Friday, July 1, 2011

The camp commandant spills the beans on the jammies.

My holidaycamp commandant sent My Typist more stories and piccies! My Typist was very happy she didn't have to do any work to get them. Personally, I find it a bit disturbing. Who would have thought the camp commandant would be a tattler?

This is what she said about my jammies in the playground -

"For us it was interesting to see a guest get so excited about putting on her red sweater. That is why we let her wear it the first day she met the rest of the pack. It must have been comforting, or maybe she was just a little shy meeting everyone naked."
"Hey! Stop laughing at me, please."

Oh ha-ha. The camp commandant is a funny lady.

My Typist is now wondering if my jammie worked exactly like a ThunderShirt. If so, she's pretty glad she didn't waste the my Amazon giftcard on getting me one.

The camp commandant sent piccies of my best friends at camp too!   

This is Nalu.
And this is Sophie, who became my cell room mate.
"I have to bunk in with Georgia Little Pea? Oh come on! Why me?! Can't you find someone else? How about Chopper? Have you heard her snore? Just between you and me, I think that girl is a bit of a fruitcake."

I wonder if I'll ever see Nalu and Sophie again. I hope so. They were nice.


This is the most important part!
"Other than that, [I guess she means the kerfuffle and me being s-h-y] Georgia was a model guest and seemed to enjoy the activities and the company of the other guests."
Did you get that?

I was A Model Guest*
"Yeah, buster. You heard right."

All pictures here courtesy of Dogwoods Country Kennels. Thanks, Camp Commandant Kim ;)

* Okay, okay. So she probably says that about all the inmates her guests. Do I care?


houndstooth said...

Georgia, I never doubted for a second that you would be a model guest! I'm sure they were completely charmed by you and your company!


P.S. Your red sweater is quite cute. I have a Thundershirt and I really like it!

Jan said...

You were definitely the best dressed and we're sure that classed up the whole camp.

Jean B said...

Oh Georgia, I do love reading your posts - you always make me smile!
I like the explanation of why you were in your jammies in the middle of the day - but, really, I think everyone is entitled to wear jammies on their vacation, or whatever they want to wear. (And I think your typist is onto something about the similarity to a Thundershirt. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't have spent your amazon bucks on one. After all, every girl needs a change of wardrobe once in a while!)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Your new friends look lovely, Georgia! I hope you get to meet them again too. You probably need to go back to camp for a couple of days another time so it isn't so scary and you settle down their quicker. Frankie loves going to camp but Beryl hasn't had to since she's been with us and I think she'd be like you and take a while to get used to it. It's OK, I'm not planning on going anywhere:)

booahboo said...

I think.. your holiday camp peeps are very very nice peeps. About them red jammies.. you sure do look good in red Georgia dear... and i am sure most of them were envious of that red jammies.

Your sneaky typist SHOULD get you something from the amazon card. The thundershirt would have been great.. there were also loadsssssssssssssssss and i saw loadssssssssssssss of stuffs for doggies.. *LOL* just rubbing it in ya :)

The Typist said...

@Anny - ooo...ooooooooo i feel BAAA..AAAA..AD.


p.s. keeping an eye on the postie. will let you know soon as :)

Pamela said...

Of course you were a model guest, Georgia. We didn't expect anything less. That last picture definitely showed off your modeling skills.

BTW, do you think your kerfuffle had anything to do with the fact that you are an internationally famous dog with her own website? Perhaps Chopper was jealous of your fame.

georgia little pea said...

dear Ms Pamela, you are so astute. i wuv you A Lot xox

Anonymous said...

a thunder shirt?? I was wonderingif it had some kind of fart protector, but interesting concept..

Glad you put the link to the camp - I love the reports too...

georgia little pea said...

@grrl - you're hilarious. thunder and chunder shirt ;)

it IS an interesting concept. G loves being wrapped up in her blanket, even her head. so there might be something to the TS. cocooning feels good.

Kristine said...

This sounds like such a great place to take your dogs. They even take photos! Even if Georgia wasn't so sure at first, the fact that she could realx and have a good time by the end says a lot. It's awesome there is such a great place in your area. We are thinking about leaving Shiva for a night - something we have never ever done before - and deciding on a place is so hard. I hope we are just as lucky as you were.

Perhaps that's a good post idea, how to find a great dog camp?

Friko said...

Well, all's well that ends well.
I would suggest that your humans take you with them next time they go on holiday. You'd have loved swimming in the sea; I always do.

Best, Benno

georgia little pea said...

@Kristine - we called around and talked to people for quite a while before decifing on ours. even then, the 1st time will always be a leap of faith. from previous experience, we also know that the best boarding kennels can go downhill over time. so it's only as good as your last experience!

i think a dog boarding post is a terrific idea and i look forward to reading it. i wish i could set up a local tripadvisor type forum for kenneling (here). it would be such a great resource. dogwoods is about 2 hours away, not exactly next door. but they do have a pickup/dropoff service (not a daily one).

good luck with finding a good place for shiva :)

Lavinia said...

Good girl, Georgia, being a model guest! I wasn't really expecting any less. The whole experience looks like fun, having so many dogs to play with. (We also have red jammies, they look good on young fair-furred ladies :D)

If you want, I invite you to my poetry book giveaway on my other blog.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh Little Pea, that last photo is gorgeous! You are a STAR! (and that sweater is serious cute.)

Sage said...

Georgia, you just have your Typist fooled--of course you were a "model guest". Didn't you get to model your jammies?

Finding a good boarding kennel isn't the easiest thing to do, that's for sure, but it sounds like this was a good one!

Elizabeth Keene said...

LOVE the piccies (and we also love the word "piccies").

I agree with the other commenters that the commandant would not have said you were a model citizen if you weren't. We have a similar camp nearby and we hear that girls with less than good manners are placed in mandatory "finishing" school there. (Seriously, they have on site trainers who work with dogs needing a little help socializing with the group. It is not a camp for the light of purse.)

JF and Dewi have only camped once (last November) and we were really lucky to have found a place everyone is comfortable with (and not priced only for the rich and famous). It's a small operation and I worry sometimes that the owner will move or decide to stop boarding - silly me. :)

Anyway, so proud of GLP!

georgia little pea said...

@Elizabeth - this one has a trainer too - the CC's hubbie does pack therapy. lucky G didn't end up in the isolation ward for really bad doggies : p

i hope the one you like doesn't pack up. a good kennel is soooooo hard to find!

cate said...

That's such a fun post and love the idea of the red sweater acting like a Thundershirt :)