Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ACHOO! *!!!*^! cough! cough!!*^*Novembro and guilt. The making of a very confused post.

Dear Miss Anny,

Thank you for pestering The Typist so much and reminding her it's Novembro. She's been busy doing laundry, cleaning the house and weeding the yard [when she's not sleeping]. She's also been sick and keeps my out-at-work human and me awake every night with her coughing and sneezing. 

Anyway, thanks to you, she's now on A Guilt Trip and feels bad about being such a slacker and is typing for me again. I'm sorry this isn't a good story but her head is still full of snot and it's making it hard for her to think. It's just to let you know I'm okay.

"See? I'm okay!"

I hope The Typist bucks up soon. Until then, much love to you and The Dom.

Georgia Little Pea xox

p.s. The Typist has been packing! I think she may be going away again!


Georgia Little Pea arrived home 1 day after us [and 2 days late thanks to the Qantas strike], riding calmly at the back of The Camp Commandant's wagon.

In 6 weeks, her fur had gone lighter, her belly skin, dark. She had a few scratches and nip marks, and mites in her ears. It took 2 baths to rinse the dust from her fur and the mud from between her toes. She hadn't put on or lost any weight. She smelt of the kennels, and still does, despite a 3rd bath with a lovely shampoo infused with citrus essential oils. 
Her blankie was too stinky to be saved. 

This time round, she settled back into her routine immediately. She didn't forget any of her vocabulary.

Yet, she's not the same dog.

She no longer wants to cuddle on the lounge.

She no longer needs her blankie or her jammies.

She prefers sleeping on the rug or outdoors to her cushy princess bed.
She's no longer interested in playing with other dogs, but is more comfortable around them, even the yappers.

She's more independant and confident.

She hasn't argued with me once. Sadly, she seems to have lost her sense of humour and her belligerence.

Is this the way she'll be from now on?

Who knows.

It could just be that our little girl has grown up.


Juliette and Dougie (my Westie) said...

Welcome back! I've kept visiting and checking, nice to see you back typing. Hope you get over the cold soon and look forward to hearing about recent adventures!

What Remains Now said...

What a joy to see your post! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Hope you're feeling better soon. We missed you and we're glad you're back! Hurray!

Sage said...

That was a looooong holiday, but I bet you have lots of tales to tell! I'm glad you're back, at least for a bit.

It's interesting to see the change in our dogs when they reach that 18 mos - 2 year mark. Sage has gone through some pretty significant changes too, but I can't imagine what she'd be like after 6 weeks at a boarding facility. She didn't do well the last couple of times.

Georgia Little Pea's Typist said...

Awwwww thanks ...now I feel all fuzzy :) I hope I'll be able to get back to posting and commenting again SOON! hugs x

p.s. Significant changes, Sage? Eeek.

booahboo said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yousssss are backkkkkkkkkkkkk... We missed you terribly GLP... No one matched your sense of humour so we stopped blogging n got lazy...urmmm...tats what my cow says but I thinks she's just lazy.
I was so worried about you Georgia... She's packing again? You might as well pack too n come n stay with us instead... I'll be waiting for yous at the airport yeh... Waving yer name...come quick.

Woods n licks,

chandra said...

Oh, how I've missed you all!

-c at ddy.

Georgia Little Pea's Typist said...

Oi minhas amigas... muito obrigada! I must say I've gotten used to NOT turning on the computer and blogging! So what's the goss in the blogpark? :)

Yes, I'm off for a short trip again in a couple of days! Poor Georgia has started to sleep next to my bag, but The Other Half will be home, so no more kennels for a while.

Will pop round to your place after Georgia's brekkie. Hugs :) xox

Anonymous said...

Hello - Bonjour! I'm a new blog visitor but am already giggling at some of your comments and 'guide to your blog' - hee - What a nice surprise..(Also when I clicked on your title I expected to see a picture of lots of mini dogs! - so that got me smiling too..but don't tell the shorties out there I said that!)
Greetings from France and look forward to visiting you again. aroofs and nose jab..big dog Zola xx

georgia little pea said...

