Friday, February 10, 2012

9th February.

Being a mostly industrious person, I started yesterday with a laundry load.

Then, I took Georgia out for her morning walk. We met the usual suspects at Mort Bay. Ted, already on his way home though it was only half six. Pearl, Darcy, Aggie. I noticed Georgia's back looked a little stiff so I was very glad she wasn't in the mood to play. She'd probably strained something from her mad game with Buddy the night before. She's not so young anymore, but I don't think she realises it yet.

When we got home, I hung out the laundry. The day had started a little wet, but the sky had turned a patchy blue and I was hopeful.

I made Georgia her breakfast but waited an hour before giving it to her.

I shook out the blankets and cushions, vacuumed the floor and rugs (yet again). Summer's almost over and our easy-care, short-haired dog is still shedding. Her fur is as confused as we humans are, by the weather this year.

I swept the yard and did some pruning. The constant rain has made the garden verdant and mushy. I'm a little over walking into sticky cobwebs and being slapped by wet branches and dangly jasmine tendrils every time I step into the yard.

By late morning, I decided I had to write something to remember the day by. I turned the computer on, it gave a little creaky groan, some green lights blinked a few times, then it died. I was a little perturbed by the timing.

At 11ish, Rachel turned up. I don't see much of her these days though we live in almost neighbouring suburbs. I used to see her at least 3 times a week at capoeira class. That was a lifetime ago, before 2 babies. A few days ago, she messaged me about catching up yesterday. She had no idea that it was a significant day though, curiously, she always seems to be there for me on days like that. We had a lovely Japanese lunch of teriyaki chicken and tempura vegetables washed down by miso soup. Then we went to a cafe down Darling Street for cake, coffee and a juice with the unfortunate name of crapple, which fortunately didn't taste like crap.

When I got home, I tried the computer again. It was still dead.

The Other Half came home and took Georgia in to work.

I watched a recorded movie called Shaolin and managed to fall asleep somewhere during one of the bloodbaths.

5 o'clock rolled round. I went to my 3rd capoeira class this week. My thigh muscles felt like sludge. I felt old and deliciously happy.

When I got home at 8ish, The Other Half was working on raising the computer from the dead. I was hopeful that I'd still be able to write something because the man knows how to fix everything. But by 10, he finally called it. Exact cause of death, still unknown.

I turned on his iPad, this iPad, and tried to connect to the blog. I got the message "Unable to connect. Server not responding."

I turned on my iPhone thinking I could manage a really, really short post on it despite my stubby fingers and long-sightedness. I got the message "Unable to connect. Server not responding."

I topped up the citronella oil in the aromatherapy burner, turned off the light, pulled up my blankie and went to sleep.

The 9th of February had, in the end, become just another day. My best guess is that someone up there was telling me it's time to move on. There are only 365 days in a year after all (366 this year), and if we keep remembering the bad sad days, soon we'll have no more happy ones left.

It'll take a few days to get a new computer up. Meanwhile, I'm typing this on The Other Half's iPad which strangely has no problem connecting me to anything today. I don't like the feel of it, it won't let me use pretty colours or adjust typefaces (or I have no idea how) and I have no access to my pictures. But at least, I finally get to say this.

Thank you Jordan. Love you.

After a wild goose chase and meetings with mysterious unnamed contacts, Nacho was finally returned to his family about 30 minutes ago and is apparently in good health. Click on their Facebook link in the last post if you want to see the sweetest, most awww-inspiring picture of the old fella.

February 10th is shaping up to be someone's Very Happy Day :)

P.P.S. at one-ish.
I'm sorry if I'm missing from your blog. Today, I seem only to be able to leave comments on those without word verification. I see the same word to verify on every blog - senita. Of course, it tells me I'm wrong when I type it.

So Jean, if you're reading this, I know Justus has been found! A good day, all in all.


Helen P. said...

Looks like quite a day! Hope everything goes a little more smoothly tomorrow.

Ellen said...

That was a fine was your day laid out that was normal even though the computer was on the "dead mode". The lunch with your friend sounded yummy especially when you topped it off with cake and coffee! I am not familiar with capoeira...I'll have to look that up.

