Thursday, May 3, 2012

A good day in which I show I'm not so easily bought.

Despite the rain last night, it turned out to be another beautiful day today.

My Cushion tried to get me into the water for a swim.
He even tried bribing me with liver treats.
It was sad to see him stoop so low. I always thought My Cushion was a more honourable human than that.

So I did what any smart dog with a healthy sense of self-preservation would do.
I hope you're proud of me.


While we were sunning on the beach, some humans walked out of the bushes. I told them the beach was ours! and they could go find their own! Rowf!

Some humans have no sense of personal space whatsoever.
Can you see my hackles? It's my new fur that grew out over summer. They make me look something fierce!
If you ask me, there are way too many humans on this beach.


On the way back, My Typist took these pictures.
 I think they may be weeds.
It's amazing the kind of rubbish she puts into my blog.


I was exhausted after my day at the beach.
When I woke up, I found My Cushion still trying to get the fire going. The man is persistent, that's for sure.
FINALLY! After 2 days!
The Partially Frozen Typist was thrilled! It was very good timing since her stash of fresh-baked gluten-free chocolate cake is running out already and she was getting down.

That's it for another day! Good night and thanks for sharing my holiday with me! x

The sunset today was very pretty, don't you think?

NOTE FROM THE TYPIST: I tried to upload and post from the beach today in realtime but FAILED! Poo. That's all I have to say :)


What Remains Now said...

I'm so glad you're letting us go along. It looks so beautiful...even the weeds! You look like you're having an awesome time too, Georgia. Keep those pesky interlopers at bay.

Peggy Frezon said...

Awww I'm feeling peaceful just thinking of you all at the beach. Have a wonderful day!

verobirdie said...

I'd love to share that beach with you...
Thanks for the pics!

Declan said...

Well done for not being bribed mate! I suggest you pinch the liver treats whilst your Cushion is bu**ering about with the fire... hehe! Deccy x
ps. Mum says your hoiliday looks lovely and whereabouts is your chalet?

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Wow, looks like your cushion is a brave sort! You do look terrifyingly menacing, I sure would leave you alone on your beach if I saw you.

Jan said...

We have it on good authority that the ocean has been known to eat dogs. You might pass the word on. Humans don't know about these things. said...

It looks like a lovely spot for holiday! Thank you for taking us along with you.

rottrover said...

We are etremely proud of your caution and good sense regarding getting into that ocean thingy. We're going to the beach for the day on Sunday and will employ your technique. BTW, we're enjoying your vacation!

-Bart and Ruby

georgia little pea said...

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Looks like...another day of blue skies!

Thanks for the advice Jan. I knew it! You can't trust anything you can't stand on and that moves all the time. It's common sense! I shall be sure to pass the news on.

Deccy - The Typist says we're on the NSW south coast but she's keeping the exact spot a secret until we leave. Pease don't ask me why. Since you're new here, you probably don't know this but she's quite paranoid and secretive. (This could be why she's anonymous.)

Humans can we strange, as we dogs know.

amy.s said...

awww millie loved when we took her to jervis bay. she's not sure about the water either, that's a good thing when it comes to they sydney park lakes though :)

georgia little pea said...

Amy - you have a point. The Sydney park lakes are toxic aren't they? We have yet to drive to Jervis though that was part of the plan. It's been too comfy here lol.

booahboo said...

This is a most peaceful place... except for the other people. Good thing you barked at them GLP. Tell them all to find their own beach. This is all yours :)

Are you guys running out of food yet?

booahboo said...

You do grow some awesome fur when summer is here... hehehehhee.. it doessssss make you urm... fierce :p

how are we to join you if we do not know where you are... hmmmm... are there any caipirinhas left? or lime?

georgia little pea said...

Dear Anny - Lots of lime, lots of food. Sadly, running out of cake and desserts. Yikes! The most important part of any meal :)

houndstooth said...

I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns and not being lured into that dangerous water! No wonder I like you.

Your vacation still looks completely lovely!


booahboo said...

running out of deserts urmm.. i mean desserts? Is there any oven to bake? hehehhehehe That's my most important meal too.

Jen said...

It looks like you had a good time, even without swimming!

All of the pictures are lovely.

bermtopia said...

I would not go into the Noisy Waters under any circumstance. Of course I avoid mud puddles as well.
You did well to resist.

Tootsie said...

You are so right that some humans have no sense of personal space! Keep barking!

I'm going to renew my begging to go to holidaycamp. It looks amazing.


3 doxies said...

I is a litttle concerd dat your Cushion just even tried to bribe you but luckily you be smart and caught on to da ploy.

Gives me a holler if ya'll run out of foodables, I feels sures I could rustle up some grub fried withs fat back.

Oh and when it comes to cyber world it be a good thing furs paranoia.


georgia little pea said...

Tootsie, you're a world traveller! Your whole life sounds like one giant holidaycamp to me :)

I have bad news Puddles. The Typist just counted my kibble and it looks like she screwed up and I'm not going to have enough to last the holiday. Please send me some of those foodables.

Oh. I just realised we can't tell you where to send it. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

sometimes to beach really is too small... love the new fur!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a gorgeous photos!
Yes, I am proud of you for sure!
Sounds this beach is empty of people... I mean, only you and your Cushion there...Where is that beach?

Wow! I enlarged the photo and I can see a book of Brazil on the table!
I hope you all enjoy the beach and this beautiful ocean!

Kari in Alaska said...

the fur makes you look super fierce

Stop on by for a visit

Kristine said...

That second video made me happy too! You swam, you swam, you swam! My dog can't even do that! You looked so happy, too, splashing in the waves. Congratulations!

Thanks for the beachy photos. Even though we live on the ocean, we haven't taken a trip to the beach for ages... Maybe we'll go this weekend and get some photos of our own!

georgia little pea said...

Oi Sonia, the beach is on the NSW south coast. It's actually popular with tourists but it's autumn now so there are less people, which is nice. The pictures make it look hot but it isn't unless you're in the sun. The water is still quite warm though. Much MUCH warmer than Ipanema when we were there! How funny that you saw the book. Its an old one that Rachel gave me before she left. I have yet to read it :)

Kristine - DO IT! I know what you mean though. We're NEVER at Bondi or Coogee or Manly or any of the other cool beaches in Sydney. To tell you the truth, we're not beach types (though I suspect The Other Half is changing his mind).

Pamela said...

GLP, I must say I am not surprised that you are a young lady of such refinement and high standards that you cannot be bribed. But I am still impressed. Liver, even!

When Honey refuses to swim with me, I must sadly admit I've accused her of being stubborn. But you have shown me the error of my ways. It's obvious she is only being high-minded and principled.

Thank you for setting me straight.

And thank you for allowing The Typist to share such lovely photos from holidaycamp. Of course, the last one was my favorite.

chandra said...

GLP, have you never been in the ocean before? Or is it that you don't like to swim? Or both? I don't think you should be so hard on your cushion. He took liver treats into the water with him, which means that he really loves you.

You hackles are quite impressive!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Pamela - High-minded and principled. Is that what I was being? Cool! I thought I was just scared of getting my bum wet, and then drowning. I like the way you think much better!

Dear Ms C - I HAVE been to the ocean before, just once about 2 years ago. I can swim a little. I don't really like it though. It's easier at home where the water is calm. The surf here is too rough for me!