Friday, March 5, 2010

A shitty story, though it does contain a chocolate recipe.

Just when I thought my yesterday was completely ruined, Mr Thumper baked an incredibly fragrant chocolate cake and left it on the carpet in the corridor.


My stay-at-home human was surprisingly calm, considering how her day was going. I think maybe she'd already used up her Very Loud Voice on me.

So off Mr Thumper went for a butt wash : )

Out came the soap, scrubber, and eucalyptus and scotch pine oils.

Thanks to Mr Thumper, we must have the cleanest carpets on the planet, they get steam cleaned so often.

Mr Thumper has been making chocolate puddings and rolls and truffles and leaving them all over the house lately. The humans are not too pleased.

Sometimes they get upset and shout at him, "You're a BAD boy! Outside! NOW!"

Sometimes they just give him a cuddle and tell him, "It's OK, Ru. You're not young anymore and we're all going to get there someday."

Mr Thumper mostly looks perturbed.

I'm not sure he even knows what the fuss is about since he's usually fast asleep when the truffles drop out of his butt.

Over the last few months, Mr Thumper has seen Dr Dog many times and we now know he has c.a.u.d.a  e.q.u.i.n.a  s.y.n.d.r.o.m.e, which would also account for his droopy tail and wobbly back legs.

Poor Mr Thumper. Buy him some diapers I say!

And while you're considering the possibility, would you please open the window? It's getting a bit hard to breathe in here.

My stay-at-home human found these articles helpful:

This little episode has also reminded my stay-at-home human that she owes someone a chocolate recipe so here it is:

Louise Blue's Christmas in July Dark Chocolate Truffles

200g GOOD QUALITY dark chocolate [Lindt works pretty well]
2 tablespoons real double cream [forget the runny stuff!]
1/2 cup pure cocoa powder

Maybe...1 tablespoon liqueur [Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, etc]
Maybe...tiny fruit, as much as you like [raspberries, blueberries, passionfruit, etc]
Maybe...crushed nuts, as much as you like [pistachios, macadamias, etc]

Break chocolate into pieces. Place in heatproof bowl. Place bowl in pan of simmering hot water. Stir gently and constantly while it melts.

ALTERNATIVELY, melt chocolate in microwave [LOW HEAT and move the bowl around - if it overheats, you're in deep poop.]

Once melted, remove chocolate from heat. Combine well with cream and liqueur.

Cover and refrigerate until firm. This MAY take some hours.

Once mixture is cool enough, sift cocoa powder onto a plate.

Lightly, lightly, roll the mixture into little balls. Careful! They could soften if you overwork them!

Roll balls over the cocoa powder.

Roll balls over crushed nuts.

If you're using fruit, it works better to plop them on when you're ready to serve. This way, the truffles don't get mushy.

Truffles keep well in fridge.

Very easy. And MUCH cheaper than buying them at the shops! xox


Im * De Ouro said...

eeeeuw luv.. somehow even the addition of those gorgeous EDIBLE chocolate truffles from Christmas in July doesn't quite negate the image of steaming piles of dog poo on your carpet... hmmmm... current score in the dog vs cat lovers contest Aishih= 0 Im = 1 .. oh yeeeeeeah..

georgia little pea said...

what goes in, must come out : )

amy said...

on fb -
awww he poops while sleeping? bed pan? how old is he now?

georgia little pea said...

A message from my stay-at-home human -

BED PAN? hey, that's an idea! tried garbage bags. but he moves ard too much. about 10 years. ancient for his size.

bing said...

on fb -
wow, i wishyou could send me some of those truffles (the ones you make, not those that come out of Rufus, OK).