Thursday, February 23, 2012

The perils of long-distance relationships and other love concerns.

Last Thursday evening, I was out with My Cushion at the little park round the corner when these 2 boys came along.
They were wheaton terriers, just like Lionel [as in Richie] and Barbara [as in Streisand]. [You can read about them HERE. It's one of My Typist's favourite stories.]

I'd never seen these 2 boys before! Their names were Fergus and Bosun. 
I think they liked me!
Maybe a bit too much.
Trudeau could see I was in trouble and tried to help.
But it was no use and they had their way with me.
I know these pictures look bad! Anyone would think I was having a good time.
Let me say e.m.p.h.a.t.i.c.a.l.l.y! That's just not so! I already have a boyfriend.


Last week, Frankie PigDog asked me to be his Valentine and I said "YES! thank you, Frankie!"

Here's a picture of My Frankie that I stole. [Sorry.]

I was so excited and happy when he asked. You can see he's very handsome and robust just like me.

I was also very glad I wouldn't be one of those poor sods that had no one to love them on Valentine's Day.

But a week has passed. 10 whole days, to be exact, who's counting.

If you're reading this, Frankie, and have seen those incriminating innocent pictures of me having a ball, please don't be angry! I love you lots, possibly more than lamb necks.

I wish I could visit you! But My Typist says you live in New Zealand and that's too far away.

To tell you the truth, Frankie, I think this long-distance relationship thingy may not work be doomed. Don't you think so too? I know it's a terribly serious and complicated situation and you might like to give it some thought before responding. I don't want to rush you. So how about you get back to me tomorrow?

Until then, I promise to remain your faithful and Gorgeous Little Pigdog, Georgia Little Pea x

P.S. To help you make up your mind, I am coming clean about my love life so far.


Boys I've kissed and am telling about.

Monty. My 1st boyfriend. He loved me as I was, and was my best friend when I was exiled from the dog park.
I hardly have any pictures of Monty.
He got upset when his mini-human arrived and was sent away to live in Nowra. We never even got to say goodbye.

Atlas. What a dreamboat.
He still lives nearby but we never seem to meet anymore.
Maybe we're like starcrossed lovers or something.
Maybe our humans just have bad timing and should get their act together.

Jack from England, who was even bigger than Mr T!
He would've made a great boyfriend except those hussies, Mana and Tora kept getting in the way.
After a year or maybe 2, Jack snuck off to live in New Zealand. Sadly, I'll probably never see him again.

Potential boyfriends from the hood, if Frankie decides to call it quits. [No harm in being prepared.]

Nah. Too nice.

Nah. Too small. [Please note, this could be Aggie. My Typist gets them confused when they're not together.]

Big, handsome and funny. A great choice if you like hairy boys.
 Hector is very hard to capture on camera.

This could be because he has a criminal record and needs to keep a low profile.
The Other Hector?
Not bad. Could be too young. I'd hate to end up like Demi.

Okay, this could be scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Anyway, he's already shacking up with Dora and they're moving/have moved to New Zealand too.

Hey! Can someone tell me why everyone's moving to New Zealand?


A walk down memory lane [for those with another 10 minutes to spare].
There are many love stories in my neighbourhood. We are a romantic lot. Unless you've been following my stories for at least one [1] year, you might have missed them. If you like [and are over 18 and not easily offended], you can catch up HERE and HERE.


H and Flo said...

Wow! So many to choose from... you're going to get yourself a reputation Ms Pea... or should that be 'brazen hussey'? We like Hector, but you're right, his back and shoulders are a little too hairy. Perhaps a quick salon visit for a waxing would fix that.

Flo's regular squeeze (or more like trample) is Archie. He's a highland terrier and rather dashing, but a little small. He has to wait until one of the others gets her in a half nelson before he can have a go. :)

georgia little pea said...

Dear Flo, despite all you may have heard, size does matter.

Kristine said...

Wow, Georgia, you are one popular gal at the dog park! Frankie is a pretty great guy, but it's smart to keep your options open. You're still quite young after all. Why settle down so early?

Helen P. said...

Georgia you are quite the popular girl!

Jan said...

Monogamy is definitely not one of your goals. But you are too much woman to restrict yourself.

