Monday, March 22, 2010

An Ode to My Green Nail Polish

Oh me, oh my.
Is it true?
Saint Patrick's Day's gone by?

When they found me in the pound
They were told I'm part Irish Wolfhound
So my stay-at-home human
Had a mental moment
Found a nail polish in the bargain bin
A delicious pistachio shade of green

All of 3 dollars it cost her
Maybe some chicken necks would have been better.

"Oh Georgia," she said, "Just wait till Saint Patty's comes around. I'll paint your nails green! They'll glimmer and gleam! You'll be SO BE..OOO..TIFUL!"

Why, the thought just made me beam.

So today, I'm feeling a little tragic
That my nails are still kinda black,
kinda white, kinda grey
And my beautiful green nail polish
Is sitting in the cupboard
Waiting for another Saint Patrick's Day.

Oh me, oh my.
I think I might cry.

Or maybe, I should just run away.
I think I may, I think I might.

                                                Right after dinner.
                                                         I think it's lamb chop night.


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