Thursday, June 9, 2011

The nerve of My Typist.

She tried to scare me back!
Lucky I'm a brave and fearsome pigdog.




Update Friday 10th June  Thinking about a comment that John Farley and Doooo-we left last night, I'm beginning to wonder - do YOUR dogs scare easily? Or am I alone in having a creepy and creeped-out dog?

I find that Georgia gets nervous if ever I behave out of the norm.

For example, once a week [or so], I slather on a lovely warming cleansing ginger mask followed by a deep rehydrating orange-scented one. Georgia is never quite sure what to make of this and will give me funny looks.

You might say, you would too, if you saw a mudwoman walking about the house washing dishes and vacuuming. But she's a dog! Why would it affect her at all?

Even more bizarre is her behaviour regarding movement.

When I get home from [some rare] gallivanting, she'll usually come to the door to say hello. [I say "usually" because if she's being cuddled on the couch with her Cushion, the house could fall down and she wouldn't care.]

Now, if I decide to just stand still at the door or in the corridor, she'll come to a screeching halt.  She'll look at me, her ears will flatten, her tail get twitchy, she might back up and then start growling and barking.

"STRANGE PERSON INCOMING! HELP, CUSHION! HELP!" I imagine she must be saying. It's almost like she doesn't recognise me.

This doesn't just happen at the door either. I could be anywhere in the house, in the dark or in bright sunlight, and get the same reaction. It also works if I move in a different way, like very, v-e-r-y... v-e-r-e-e-e... s-l-o-w-w-w-l-e-e-e...

Do I have a psycho dog? Do the Shivas, Honeys, Berts, Bellas and Princess Jerseys of this world do this as well? You've never  noticed? Oh, please try! And tell me they do!


koko said...

BOL!... you have to give credit to the Typist for the effort though... I love your "meh" look :)

Licks, hero

Jean B said...

You are a brave, fearsome pigdog! And, by the way, I like your cosy red sweater - you look very handsome in it.

houndstooth said...

Georgia, you don't look even a little bit scared to me! I'm glad you let her know that you weren't a bit afraid!

I'm also quite impressed by your fashion sense, Georgia! That red sweater looks fabulous on you!


booahboo said...

Seriously... does your Typist think that you are gonna get spooked by some white teeth and white face?? *BOL* She got to try harder.. mebbe drink some green juice and grow FANGS... and mebbe have some creepy howls.. hehhehee.. but you sure am a brave lil girl. You looking pawsome in that red suit girlie!

woofs n licks,

georgia little pea's typist said...

just for the record, she WAS so scared. yup. she was. definitely. very.

the red coat is her jammie :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I love the jammies, so would Frankie and Beryl. I think Frankie might even keep a cool set of duds like that on:) He undoes (is that a word?) all his coats and takes them off and tries to rip them up! But he hates being cold. And your typist isn't nearly as scary as you, GLP!

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

Haha so funny! Don't be scared, your typist loves you!

Elizabeth Keene said...


Er wait, why is your tail wagging so wildly and your tongue poking out in the last picture, Georgia? We don't do that when we're scared. Our mom tries to scare us with her strange face rituals, but we just ignore her.

Jon Farleigh and Dewi

chandra said...

oh, your typist sure does look like she's enjoying herself! are you sure you were the teensiest bit scared, GLP? ... you're standing pretty close to your cushion in the last photo! i wouldn't blame you if you were ... exfoliation can be a little scary.

love your cozy shirt!
-c at ddy.

What Remains Now said...

Georgia looks so fetching in those jammies that I had to review the post twice because I couldn't take my eyes off her.

My Casper gets creeped out by me and it usually has to do with my movements. As I get older, I find myself taking off to do or get something and then forgetting midway what I was doing or getting. Sometimes I stop to think and if Casper's around he always gives me that scared look and takes a couple steps back. Maybe he is able to sense that my mind is totally blank and that alarms him...I might have forgotten where the treats or food is!

Karen Friesecke said...

Only the bravest of pigdogs can pull off wearing a sweater :P

While I don't talk about it, Jersey is a fearful dog. She scares quite easily and is afraid of ( this is only the short list);

dogs bigger than her
yappy dogs that are smaller than her
weird looking shadows in the yard at night
stairs that have no carpet on them
the vet's office
the nail clippers

georgia little pea said...

