Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dogs, sharks, toads and so much for a holiday contest.

I've been waiting very patiently for My Typist to tell you my holidaycamp story, but it looks like she's too lazy to call the holidaycamp commandant lady so I think this is all you're ever going to see.

As everyone knows by now, I had a kerfuffle shortly after I got there. What can I say? It was a scary place with too many dogs.

Lucky for me [and my humans], the holidaycamp commandants humans didn't give up on me. I got to meet their own dogs [I was fine with them], and then the gentle and old dogs [don't ask], before I got to meet everyone else.

It took a few days, but once I realised they were still going to feed me every night and the other dogs weren't going to kill me in my sleep, I felt much better.
I don't know why I was still wearing my jammies in the playground. It was pretty stinky by the time My Typist got it back. The best thing about holidaycamp was being grubby. I didn't have to have a hosedown every day or someone wiping my butt at night.
This is *ahem* Chopper, the dog I had a kerfuffle with. You can see I was quite embarassed and Chopper was being extra careful. Sorry, Chopper!
That's all the pictures I have of my holiday. Sad, huh?
Georgia's holiday pictures courtesy of Dogwoods Country Kennels.

Here are some pictures of my humans' holiday.

This is THEIR holidaycamp.
Is it my imagination or does it look a little better than mine?
My Typist woke up early every morning to go fishing. She caught some, but not this one. This one was already dead or she would've brought it back to cook.

My Cushion did something exciting! 
I'm so glad he got home okay!picture from

 One night, the toads at my humans' holidaycamp had a party.

I don't know what my humans were doing around the bushes in the dark and I don't want to know.

One day, my humans decided to take a bus to town. The bus was old, crowded, too fast and didn't have very good suspension or brakes. Although they thought they would die, they had a lot of fun!
The town was very busy and very hot.
There were lots of exciting things to eat at the market. My Typist got hungry. [Surprise.] 
This human was waiting outside the market to help someone take their stuff to the car in his wheelbarrow. How cool is that?
Sadly, My Typist didn't have much time to shop.
Here are some pictures of dogs my humans met while they were on holiday.
This one was guarding a house that was being built. He was tied to a wire that was tied between 2 coconut trees. I think he must have been quite lonely.
While she was walking on the beach, My Typist suddenly saw some pawprints on the beach!
The dog saw her too and came to say hello!
So did her friends!
These 2 dogs were sleeping on the road in front of a posh house in a posh area in town. My humans were told they used to belong to a doctor who left the country to go back to where he came from. He left the dogs behind and they're still waiting for him to come home. What a bad human.

My Typist was very excited when she saw these by the roadside in town!
It's where the humans put their rubbish so the dogs can't get to it. Spoilsports.

Lastly, here's a picture of My Typist!
Can you see the big smile on her face?

I'm not sure, but I think my humans may have had more fun than me.


bermtopia said...

Aside from running around in your jammies for god knows how many days, holiday camp looked tolerable, if not downright enjoyable. And who on god's green earth, would name a dog Chopper? That's straight up inviting a kerfuffle.

Big time.

Ben in Bermtopia

P.S. The Two-legged Missus pretty much crawled over my back to see the pictures of the beaches and water (eeeeeek!) She's now wandering around, bumping into walls, muttering "Fiji. Fiji. Fiji." Any advice you could provide would be appreciated.


Jean B said...

Gerogia, I think you are right - they went to a nicer place and they had more fun (though you DO look like you are having fun in most of your pictures. And, hey, who doesn't like wearing their jammies in the middle of the day - so comfy!). But next time, I think you should get to go to the nice warm beaches and colourful towns. Just don't go diving with the sharks, okay?

verobirdie said...

On the whole you seem to havek had a good holliday. So does your typist. Thank her for sharingbthe pics

booahboo said...

I think the commandants didn't take out your red jammies while you were out in them fields so that they can spot you easily and come to you when you need them.. i suppose :)

It sure is a big holiday camp... Our holiday camps are without fields.. just plain ole shophouses... but we do get to go down to play in the day. Maybe one day... my hooman will open a holiday camp where there's fields to run. Meantime, we'll just dream about it first. She is a lazy bugger you know.

