Friday, June 24, 2011

I get TWO [2] pressies and The Thief Living In My House steals one.

Pressie #1.
I got mail from someplace far away I don't know where.
It was very exciting. I've never had anything posted to me before [on account of how I'm just a dog].

They were collars from Ms Karen! My Typist says she made them herself. How clever is that? My Typist can't even sew me a new bedcover which is a rectangular sack, so I'm very impressed.
"Are you sure there isn't an antler in there somewhere?"
They're very retro and make me feel all girlie. I like them A Lot! I wonder if I'm the only dog in the whole of Strylia to have them. I hope so.

Please note my winter mohawk. It's for real. I only get it in winter.

Thank you, Ms Karen :)

I promise I'll take good care of them and make sure The Typist cleans them if they get muddy and I won't let any of my friends bite them.


Pressie #2 [which The Typist stole].
I won a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Ms Pamela for cleverly deducing where Honey went on holiday! [HINT: it wasn't a holidaycamp.]

That's a lot of money! I thought I would buy some liver treats and lamb bones with it. But My Typist says Amazon doesn't sell liver treats or lamb bones. She says she spent a whole hour looking for something for me but couldn't find anything. I don't know if I believe her. She's decided to get a book for herself, cheeky sod.

Here's what she's decided to get.

As far as I can tell, it's not even a dogbook.

Thank you, Ms Pamela :) I'm so happy I won. Please don't feel bad I didn't get anything. It's not YOUR fault My Typist is a thief.


Jan said...

Just be glad she can't wear your collars. And that book might taste like liver treats. You never know til you taste it.

Pamela said...

GLP, you look beautiful in your new collars. Just be careful. Your typist might try to tell you to be a good girl whenever you're wearing them so you don't mess them up.

I'm sorry you didn't get to use the gift card. But I think you'll have the last laugh--especially if your typist follows the advice in her book.

Do you have any idea where you have to be shaved to visit the beaches in Rio? I'm sure a polite little girl like you could never imagine what goes on in a Brazilian wax parlor. So if you see your typist walking funny after reading the book, just laugh and don't feel so bad that you didn't get to spend the card yourself.

What Remains Now said...

Georgia, you look beautiful with your new collars, and I love the winter mohawk! The book is really bothering me. It has "holiday camp" (aka the stalag) written all over it. You better keep a close eye on The Typist.

georgia little pea said...

@Pamela - i don't think you have to worry about that as i have no, repeat NO intention of wearing dental floss on the beach :p IF i ever get there!

@WRN - shhhhh....mum's the word :)

houndstooth said...

Those new collars are simply fabulous on you, Georgia Little Pea! I am completely impressed! You chose some awesome new duds.

As for your Typist, I have to say, she's lying to you! Mom got one of those gift cards and she got a Furminator for Morgan with it, so I know they have dog stuff! Your typist owes you twenty five smackeroos, my friend!

About those carob brownies, I hope you know I was teasing. I'd never get to eat real chocolate, but I just wanted to kid you about thinking they were chocolate. If I could send you some, I would, but I fear that your Typist might eat them all!


The Race Against Time said...

What beeeeeeeeyoootiful collars... (and my silly hooman got yous a blue one) she forgot she was buying for a girly girl..

i think your sneaky typist conned you GLP... there are loads of toys on amazon for furries like us. Now go and give her a bite on them behind for stealing from you.. *BOL*

georgia little pea said...


"i did, I DID! look at all the amazon stuff for doggies. Ms Pea doesn't play with toys anymore and she's a tad big for a lot of the stuff, and we can't order in food here. and she doesn't need any more leashes or poopbags.

SO THERE!!! boohoo. now i'm going to go cry in the corner because everyone thinks i'm a meanie. boohoo."

@Anny - oh, you gave it away! haha! we'll still look forward to it because Georgia looks very good in blue, and her current blue one is getting quite tatty. i think i might have to buy a little cupboard soon for all her accessories :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be sad, Georgia, at least you've got those gorgeous collars...Yes, you do look very pretty and girlie with them on.
And you never know, maybe the typist is thinking of taking you on a surprise trip to Rio?? ;)

Jean said...

GLP, colourful new collars are just the thing to shake off the winter blues, aren't they? And I love your winter mohawk! As for your second pressie, I do think your typist owes you $25 worth of your most scrumptious, favourite-ever treats. You make sure she takes you shopping for them very soon!

Peggy Frezon said...

Beautiful collars! Kelly has one from Doggiestylish too and loves it!

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

I am loving the new collars, Georgia! You look great! :)

Lavi said...

Congrats for the presents! I really like the collars too, they look pretty, especially the one with the white background. Too bad there wasn't anything nice for Georgia on Amazon. We also realised that buying dog toys is a waste of money, pooch prefers old socks (occasionally new socks too, if she can get them).

Friko said...

There's a lot you have to put up with, I can see that.
Mean woman!

chandra said...

very cool collars GLP. and i am completely in love with your winter mohawk ... i bet your typist will find that listed in the alternative tourist guide and then you can get her back by refusing to let her borrow it for her trip!

hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
-c at ddy.

Kristine said...

Aren't Karen's collars just the best? You are very luck she sent them before the postal strike began, otherwise they might still be sitting in a warehouse somewhere instead of on your lovely neck. You look quite the lady now Georgia.

Congrats to your human on that sneaky Amazon steal. That book looks interesting. I hope she'll share about it when she is done reading!

Have a great weekend!

Karen Friesecke said...

Pamela's comment made me laugh! If I ever do visit Brazil, I WILL NOT get an anticipatory "Brazilian" No matter what my girlfriends tell me, some things are never meant to be waxed :O

The collars look great on you, Miss GLP!!I also like the mohawk, which I have never noticed before. *Very* chic!!

Elizabeth Keene said...

Those collars go so well with your coat and winter mohawk, GLP. We only get boring, boy collars with embarrassing squirrels and such on them.

Also, WARNING: Our person has talked about getting one of those brazillian haircuts for US - only she used the code word "sanitary" cut. We do not even wear dental floss and we are not ever going to Rio. We suggest that you guard yourself "down there." We are just saying.

Jon Farleigh and Dewi

Kolchak Puggle said...

Georgia! Those collars are ADORABLE! I love them!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Beryl is extremely jealous of your gorgeous collars, GLP. There's one in Karen's shop that she is secretly coveting and I'm planning on getting it for her when I get my tax refund, but don't tell her, OK? And not a word to Frankie either cos he isn't going to get one:( Typical male, he loses things like that!

I hope your typist enjoys the book and tells us about it when she's finished. That was a great competition to win:)

Sage said...

Those are the MOST pawsome collars, GLP! You are so very stylish in them. I'm going to tell Mom about them, but she says my hair is too long and covers up my collar....

I sure hope your prison (er, Holiday Camp) garb is all washed and packed--it sounds like that's where you are heading.

Pup Fan said...

Great collars... Doggie Stylish always has the best stuff! :) And I'm digging the mohawk.

Amy said...

Your new collars are gorgeous - that DoggyStylish is so talented!

Juliette and Dougie said...

Wow what fab collars, get Karen to contact me, please!! Nice to see you looking good after your break away.

rhinestone dog collar

simon pender said...

Oooh. Nice. Pressies in the mail. What fun !