Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Am Learning #1

The very first thing I learnt when I came to live with my family was My Name.

I don't think I had a name before that. 

When I was picked up at the foster lady's pound, I had a baby pink collar on that said *M*o*l*l*y*. But that wasn't my collar and it wasn't my name. And, thank goodness, my humans didn't take that ghastly collar home with me.

I got my name the very first day I arrived, after an exciting afternoon of googling and heated discussion. Unfortunately, I was not a part of that discussion.

I don't think Georgia is a terribly suitable name for a fearsome Pig Dog like me.

But at least they didn't call me Tabitha or Tallulah, which is what my stay-at-home human wanted to do.

"Now, WHAT is a Pig Dog?" you might ask.

First of all, it's NOT at all the same as a pig of a dog, though I am sometimes that as well, if I must be honest.

A Pig Dog is a dog that's been made just to hunt pigs. I have NEVER hunted a pig. I don't even know what a pig looks like. I'm told it has a curly tail so maybe it looks like the pugs that scamper down Darling Street.

I'm also not allowed pork, though I have had some bacon, which is very yummy especially when it's honey and port wine smoked.

My humans have been told by various burly, bearded men in singlets and blunnies who drive utes that I am likely to be a Kangaroo Dog. This makes me feel very special and especially Australian.

I think I look a lot like a kangaroo in this picture.

It took me a long time to get used to my name. Georgia Little Pea Ratatouille is a complicated name for a simple dog like me. [Not to mention, nonsensical.]

It has 4 whole words and 9 whole syllables, 10 if you pronounce Georgia like Geor-gi-ah which is what my out-at-work human does sometimes.

When my humans call me, "Georgia, COME!" I go running up to them because I know there's usually something to eat hidden in their hand.

Sometimes, when I'm playing or if I've just found a delicious squid in the sand, I ignore them even though my name gets louder each time they call me, "Georgia? GEORGIA!! GEORGIA!*^!!"

You think they'd be smart enough to see I'm busy. But they aren't, and I just end up getting a scolding and no treat.

Occasionally, I get called Little Pea. This usually comes with a tummy tickle, a cuddle and a kiss, or when they're tucking me in for the night, "Good-night, Little Pea, good-night." I like it when they call me Little Pea because they never say it with a scolding voice.

I have NEVER been called Ratatouille. That name is just for show.
I wish I had a really cool name, like Father Jack.

Or Hec-tor.
But it's okay. Not all humans can be inspired. And at least, I'm not a Spot.


How is Rufus B Thumper?

Collecting wee from a dog is tricky.

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