Fiji looks like a whole lotta fun. Next time come to Malaysia. We have them same coconut trees and beaches.. and buses that drive too fast that try to kill ya too.. *LOL*

I do think your hoomans did go to a better holidaycamp Georgia.. i really do.

woofs n licks,

Karen Friesecke said...

Nice holiday pics, did you got to Thailand? Feeding sharks AND zip lining? Sounds like a very adventurous holiday!!

koko said...

Hi Georgia,

Your holiday camp looks pawsome but I have to say your hoomans' holiday camp was the pawsomest... what a great escape and what great fun to dive with sharks and all (including the night bush activity). But my heart sank when I saw the two undernourished dogs waiting for their hoomans to return :(... and their master is a doctor??? ... whom are suppose to save lives!

Licks, hero

simon pender said...

Hols ? Nice. Lucky you.
Fiji looks alright. Was it warm ??
It looks like the hound was well looked after. We were lucky to have Mama look after our two for free when we were on hols.
See ya.

Anonymous said...

while I cant bear to look at asian dogs and the way they live,

I am in awe of the camp shots - so they sent you pics of her at holiday camp? and you can see her having fun?

phew... I'd require constant hound-cam...

Pamela said...

Georgia, I'm so glad the holiday camp attendants figured out what a discriminating young lady you are. It's crazy to think dogs like everyone, isn't it?

I'm sorry you felt your holiday wasn't as good as your humans. You need to tell them to go to Paris next time--it's very dog friendly. Dogs even go into the restaurants and shops. You'd love it!

So, Ms. Typist, are you going to give details about where you went? Or are you still expecting us to come up with it based on the pix?

Or, worst of all, are you worried that you'll be joined by all us riff raff if you give your special vacation spot away? :)

georgia little pea said...

HELP! i can't access my own blog! i can't comment on anyone else's blog! the end is ngh! this sucks.

georgia little pea said...

oh look at that. my comment just got published.

okay i am officially feeling overwhelmed. have been trying to access this blog and comment on other blogs for the last 8 hours with no luck. thought it was a Blogger problem but might be my computer. please bear with my abscence from your blogs until The Expert (also known as The Cushion) sorts it out. i have faith in him.

too hard to type on this iphone. ARRRGH!!!

Sage said...

All I have to say is we are all jealous of you getting to wear your jammies during the day! And the dirtier the better, that's what I say, but then, you know me....

I must say, your Typist and Cushion had a marvelous vacation and I sure don't see them in their jammies!!

Kristine said...

Too funny. I was jusy about to say how your holiday looked better, Georgia, because you got to play with dogs all day. But then you showed how your typist also got to play with dogs AND hang out on a gorgeous beach AND eat yummy, exotic food. Sorry, it looks like you lost out. Big time. Maybe if you are super ladylike, next time you will get to go with them.

Though I doubt they got to wear their jammies all day. That's my idea of a vacation!

Elizabeth Keene said...

(My other half would love it if I couldn't access my own blog. :)Hope The Cushion gets that sorted out.)

Wherever you were (and all I know is that it wasn't North America or Antarctica), it was stunningly beautiful! Did you happen to see "Brangelina" while you were there? :)

I think GLP's campground looks pretty great for a dog holiday, too. And I agree with Ben that fellows named Chopper are just asking for trouble. Glad the two hounds sorted it out though.

You are a mighty fine looking speck, Ms. Typist. Did you actually do that zip line? If so, you have large walnuts. :)

houndstooth said...

Georgia, I am pretty sure you were robbed in the holiday department! Sure, your camp was okay, but that beach looked fantastic! I bet there was all sorts of smelly stuff to roll in and everything. My crazy Aunt Julie went swimming with the sharks a few years ago. She even has a movie about it!

Oh, and Mom and Dad's bedroom is really big! The people who lived here before decided they wanted the house to connect to the garage, so they made the bedroom and kitchen much longer. I kind of like it!


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Woof! What a lovely time for you AND for your humans!

