Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Here are..." [Some kitchen sink stories.]

It's February 29th! Although we don't have anything even vaguely interesting to tell you today, My Typist is determined we post something since we won't be able to do it again for another 4 years.


Here are my friends Larry, Ted and Baxter.
No, I don't think they're related.

We like to look at treats.
It'd be even better if someone actually gave us a treat.


Here is something we did 2 weekends ago.
We cut back our rampant grapevine. I wasn't allowed to eat any of the grapes that fell on the ground.
"Can I help?"
"I asked. You heard me, right?"

My humans made a big mess. Lucky they had a new broom.

Here's the broom.
My humans are very proud of it. It's handmade by traditional methods, has 2 types of natural bristles, weighs 1kg and cost 35 dollars.
There really is a sucker born every minute.

Here is a thorn.
It was in my side for 2 days.

I had a big hot red lump there. My humans thought I'd been bitten by a spider but since I wasn't foaming in the mouth or having spasms, they didn't take me to see Dr Dog and just put some pawpaw ointment on it. It's a wonder I didn't die.

Here's something a little nicer that I got this morning! It came by courier.
2 kgs of beef liver treats! Plus some free lamb crumble!
Here's when I finally got to eat a treat.
I bet everyone's going to want to be my best friend now.


That's it then! Goodbye summer! You were crap this year but we're still going to miss you.


Jan said...

The good part of your summer leaving is that now we get it. We can't wait.

houndstooth said...

Aww! I'm sorry summer is leaving you, but I hope it gets to my side of the world soon!


Bermtopia said...

Larry, Ted and Baxter seem a jittery lot. I'd watch my back, Ms. GLP.

Ben in Bermtopia

Jean said...

Deah Georgia,
We luvs liver treats. Can we come visit? Or maybe you shud bring them to us, because Mama sez it will soon be summer here. We dont believe her though because today there is all that wet stuff coming down and it is cold and windy too.
Well, this is the last time we will write to you on Feb 29 for four years. Oh. Wait. Iz only the 28th here. We'll hafta rite again tomorrow.
Yer Canadian pals,
Sadie, Eddie an' Petey.

verobirdie said...

I agree with Jan about summer :-)
How could you humans leave you with that thorn?! You must have been in pain.
Glad you had some treats to compensate.

georgia little pea said...

It's okay Ms Birdie. I wasn't in any pain at all and that's why my humans thought it was nothing important. In fact, it popped out when My Typist was cleaning it and putting more pawpaw ointment on. Cool eh? ;)

Karen Friesecke said...

I suppose that the bag of treats makes up for that GIANT thorn. Ouchie!!!

What Remains Now said...

What a fun post. You did good. Sorry that summer is leaving your hemisphere. It will be interesting to see what our summer is like. Our winter was so mild, I'm scared.

47 said...

"Summer" hasn't really happened where I live for 3 years :P

Patrice and Higgins said...

Your post cracked me up!! BOL!! Humans...geeze....enough said! HA!

I am sorry summer is leaving you but I am so looking forward to it coming to visit me!!


Berts Blog said...

What a lot of fn pictures. I liked the broom. It looks like you could eat it like spagetti.

Now as for that bone you may have swallowed. My Vickie is a professional at this.....

Make sure you drink lots of fluids. I am particulary fond of the chicken soup kind. It keeps your intestines from dehydrating. That makes it easier to pass things like bones and rocks and stuff.

Just drink drink drink and pray that you can pass it. Cause let me tell you....when you don't , some ugly stuff happens to you, the least of which is NO MORE WALKS>

georgia little pea said...

Dear Bert The Ball Swallower,

Thanks for the advice! I shall be sure to tell The Typist. Chicken soup sounds way better than tap water.

Get well soon! Hugs x

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

You sure have been up to some adventures. Those dogs are unrelated to each other, but are they related to the broom? I see some similarities.

Helen P. said...

Well done taking advantage of posting on leap day! It seems like you were up to bunches of interesting things. I can't wait for summer here in the states!

Peggy Frezon said...

What a nice broom. lol. You were very cooperative not to eat any grapes, and then all you get is one teeny tiny treat? I hope you held out for more!

Kristine said...

Four years! Surely you jest.

And I don't know why you'd think this isn't interesting. We're all crazy dog people here. You could just post a photo of yourself every once in a while and we'd be thrilled.

I hope you enjoy the yummy liver treats!

Ellen said...

So the bestest part was finally getting the liver treat which sort of made up for that nasty thorn...yikes! Gives me the shivers looking at that sliver!!!! Sure glad you are okay and it didn't get icky and infected.

This is when it would be nice if poochies could talk...really!

georgia little pea said...

Kirsten, thanks for my first giggle of Spring :)

Does anyone have any idea why I can now reply directly to s commenter on the iPhone, but not here on the iPad?


TimberLove said...

Happy leap day!!! Woooooo!


ps, the 'mates comes from our bestest friend in the word Jenny who is an Aussie:) currently living in Wyoming.

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Beef liver treats...I sure wish I wasn't on a perpetual doggy diet!

Kari in Alaska said...

a thorn for 2 days! ouchie!!!

Stop on by for a visit

June said...

Oh, Georgia, you are so cute!
You deserve all the treats you see.

Pup Fan said...

Whew... that thorn looks scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a thorn! That must have hurt. Good job on cleaning the back garden though! Your humans must be so thankful for your help. =D

Those photos are gorgeous! I'm sorry your summer is ending, but it means summer will soon be knocking on my door! Last night we received about 5cm of snow on the ground, with another 10cm due today.
This winter is sure going out like a lion!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Oh, you've got an iPad now:) Aren't they fun! I love mine but haven't had time to use it lately. Lucky that thorn came out by itself, GLP. It looks nasty.

That broom looks very familiar, I used to use them when I first came to NZ to work in a shearing gang. Thank goodness they've been superseded, I'd hate to still be using one.

My dog before Frankie used to pick grapes off the vine and eat them. I didn't know they were bad for dogs then. She has got a cast iron stomach though, there wasn't much she wouldn't eat except lettuce and cucumber!

Our last day of so called Summer was wet, no surprises there! First day of Spring was showery and very windy but the second day of Spring is looking like being a cracker, but it's only 7-30 am. We could have snow yet:)

georgia little pea said...

The iPad is not mine. It belongs to TOH ( or his office). I only use it when I'm too lazy to turn on the main comp. it's still too fiddly for me though I'm slowly getting more used to it. I just discovered I can do proper replies on the iPhone! Very cool :)

Brooms can be superceded?! It actually cleans very well but my god! It's heavy! I get a good workout sweeping the yard.

Rufus used to jealously guard that grapevine. He loved grapes and I would pick them for him. 6 or 7 for brekkie. Bad dogmama! I understand it's large quantities that make them sick. And raisins too? Live and learn.

The weather. ARRGH! Read reply on next post! :(

Elizabeth Keene said...

Yes, it is a wonder you didn't die, GLP. (And to think I've always thought that thorn in the side thing was just a cliche.)

I can't believe your summer is over! Where has all the time gone?!

karen ( said...

wow you're a lovely dog, and your human takes beautiful and very creative pictures of you! Best wishes, Karen @ Collars-4-Dogs (Sorry, no treats. Just dog collars)