Bonjour Zola! Tres bien to meet you. We like big dogs. But SHHHHhhh! don't tell the shorties we said that ;p Nose jab back.

Karen Friesecke said...

Nice to see that you are how okay. Can't wait to see your pictures of Rio!

houndstooth said...

Many thanks to Anny for the Guilt Trip, all expenses paid! We've been wondering and worrying about you, Georgia. I sure hope your sense of humor is just misplaced and not lost forever! :(


Elizabeth Keene said...

Glad you got back safely and that Miss Georgia didn't go bonkers at the holiday camp. She still looks like herself in photos. :)

Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy that fresh (non computer) air, too. :)

Elizabeth, Jon Farleigh and Dewi

booahboo said...

we got a bunch of bananas today for 2.40 which is expensive. We thought of you when we ate it :)

we can grow our own banana tree in the garden... but.. some people say... there's spookey spirits that come with banana trees.. my cow is easily spooked.. so we just buy the bananas from the market.

Kristine said...

You are back!! Does this mean you are back for good? Or is this one of those pop in, show a cute photo, and then fall off the face of the Earth posts? I'm joking. Mostly. Only because I missed you so much.

I hope you feel better soon so we can read all about what you've been up to. I'm dying to know if these changes in Georgia are permanent. Take care, eh?

Olivia & Petey said...

Yo Georgia!

My person is very happy you are back! She says when I grew up I stopped chewing on the chairs, table, sofa and her make up. Yay yay yay and a big hello from NYC

Pamela said...

My heart went pitter patter when I saw your comment on Something Wagging. I couldn't wait to see if there was news of the fuzzy girl herself over here.

I hope you'll tell us all about your trip when you feel better. Sorry you have to travel again so soon while you have a head full of snot.

And I'll be very interested to hear if Georgia has become a lady or if she just hasn't forgiven you for going away without her.

georgia little pea said...

ahhhh K - THAT is a Very Good Question and only time will tell. but meanwhile - i have devious plans to bore dogbloggers with some possibly unrelated travel stories! a modern twist on the old come along and watch some holiday snapshots routine lol.

P - i think it may be permanent this time and if it is, it's all good. we can't be ingenues all our lives. right? RIGHT?!

i hope i used the right word.

A - i actually have a banana tree. it grows in a pot. every year it dies during winter and i cut it back. it's never once had fruit. so there.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Yay, welcome home neighbour:) Good to see you can still speaka de English!

I inadvertently sent my blog to blog heaven on Monday and me to blog Hell and have just managed to get it back this morning. Such a wonderful surprise to see a comment from you there just now:) You have been missed and I'm shocked to see you're leaving us again so soon but glad it's only for a little while.

I seem to remember you describing Georgia as having exactly the same changes after her last foray into Dog Camp and within a few days she was back to her gorgeous self. Hopefully the same will happen this time.

Can't wait to read about your travels:) And whatever else you have in store for us!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you back!

Yes, the hound is playing in the big playground in the sky, eating street treats where his body does not ache all the time, and he does not have to have doggy-heroin for the pain.

I miss him like nothing on earth, but we have become doggy minders for a company caled Dont Fret Pet - where dogs cna come live ina real house when their mums and dads go on holiday.

Having doggy enerby in the house is healing my heart - hearing the clicks on wood, having the house awash in fur, and precious doggy farts at night...

the little guests are like bereavemnt therapy for me.... anyway,. glad to see you are back and all is well with you.

georgia little pea said...

hey Petey - i found you in our spam box. what's going on?!!! thanks for dropping by.

GCS - i think she may just have matured. a bit suddenly perhaps. she's in fact a much better behaved dog now. if a little boring :) thank god your blog got rescued. i would have had kittens.

grrl - i shall keep in mind that you're with DFP. i think i may even have a magnet on the fridge. hugs to you x