@WRN and Karen - well, that's a relief! :p

...stairs that have no carpets? ? ? i'd love to know what could be behind that. maybe Jersey just likes the plush feel of carpet. she is, after all, a Princess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, now that hound is losing his mind as well as all his cartilage, he finds it hard to recognise anyone else..

And if you change your face, it does scare them. they are used to reading facial changes...

Kristine said...

While I like to consider my Shiva the bravest little doggy in the world and she is usually fearless, there are definitely moments we can freak her out. My husband more than I. He often works late and by the time he gets home around nine or ten at night, Shiva and I are both dozing on the couch. Almost every time she spots his tall frame through the window by the door, she does the whole ears flattening, lunging and barking thing. I call her my little protector.

Dogs don't seem to generalize well. So anytime we do something completely out of the norm it makes them really uncertain. Men with weird hats sometimes still cause Shiva issues because she doesn't know how to interpret the visuals. Is that a person? Is it some sort of monster? It's hard to tell.

Shiva is scared the most by me when I trip and fall. She always jumps way back and looks at me like I tried to kill her.

No, no, your human's just a klutz! You'd think she'd be used to it by now considering I probably trip at least ten times a day. :-P

I hope you have a fabulous holiday!!

georgia little pea said...

seems that dogs are creatures of habit and routine. i still think it's odd that they can be so nervous of people closest to them though! can't they SMELL that it's us, even if the visuals are unfamiliar?

@Kristine - thank you. can't wait to sizzle and SWEAT! maybe i should do a Pamela :)

Anonymous said...

:D :D That's just too funny! Your typist must do better than that to be scary. I think you've won this one by far, Georgia. AND you look gorgeous in red!
I love the penultimate photo, in which you're wagging your tail to a blur...x


Team Kenzo said...

Have been hunted by the same question. Kenzo picks up on the slightest changes and he reacts exactly like you Georgia. Viva does note changes but she couldn't care less. Just I am there, in whatever shape, she is ok.

When you think of how Kenzo & Viva act outside of the house you would expect the opposite though. It is a puzzle, my best guess would be it is about their personalities. Kenzo is self-confident, vulnerable and extravert, Viva not-self-confident, fearful and introvert.

Pamela said...

Glad to see you mentioned something about smell. It's easy to forget that dogs don't see as well as we do (except at night when they got us beat). If you come in and don't move at all, Georgia may not recognize you. Your motions are probably part of what she knows about you.

As for smell, I bet GLP hated the smell of your lovely ginger scrub--most dogs hate "perfumey" smells--much preferring dead animals and cat poop.

I've never startled Honey with just my presence but she's very scared of things falling on her. So if I'm pushing my bicycle, carrying a large box, or even look like I'm thinking of picking up a baby gate, Honey looks worried and backs waaaaaaaay up.

Sort of like Shiva worrying about Kristine falling.

So maybe Georgia really can't see you when you come in and stand still. Or you just have woo woos.

Pamela said...

Oh, before I forget--do a Pamela? Does that mean totally neglect your blog while lounging on the beach? Or holding a contest? :)

Either is fine, but I'd love to see a contest. It would give me the struggle of figuring out clues about Australia like you had to for my clues about the US. Or are you traveling overseas?

georgia little pea said...

@Kenzo - that really is a puzzle. i would definitely have pegged Viva to be more reactive to change! she sounds like Rufus. nothing ever fazed him, even fireworks thundering overhead. certainly not my facials or movements! his look would have been more like ..."why are you being stupid, human?"

@Pamela - did you just say i have woo woos. are you conspiring with My Other Half?!

aha! fishing for clues already. sneakeeee... my lips are sealed, just in case i do work up the energy to do a Pamela [Contest] :p

Juliette and Dougie said...

My dog Dougs has seen me 'warts and all' i.e. facepack, hair colour etc., and he doesn't differentiate whatever I look like, which is one big reason I love him so much!! Hope you good typist - at least you are taking good care of your appearance. Love from boy westie and me.xx

georgia little pea said...

Hi Juliette :) goodness, Dougie sounds cool as a cucumber. maybe Georgia will get there one day!

taking care of my appearance HAHA! i'm sure The other Half will have a good laugh when he reads that. i'm pretty sloppy, believe me! but i do like new skin cells. at my age, who doesn't? :p

have a great weekend xox

Karen Friesecke said...

@GLP - Jersey has slipped on stairs that have no carpet a few times. Now everytime she has to face bare stairs, I need to "help" her get down. BUT the Princess guess was pretty good, tho :D