Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excuse me. Do you, by any chance, know where July and August went?

I decide to take a month off from blogging to plan a trip to Brazil. I have 3 books to read, some googling to do, a route to organise, pousadas and excursions to book. How hard can that be? I figure I should start learning some Portuguese as well.

Meanwhile, Jack moves to New Zealand, leaving Georgia, Mana and Tora bereft.

The ladies are heartbroken for at least 2 minutes.


I can't believe it's August. I don't seem to have made a dent in my planning. I realise I may have been delusional about how quick and clever I am.
Georgia starts to look tragic.
 "It's been a long time since you told anyone my stories. Don't you love me anymore?"

She seems to be sleeping a lot.
"Leave me alone! What's the point of getting out of bed? We don't do anything anyway."

She becomes standoffish and doesn't want to play anymore. 
 "Who are you again?" 
"Ugh. No kissing please."

Very strangely, she starts to pee like a boy.
I tie new ribbons and flowers on her collar so people will stop telling me what a handsome boy she is.
August passes by in a blur.
Winter ends with a hot and sunny 31st and the promise of a fabulous Spring!

Someone forgets to tell the weatherman it's the fabulous 1st day of Spring.

Fortunately, the grey skies don't last.

 * **     

In 2 sleeps, we'll be leaving on a trip we first started thinking about more than 2 years ago.

Then Rufus fell sick, and plans were put aside.

I've been dreaming about Rufus and Jordan lately. The last time we went on a big trip, they were both still with us. It makes me sad to think about it.

Last week, I met a lady on Darling Street who asked after Rufus. When I told her he was gone, she said, "You must be glad." After the tiniest of pauses, she added, "I didn't mean it that way." Poor thing. I guess she must have realised how it sounded. But I do indeed know what she meant.

The way I see it, this trip will be the final chapter in The Story of Piglet and Thumper.

** *         

To everyone who's been writing us over the last 2 months, my apologies for having stopped so abruptly, without even a quick post of explanation, and for not dropping by to read your stories. I never intended to, or thought I'd be away this long. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts! I hope you're all well. 

Thank you also to Lori and Katie who recently nominated this blog to take part in The 7 Links. I had hoped to do something about it, but I fear I've run out of time. 

Georgia will be going back to holiday camp. We trust she'll be fine, make friends, maybe even have fun. I think she senses some momentous thing is about to happen because she's taken to sleeping by our backpacks.

Her bag is all packed and ready to go. It contains 1 blankie, 1 bag of bikkies, 6 lamb necks, 1 tube of Revolution, and a letter filled with last minute instructions, worries and hopes.

Our bags [which contain considerably more things] are almost ready as well. 

So for now, I wish you all a happy Spring [or Autumn, as the case may be].

Abraços e beijos a todo o mundo. Até Novembro... :)
"What do you mean, I'm standoffish?"


Elizabeth Keene said...

Oh, how we've missed the Pea and her Typist! :) Thanks for the update and please know that I'm feeling your excitement about the trip vicariously...(and also that I'm slightly miserable and jealous that it's not ME going on a dream vacay instead). Safe travels and have fun!

GLP looks great!


Me, JF and Dewi

Team Kenzo said...

Great you are back, although you are leaving again :) We did miss you. A lot!

georgia little pea said...

obrigada elizabeth, jf, do-weee and kenzo!

i missed you guys too. strange how very real friends in the virtual blogpark can be :) it was very hard not to read and blog in the beginning. then after a while...i think i heard the death knell ;p i shall try not to let that happen though! hugs xox

Karen Friesecke said...

Miss GLP, Glad to see that you are back! Thank-you for the update on your Winter exploits. Tell your typist that I wish her a happy & safe holiday! Looking forward to pictures in November.

Jen said...

Thank you for the update!! I have certainly missed you!!!! And, I will wait for your return, with hopes for great stories about how fantastic it was!! Safe travels, and come back SOON! :)

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Pamela said...

Thank you for taking a moment to post some lovely GLP pix. I was suffering serious withdrawal symptoms.

And yet it appears to be a cruel tease since you're off on an adventure.

Have a wonderful trip. I hope you share some lovely pix when you return.

houndstooth said...

Miss Georgia LP and Typist, I'm glad to hear you're both okay! I was afraid I was going to have to figure out how to get to Australia to sniff you out! Now I can nap without worrying.


koko said...

You have been in our thoughts recently and we were wondering how you guys doing... glad everything is fine and wish you all the best in your coming trip, travel safe. Send my love to GLP :)

Licks, hero

georgia little pea said...

THANKS again to everyone! i'm gobsmacked there are still poeople checking in :)

in the wise words of the terminator - "I'll be back!"

p.s. Karen - everyone LURVES georgia's collars. we tell them where to get them. maybe you should set up shop here! wink-wink.

Jean B said...

Oh Ms GLP I have missed you so much! I hope you have a great time at boot camp....er...holiday camp, and that your humans have a great trip too. I look forward to hearing both the human and canine stories and seeing more pics upon your return.

