Friday, March 26, 2010

Tiggy's toes and other tasty treats.

It's Ladies Afternoon Tea Day.
I'm a Lady. So obviously, I'm invited.

We make a List of Things We Like To Eat Very Much and set off to pick up the goodies.

On the way, I find a trail of neatly cut breadcrumbs sprinkled along the footpath. My stay-at-home human won't let me investigate any further so like the Nazca Lines, it will always remain A Mystery.

We arrive at our favourite pattiserie.
I am not allowed in, so I wait patiently by the door. There's always a bit of a queue, ever since Masterchef made the little shop famous.
Mission accomplished! I make sure everything's there. The pie and sausage rolls smell particularly good. I don't think anyone noticed that I gave them a sniff and lick.
Back home, I practise being an angel by not jumping on the counter and running off with the berry brioche.

It was very difficult.

The Ladies arrive!!!

One of them is really small.

                                                     Another is even smaller.
This is proof that Ladies come in all shapes and sizes.
When you meet someone for the first time, it's always polite to sniff their bum. This one says, "Hello, my name is Freya. What's yours?"
Mr Thumper already knows what HE wants for tea.
Why is Mr Thumper even here? As far as I know, he is not a Lady.

Freya dances to calm him down.

The other Ladies are too busy eating to notice that Rufus is not vegetarian.

After 2 hours of waiting for a crumb that doesn't come, I am feeling a little mournful and very peckish. 

Tiggy's toes begin to look extra tasty.

But just when it seems all hope is gone...

Could that really be...for.....ME?!

I LOVE afternoon tea!!!


Afternoon Tea would not have been possible without the participation of The Lovely Ladies - Michelle, Imogen, Rachel, Freya and Tiggy.


Im * De Ouro said...

ha ha! Awesome!!! Georgia was indeed the Leading Lady! Love the picture story!

amy.s said...

aww lovely pictures. i love the one of her waiting outside for you.

prab said...

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: )