The Race Against Time said...

YAY!!! Nacho is home. THat's the most wonderful news from your side yonder.

I don't quite like to do any posting on the ipad too... its "hard" or i'm not too good with it. i hate to "type" on touchscreen. Its my dad's ipad anyways... i dun have one :D

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend ahead!

What Remains Now said...

Lovely post. Hope the new computer gets up and running soon. Also, "hurray" for Nacho!

chandra said...

I think your guess about someone up there is probably right on. The timing on crappled-out computer and no connection was just so perfectly odd.

I marked two years without Daley in November and I felt similarly about the day. The whole first year, I wanted that date to be anything but just another day, I wanted it to be erased from the calendar, actually.

February became my favorite month because that date doesn't exist in it most years. Last year, I remember feeling bad about liking February so much because I learned it was the month you'd lost Jordan.

The date does seem to have a place in both our lives, though. I know that RBT passed away on the 29th as Daley did and I see that Jordan was adopted on the 29th and I picked up the dog my parents have now adopted on the 29th.

Your five words speak volumes. Paws up to Mr. Piglet!

-c at ddy.

Jean said...

Aw, special belated thoughts for Jordan Puff Piglet. They never really leave us, do they?

And what great news about Nacho! Ohhhhh so excited to know he is home. Two lost dogs safely returned home this week - now THAT is good news.

georgia little pea said...

Ms C - goodness, what a lot of 29s! 2 bad but 2 very good. That sort of works out then, right?

Jean - forgot to say, thank you too for the link. Some really happy people and 2 happy dogs out there today :)

houndstooth said...

I'm glad you finally got some kind of access. That is really frustrating! I've recently felt your pain. I'll hope that tomorrow is a better day!

You asked what a Slanket is. They're also called Snuggies. It's basically a blanket with sleeves! I hope that helps!

verobirdie said...

You had a big day. Hopefully the next ones will be better.

Unknown said...

Hurray for Nacho and his parents! If only he could tell us about all the adventures that he must have had! So glad that he's found! I had a lousy day and really needed to hear something good before going to bed.

The way everything shaped up on the 9th seems uncanny - almost as if Jordan is sending a message. Strange. Good to know that the 10th has started well.

Funny you mentioned about GLP's shedding continuing throughout summer. We noticed the same with Puppy last summer (a wet, wet summer). Then he never furred up as much as he normally does during winter, and continued shedding on and off even during winter (if one can call it that). I wonder if it has something to do with the crazy seasons all over the globe lately.

georgia little pea said...

@Swati - no, NO please don't tell me I have more shedding to look forward to over winter! Crazy global weather for sure.

If you read Nacho's FB page, it actually sounds like someone found and spirited him away to a suburb far far away. I hope they tell the whole story one day soon :)

Have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

Just went over and read Nacho's fb page. What a heartless thing that person did! Must be the greed for the reward. Thank goodness now poor little baby is safe at his loving home.

Hope you have a good weekend too. :)

yuki and rocket said...

Oh that's wonderful news he was found!! What makes it even better is that his health is still good! I'm commenting right now on my iPad and I don't like to use for this but I'm too lazy to walk to my regular computer. Also, it's sounds so funny (to me In the states) when you say Summer is almost ending, when winter is almost ending for us. Is the reverse season only in Australia?

The Race Against Time said...

Loved ones always stay in our hearts.. forever. We sometimes get too caught up with dates.. and it doesn't make things any easier when that date come along. But.. remember the happy moments and you'll be fine. *HUGS*

georgia little pea said...

@yuki and rocket - the seasons are inverted for the whole of the southern hemisphere. I get very envious when it's summer where you are because I HATE THE COLD!

@Anny - I am remembering happy times :) I got your lovely newsy email! Will write as soon as I can. HUGS back x

Anonymous said...


Nacho is found,

But your comp died..


Happens. A chance to review, maybe??

Tootsie said...

