Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I Am Learning #2

If I had to pick one word that I hear the most, it would have to be "No!"

"NO!" I can't put my head in the fridge

or my nose near a boiling pot.

"NO!" I can't talk to cats or try to kiss them.      
I would be mad to want to kiss THIS one.

"NO!" I can't hunt little dogs.

"NO!" I can't drive the car.
I can't even be a backseat driver? But WHY?

                                             Fortunately, I have also learnt how to say "Please."
There are many ways to do this.

Here is an example of the versatile Head Rest, used at home and outdoors.

Unless you're a cute little fluffball, The Cling and The Belly might be too silly to try in public.
The Head Hanging Down is a classic.

My personal favourite...Sad Yet Hopeful Eyes used in conjunction with Tucked Up Toes.I have a 98% chance of success with this pose.

In short, one of the most important things I have learnt in my first year with my humans is that it is always possible to turn a "No!" into a "Yes." if you say "Please."  Especially with my out-at-work human.

Manners are important, don't you agree?


How is Rufus B Thumper?

Back to square one.  5 little feeds of no-fat food. Stopping supplements again. Lame again.

The urine tests were inconclusive. On to blood tests today.

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