Chapeuzinho said...

is it TIME? Already? Wowsers! Tem um tempo maravilhoso no Brasil. Tirar muitas fotos, comer muita comida e dança até de madrugada. beijos, Rachel

georgia little pea said...

todos, exceto dança! eu vou comer até eu estou gordo! beijos pra voce tamben xox

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Welcome back and Bon Voyage! So glad the trip has all come together for you. I hope GLP enjoys her vacation too. Have the best time and show us lots of photos when you get home! And maybe a few new moves?

georgia little pea said...

thanks sue! at my age, i'll be happy if i can still move when i get home *lol*

What Remains Now said...

GEORGIA! So glad to read about you again. Safe travels to your Typist and Cushion. I'll look forward to hearing about what you've been up to when they get back.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

What an exciting trip! I hope humans and dogs all have a safe and Fabulous time. Will look for your return and lots of good stories.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia!
I am glad you and your Typist are back! I missed you both so much.
I hope you have a good trip to Brazil and
Georgia enjoys her vacation too.
Love all photos, principally of you Georgia, lovely as always.
See you both in November!

booahboo said...

i.. urmmm.. err.. urrmm.. kinda.. urmmm... stole your july & august. I was err.. kinda about to steal your september rain too :D

have a wonderful trip you two... take loads of pics and memories.. and and don't worry about GLP... she'll make loads of friends.. and learn to pee like a girl.. and and and urmm... give her back her bandana will ya.

booahboo said...

btw... don't take too long in Brazil ya... cos you know we have been missing GLP and sometimes the typist... and REMEMBER to come back.

send our kisses to GLP.. don't forget her thunder shirt and red jammies... and and and.. remember to come back ya...

am i sounding like a grand ole dame yet?

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

Good to see you all back! I love the photo catch up. I also can't believe it's almost Fall time! Crazy!

georgia little pea said...

Goodness! Urrmm. Is that The Cow? Is Dom snoozing? BOL...You funneeee :) I will not so give Ms Pea the bandanna. The purse suits her much better. Really. REALLY!

Yikes! It's almost 1. I'd better hit the sack. Goodnight Ms Anny and thanks again for the fab pressies! Hope Dom is feeling better. Hugs xox

Olivia & Petey said...

Yay! So happy to see some news here! We've been checking. Wishing the typist and cushion a great trip and Petey is hoping to hear about GLP upon their return

booahboo said...

Abraços e beijos a todo o mundo. Até Novembro???? Novembroooo??? do i haveta steal your October too? gosh! this is sure loads of work stealing all your months you know.

Pup Fan said...

Welcome back! I say you still have plenty of time to do the 7 Links challenge. I still have to do mine. :)

Rajashree Khalap said...

Glad to see Georgia again :-) Hope she has a great holiday - you definitely will!

Anonymous said...

They went by really quickly didn't they!

Nice to see another doggie who blogs from Australia! :D


Sage said...

Even though we missed you, a blog-oliday is sometimes a good thing. You come back refreshed and ready to hit the keys! I'm glad you reminded me about the 7 Links challenge. I still have to do mine.

Have a great holiday in Brazil. We have friends who have been living there recently and they are having a blast!

Georgia--have fun at your camp. I'm going to mine in a couple of days too.....

Juliette and Dougie said...

Hi Georgia

Been visiting and wondering where you are, finally I understand somewhat...I would be the same after what you've gone through and I've never forgotten you or Jordan and Mr T, as I never will. Have a great time in Brazil, I've left some home baked tuna bics for your baby to have whilst you are away and any other doggie visitors can just help themselves. Take care, my sweet.

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Yay! Good to see you again. Hope you are having a wonderful people trip/doggy holiday camp.

georgia little pea said...

Greetings from the Amazon! Just a quick note to say we're alive! And Ms Pea appears to be surviving as well despite the cold wet weather where she is. What would I know about that? - it's sizzling here :)

HUGS xox TheTypist.

Unknown said...

Hi guys we are new followers and stumbled acorss your blog! Stop by and become friends with us when you get back!

georgia little pea said...

Greetings from Lencois Marahenses. What a stunning place! Google it :) HUGS xox

booahboo said...

When are you guys coming back.... we miss Georgia and she might might forget about you guys already... izit Novembro yet? hehehehe

glad you are having loads of fun! Lencois Marahenses will be one of the places that i will want to go now :D

Juliette and Dougie said...

Just popped back to see if you're back! You were in my thoughts yesterday and I feel you're having a well-deserved good time. Look forward to reading all about your exotic holiday!xxx

georgia little pea said...

A last shout out from Rio de Janeiro! Heading back to Buenos Aires tomorrow and home this weekend. Can't wait. We miss Georgia!

Saw a vid of her at holidaycamp. She looks alright but bored. Hoping she won't give us the cold shoulder for too long and that we won't have to undo any damage!

And yes! I DO have a couple of doggie stories from our travels :) See you soon then. HUGS xox

booahboo said...

Novembro... where is GLP.. we miss her like... crazy!