We are so glad Nacho is home! Thank goodness! And, yes, for the Other Half / The Cushion fixing your ability to comment. My mom says her Other Half is good that way, too!

What a day you had!

I'm wagging for you!

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

I cannot believe it has been a year! Big hugs to you. Sounds like the day went just like it ought...but I would be throwing computers by the end of it! Hope most of the memories of Jordan bring smiles instead of tears...but the tears are ok too.

Kristine said...

Time keeps on hiking by, doesn't it? I'm sorry you never got to write your commemorative post. I think this one works just as well as anything you would have come up with yesterday. It shows how much, and yet how little, things have changed since Jordan was with you.

Great news about Nacho!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

So glad to hear about Nacho. I came too late to your blog to know Jordan but it sounds like you are remembering him the best way possible.

If you're still doing capoiera a few times a week, I'd say you are far from old!

Anonymous said...

Are you with Optus? seemingly their net cable was cut by workmen (read it in Mx so it must be true? ha ha)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

You did SO well writing your post on an iPad! I love mine but have trouble even commenting on it, and have given up on my touch phone. Not that I used that to go online, but texting was too slow!

I guess I'm lucky in having a shocking memory and have trouble remembering good anniversaries, let alone bad ones. Just ask Frankie as I forgot his Gotcha Day on December 22nd last year:(

I don't think your 9th of Feb was just another day, it was a special day of remembrance made more bearable by having Rachel turn up. While we have to move on we don't have to forget and we don't stop loving those we've lost.

I was so pleased to see on FB that Nacho is home:) Wonderful to have a happy ending after all his family's hard work!

I zoom groomed Frankie this morning and was amazed at how much hair he is still shedding. It isn't all out yet either.

Hope the new computer is up and running soon.

Sage said...

Pshew, that's a looooong day, but it sounds like it was OK. Well, sorta. I had to laugh at the crapple, even though it sounds pretty darn good!

Curiously, Sage is shedding like crazy and it's the middle of winter here. Trade ya'!

Karen Friesecke said...

I never got to meet Jordan, but it's clear to me that he was a very special pup to you.

Berts Blog said...

Hey Sweet Georgia, I know what you mean about this Mango Minster thing being confusing. I am looking forward to things getting back to normal and to be able to really be home.

I am glad you found your valentine. Is it Frankie Furter or is there another Frankie out there that I don't know.

You deserveonly the best


Rumpydog said...

Holy Cow! That's a day I'd rather not have!

47 said...

I have a day like that too, July 27th. My first pet, a hamster, died on that day. I remember it even today, but it doesn't hold me. I guess it's probably silly to remember hamsters, but I loved that little guy with all my heart.

Berts Blog said...

So Miss Georgia, I went over to meet Frankie and he seems like a nice enough guy.

I mean, he ain't no me.....but I like him.

I hope you both have a wonderful Valentines day.

georgia little pea said...

Dear 47 - I don't think it's silly to miss and remember a hamster. Sounds like he was very special and that's all that counts :)

Dear Bert - I'm glad you approve. Frankie IS a little less hairy than you but he's home more and that, let me tell you, is something a girl appreciates! Happy V-day! x

Elizabeth Keene said...

So about the computer, but glad about the friend being there. Not a coincidence, I'm sure.

Hope things are less wet, and sore and broken down now. :)

Yay, Nacho!!!!

Juliette and Dougie said...

Hello there, funny enough I came here today as I thought it was a year ago for Jordan...but great news about Nacho, what a campaign!

georgia little pea said...

Juliette & Dougie - good to see you again! I sent you a message a couple of months back (after I got home from Brazil). Don't know if you ever got it. Hope you're well! Hugs x

Patrice and Higgins said...

How rotten to have computer problems! Grrr. It sounds like you had a great time catching up with your friend!!


roughseasinthemed said...

Thanks for visiting Pippa's. Computer probs are the worse :( Well, maybe not, but they are still a real pain.

Catch you when you are up and running again, so to speak.

Oh, and I often have problems with the word veri thing. I think it is cos it doesn't like me logging in with a wordpress id as it works ok with a blogger one and a name/url one :(