meet can be your friend.


 Arkie went home this morning.
Goodbye Arkie! It was great to meet you! Have a good life!



My afternoon walk.

I met our new neighbour, Cha Chi.
This is a wild guess, mind you, but I don't think Cha Chi is going to be as fast as Arkie. What do YOU think, Kol?


See why you have to be ever so careful about going into the water? You have no idea what strange things are in there.


The ocean in the arvo looked very nice and The Typist took too many pictures again. Here are 3 of them for no reason other than she has to show you.

That's it for today! We're waiting for Uncle Dougie to arrive. He's not really my uncle. I'm just being polite because he's older than me. He's staying with us over the weekend. I hope he's bringing his own toys, food and bed because I'm not sharing.

Good night everyone!

P.S. If the videos don't work, please let The Typist know so she can fix them. She can't seem to check them herself. Don't tell me okay? I'm on holiday. Hooroo! :) x


verobirdie said...

The videos are working fine.
What a brave girl you are. I'm scared of waves, even small ones...
I love those colors, so intense.
Continue to enjoy your vacations

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Vero! You're so quick. I hardly had time to make coffee :) x

Declan said...

What is it about getting you into the sea eh? I went to the beach for my first and only time last October and Mum was there trying to drag me in. I told her to s*d off in no uncertain terms. Have you been in the sea in England in October... I guess not, but let me tell you it's cold enough to freeze your Gnadgers off... if I had any
:-( Deccy x

melF said...

Sadly, I think I must have missed the links for the videos. I never saw them to click on them. Were they at the beginning or end? So strange.

However, I DID love the pictures! I know you have said in the past that you wished you had access to some of the things we have here in the states, but I would give it all up for that beach, sun and sand. The pictures were lovely and you can tell you had fun Miss Little Pea. My dogs would have loved to have been on your beach with you. Jasper would have chased the waves and the surfer. I suspect they would not have any existentialist issues either (that comment made me laugh and laugh yesterday.)

Wanna trade homes?

melF said...

I am such a putz. Part 1 and Part 2 WERE the links! Duh! Loved them!

Anonymous said...

wow what fun you're having Georgia. Wish I was there Tara xoxoxo

georgia little pea said...

Dear Deccy, its pretty freezing here too. At least 15 degrees! We are in front of the fire right now!

Dear Melf, you made The Typist laugh! I'm glad you saw the vids. So Jasper ISN'T scared of waves? That's awfully brave. Maybe one day I'll be like that too. Haha. I wanted to chase the surfer but my humans wouldn't let me.

You know where we are Tara. Text me :) It's only less than 3 hours away x

Team Kenzo said...

Miss GLP, you are so brave! that was a real swim. And you are so clever to look over your shoulder to see if you are still ahead of the wave :)

You guys are having a great time, Kenzo is very jealous. He has to wait two more weeks before he can play wave-breaker himself.

H and Flo said...

I love those photos GLP! I also liked yesterday's of you moving out of the wave zone. It looks like another lovely day. As for getting in the sea - I'm with you and take the SAS approach - get in and out as quickly as possible, take no prisoners. You never know what fauna is going to get hold of you in there. Good effort. I hope you got some extra liver treats for that. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for swimming! You're making fantastic progress. Kyuss doesn't like to swim either and my attempts have always been thwarted.

Such lovely photos once again! I hope you are having a great holiday. =D

booahboo said...

WOW! You are swimming girlie... you are you are you areeeeeeeeeee.. but it was hilarious to watch the first video.. both you and your old man looking out to sea.. *LOL*

Your Typist did take some pretty amazing pictures.. of your walks with your old man... its so pretty. Kinda like the Footprints in the Sand.

Thank you for sharing the pictures and videos... it felt like i am there.. with the waves.. and all that sand. I could almost taste the lime.. i mean salt.. :D

Arkie looks like a very very fast dog :) but i am sure Cha Chi will be just as fun.

Dump the laptop and just have lots of fun.

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a great photos of the beach! Just stunning! Looks you had a wonderful time, Georgia.
Love so much the videos, thanks!

georgia little pea said...

My Typist says to tell everyone I wasn't really swimming. I was just being washed ashore by the wave. What does she know?

Anny - are you suggesting I give up the challenge thereby letting you off the hook? HAH!

Happy.Bark.Days said...

You know what would make the water fun? An inflatable lounger! It's the ridiculous air mattress thingy that humans bring with them to the pool as an excuse to get close to the water without actually getting wet. You'll never want to leave to ocean!

booahboo said...

Playyyyyyyyyy.. enjoy your holiday.. make some more desserts... dump the laptop in the sand...

urmmm... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... urmm... lemme off them hooks :D

Jan said...

we have found the ocean to be very cowardly. When dogs run in and bite it, it rolls away. Chicken ocean...

georgia little pea said...

ANNY - I OFFICIALLY LET YOU OFF THE HOOK! You did super well lady. Thank you for playing. Now please go enjoy your weekend :) MWAH! x

Julie said...

It looks gorgeous where you are! What a pretty beach! (where are you again??) You did a great job fetching that stick out of the water. Cali doesn't enjoy swimming either . . running thru puddles, yes! But as soon as the water gets to deep to touch, she's out!

Kari in Alaska said...

can I join you on Holiday?

Stop on by for a visit

Anonymous said...

Hi Georgia
It's Arkie from our holiday. Lucky you to have such lovely blog with pretty pictures. It was sad to leave our lovely beachfront palace yesterday, but mum and dad took me to the park today and I got to tell my friends all about the fun I had and meeting you.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Arkie Bismarck

georgia little pea said...

Arkie! Thank you so much for visiting. I still haven't played with Cha Chi yet. But there were lots of other dogs around today. It's the weekend! Woohoo! x

houndstooth said...

Your vacation looks pretty great to me! I think swimming is overrated, too. I'm pretty sure Cha Chi isn't nearly as fast as Arkie. Just an educated guess, mind you! ;)