Friko said...

Georgia, you are a hussy!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Holy moly you guys have been busy. A veritable orgy by my boys' standards, but then they are too busy making out with their demanding and emotionally needy humans!

georgia little pea said...

Monogamous? I think I am, Jan! I have one boyfriend at a time and only move on after they leave. No point moping, right?

Okay. I think you might be confused, Friko. The hussies are Mana and Tora, not me

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some handsome doggies!

Go for the youngun if things don't work out.. they always make great rebounds =D

PennyPup & Kyuss

Elizabeth Keene said...

Welcome back! :)

I read this post this morning and cackled like a crow (do crows cackle?)! You DEFINITELY look like you're enjoying yourself, GLP - I would not let the tabloids get hold of these photos.

How odd that you've had a run in with two different sets of Wheatons! And who knew they started out black? (We read your obedience school post, too.)

Be careful around all those boys...and hussies; you might get a rep...or end up like Demi, for sure!

georgia little pea said...

I want everyone to know that despite all the horrid stuff you're seeing and reading here... I'M A VERY GOOD GIRL!

The Race Against Time said...

I think Fergus and Bosun really really do like you.. hohohoho.. you sure am a very popular girl at the park. So many to choose and you choose a long distance reeeeeee la tion ship?? but whyyyyyy girl.. whyyyyyy.. I can understand the part where you are becoming a very good girl lately.. but whyyyyyyyyyy..

georgia little pea said...

love is very mysterious and not explainable, Ms Anny.

houndstooth said...

Miss Georgia Little Pea, I feel I should mention that a lady who comports with so many fellows at one time might start to get a reputation as, well, NOT a lady! I think Frankie is a fine fellow, but I can understand why a long distance romance would be difficult. Still, you ought to think about it carefully! Frankie seems like a very sensitive kind of guy.


Kolchak Puggle said...

My Miss Pea, you sure are a Lady of the World. I feel terribly inexperienced, I just recently acuiired my first l'amour - a spitfire bichon, with a highly educated palate and a heart of gold. You just have a lot of love to give. Maybe it's because you are so much bigger than me and you have more room for love?

chandra said...

Love that Lionel Ritchie and Babs but you know my favorite part of that post was RBT watching you at school. I agree that he was probably laughing at you GLP.

My boyfriend vote, (if I can have one!) is for Hector - both of them!

-c at ddy.

The Typist said...

Chandra, that post brought back some memories for me too. Difficult times, but good as well. So glad I have the blog now :) x

yuki and rocket said...

woah! you sure are a popular lady with many suitors!! yuki has never had a boyfriend, maybe one day.

Anonymous said...


what a strumpet you are...

you have them lined up. Hussy!

Unknown said...

Fickle, fickle GLP! Valentine's Day is barely over and you're already romping with other boys! I hope you've changed your facebook relationship status to 'It's Complicated'!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hi GLP, sorry we're late getting here, had connection problems most of the day and couldn't get online:( Anyways, Frankie was heart broken for all of 1 1/2 minutes after reading your post, but we had a talk about things and he's OK:) He can see that you're young and beautiful and have so many admirers that it's too much to expect you to be faithful with so much temptation. He's very grateful to have been your valentine for 10 days and says he wishes you all the best for VD next year. He's sure you'll have blokes lining up around the block to be your valentine in 2013! For all his rough, tough pig dog exterior he's really a SNAG ... but doesn't want everyone to know that! Lots of love, Frankie xox

georgia little pea said...

Oh Frankie, I love a good SNAG. Now I feel so bad about tossing our love away like that. You're the only pigdog I know so I hope we can always be good friends. Maybe one day, I''ll get to meet you for real. Everyone's moving to NZ after all ;) Then who knows? BIG kisses MWAH! X

What Remains Now said...

Georgia...This post is awesome. You are a busy girl with many options. I laughed at your Typist's last comment because I was thinking the same thing, "Why is everyone moving to New Zealand?"

Pamela said...

Frankie is a lucky dog to have you as a girlfriend and it sounds like he knows it.

Best of all, you're keeping your flirting muscles in good shape so that if Frankie decides to moves to Australia, you'll be ready for him.

Pup Fan said...

Hehe... Lionel Richie! :)