I can see why you got off to a bumpy start, seems a bit scary! But in the end it looks good!

Fiji, wow. Just wow. What an trip!

Lavinia said...

I'll admit, the humans got the better deal, going to an exciting tropical land. I hope everyone had a lot of fun though, away from home and responsibilities (like cooking, cleaning or even staying clean).

Elizabeth said...

Dear Georgia,
Buster thinks your camp looks pretty good!
He has never been to camp except Camp Back Yard at Joba's house.
Your family's holiday looks cool too......
My mum also takes photos of randon dogs all over the world......

love from

Jan said...

Humans really miss their dogs more that dogs miss their human on vacations. We have it on great authority. Humans always look for dogs when they are away from the ones who own them.

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Someone is feeling a tad left out of the fun, eh?

I mean, think about it, do you really want to bask on the beach and end up with sand between your paws... or dive in the deep ocean where there are killer jaws... or fill your nostrils with intriguing scents of fresh fruits from the market... or prance on the streets with other four-leggers who seem to come out from nowhere?

Mmm, on second thought, you have all the right to sulk Georgia!

georgia little pea said...

The Expert came through. he's going to be late for work but now i can blog! priorities eh :)

now i can comment on some comments, in case anyone bothers to come back to read our witty replies :p -

@Bermtopia - i'm going to go out on a limb here and say it won't be worth a flight from where you are. small island, too many resorts that trap you with bad food, and hordes of screaming kids during holidays.

that said, if you can afford the exorbitant costs of the further out islands [we couldn't], they look like stunning places to vege out.

@Anny - a holidaycamp run by you [that is to say, Piper and Dom] sounds like a great idea!

@Karen and Pamela - did you miss the part that said Fiji? :p

afraid there won't be a contest because i discovered the cost of posting the parcel i wanted to use as a prize was, how shall i put it, ridiculously exorbitant!!! - 5 times the cost of the prize itself! i used the States as a test destination since most readers seem to be from there these days :) sad really.

@Elizabeth, as in JF and DW - that zip line was muito fun and suitable for grannies and babies. i don't think my heartbeat even went up :)

@Lavi - you made me laugh teehee. i try my best to stay clean even on holidays :)

@Jan - "humans always look for dogs when they're away from the ones who own them" i had to re-read that! brilliant! and no doubt, true.

chandra said...

Chopper, as in that Australian criminal that Eric Bana played in that movie a few years back? Jeez, GLP, you sure know how to pick 'em!

I was a little worried about you running around the yard in your jammies during the day - it conjures up images of the kind of "camp" you're sent to "rest" at when you're "exhausted" but then I started thinking about you having to spend time with the gentle and old dogs and I just cracked up - started laughing, that is.

My mood changed considerably though when I saw the condition of the dogs abandoned by the doctor. Very sad. I'll have to go back and have some more looks at the beautiful scenery to cheer up a bit.

If I recall correctly don't toads have parties at your house, too? Or were those rats?!
-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

@Ms C - chopper yeah :p but this one is apparently a gentle giant. thank goodness he was also forgiving of ms pea's misbehaviour!

very sad about the doctor's dogs. we were told he was an american who left some months back. we heard a few hair raising stories about the state of dogs in fiji. plenty of strays around. i try not to be too judgemental since the country is quite poor and it's no doubt hard to think about feeding dogs when you can't feed your children. the doctor however, had no such excuse.

this is rat central [also cockies, mossies, flies, skinks and one lovely frog by the name of alfred] :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Well, I think you all had a great holiday! Even if you weren't in Fiji, Georgia, you got to wear your jammies all day and show the other dogs up. And get dirty and have a kerfuffle and then make lots of new friends. How cool is that? You don't feel left out cos you didn't get to swim with sharks, do you? You don't like the water:) And those poor Drs dogs, shame on him. I felt so sorry for them. How can anyone desert their dogs?

I'd love to be on a beach in the sun right now, I hate winter.

karla said...

looks like a great holiday all around, time for mine too I think!

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

The camp looks like an awesome time! So, so pretty! Love all the pictures!