Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hopefully by the time you read this.

I'm scheduling this post to appear tomorrow morning. I've never done this before, so I hope it works!

By the time you read this, I should be on an operating table with a hole in my knee. I hope I'll be sleeping properly and not doing a Hayden Christensen.

It'll be my 2nd arthroscopy in 2 years. This time, to fix a torn meniscus in my left knee which has been hurting since February after I foolishly practised a knee-twisting capoeira movement way too many times. 

I'll be very glad to get it fixed. I know it'll never be 100% again, but it should be better than what it is now. 

Of course, I could still be in the waiting room, getting hungrier by the minute and spitting the dummy at our public health system. [The last time, I waited 8 hours.] 

But I hope not.

Can't wait! See you on the other side :) x

Off to have a good dinner now, and an early night.


It's past 11 and unfortunately, I can't sleep. It's not that I'm anxious. The arthroscopy is just a minor operation.

But I'm starting to remember all the things I'll find painful for a while...

Getting into the bathtub for a shower.



Walking down the stairs.


Vacuuming. [Oh yes.]

And some of the things I won't be able to do comfortably for the next few months...

Walk Georgia. [Not that I've been doing any of that lately.]

Cuddle with her on my lap. [The downside of having a 48kg dog.]

Give my leg muscles a deep satisfying stretch. 

Sit cross legged. Sit in any one position for longer than 15 minutes. 

Fully straighten my leg. Fully bend my leg.

Squat. Kneel. Run. Jump.

Climb on a chair to reach the baking trays.

Climb up a ladder to prune the hedge.

Other miscellaneous jobs that require climbing.

And the things I'll have to do religiously to get better...

Rehab exercises, 2 to 3 times a day.

Ride a bike.

Slow to medium paced walking.

Acquire patience.

I expect it'll be the end of the year before I can get back to training capoeira. Back to square one, basic moves. 

No more adrenalin rush, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine for a while. I'm going to be one crabby  person and I won't even be able to eat chocolate with salt crystals, lemon mascarpone muffins and clotted cream bee stings to make up for it because, as everyone knows, if you eat and don't exercise, you get fat[ter].

It's almost midnight. Time to have a last drink of water and begin my fast.


Well, guess what? The scheduling didn't work. 

The arthroscopy is all done! I'm now the proud owner of a hole in my knee. I'd show you, but it's all bandaged up. I promise at least 1 gruesome picture ASAP. 

I was the 1st one in the theatre this morning! I have nothing but praise for the good people of our public health system! 

No showering for 3 days. Yuk. No housework for a couple of days a week. Yay! Happy on Endon. Ready to get some sleep now. 


Julie said...

I'm glad everything went smoothly. I've had knee pain for over a year, but haven't wanted to go and have it looked at. So, no yoga for about a year now, which is STUPID. My husband commented the other day that if Cali was limping, I would take her immediately to the vet. Of course I would! I'm in charge of her feeling good! I keep hoping that mine will just miraculously get better :)

Sorry for the down time you are going to have, but hoping you are feeling better soon! Enjoy the break!!

Anonymous said...

Gee....not good you putting so much thought into it. Would put anyone off, you're very brave!! Pleased you're back home. xoxoxo

verobirdie said...

Oh, that was a scary post, that is until I read you are done with it. I hope you feel well very soon. Don't overdo, especially re home chores.
Have you tried to train Georgia to bring you things? That may entertain her while you can't walk her?
A big get well hug to you.

booahboo said...

ru still awake? ru ru ru?

the bright side is.. you don't need to do any chores for a while... and get to spend all your time just lazing with Georgia!

get well soon ya *HUGs*

Bing said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Take care.

Anonymous said...

You brave thing!! Knee... the man can gallantly carry you? Good thing you're not alone like brother. At least your good hubby can pick you up and spoonfeed you and the dog.

Feldenkrais Feldenkrais Feldenkrais...

Have a real good rest from dancing up any wall dear sister.

June said...

Well, my goodness, that was quick!
Barely did I know about the planned surgery but it was over and you were floating around happily on Endon, which I presume is a heavy duty painkiller.
Mmmmmm. My favorite.

Enjoy your forced immobility as much as you can. Try to think of how good a shower will feel when you can actually have one.
And heal well. And fast.

georgia little pea said...

Yes Anny! I am now awake! That was a good conk out :)

Julie - unfortunately, some yoga postures can be painful after a knee op. Pigeon for example. 2 years after my 1st meniscopy, there are still postures I have to work around. Still, I hope you do something about your knee rather than be in long term pain. Your hubby is right :)

Sister 1 - as you know, The Other Half probably needs Feldenkrais more than me LOL!

June - that should have been spelt Endone. I completely blame my drugged out state for the misspelling. Yes, it's a painkiller. Yum.

THANKS for the good wishes and hugs! Hugs back X

Team Kenzo said...

Glad it already is over and everything went alright. Make the best of your forced break, at least you can still blog!

3 doxies said...

Uh...what da heck? I didn't knows you was havin' surgery. Well, at least you didn't wait to go to da DR. fur furevers likes my mum does. I am glad everything went as planned and hopefully you still be all loopy so you not feels nuttin'..hehehe. I not knows if you knows dis but I is kinda loopy myself. I mean I ain't on nuttin', it's just me bein' ME!
Since you can't do nuttin' and you is gonna be bored to tears I must work on some jokes or sumptin so you can at least laugh while you is recuperatin'. Maybes I could tells you some stories...no, then you would be emabarrassed to knows me...hehehe.
Well, I hopes you is doin' well and gets all betters real quick! I am sendin' you my powerful Puddles vibes to you.


georgia little pea said...

Kenzo - Blog? While The Typist is feeling so poorly? Are you mad?

Pudds - Wanna know a secret? I don't get embarrassed too easily so hit me with some trash jokes, I dare ya! Thanks for the vibes. I is feelin it :) X

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Good heavens Typist, you CLIMB?? you RUN?? JUMP?? and do SQUATS??? Fair dinkum - SQUATS??? then you get on a bike and RIDE??? Sheesh. ;)
Anyhow Typist, a slow recovery for you and big hugs for a speedy one. Do the tick off the list thing for Cushion, and Ms Pea will be sure to fetch some things for you right?
Aw glad you're ok Typist and keep us updated with your progress.

What Remains Now said...

Since I'm a little behind in my reading, I got the whole story at once and I'm glad it went well. Be a good girl and heal up. Hopefully you'll be back to full capoeira soon. Truly, truly sending healing thoughts and wishes your way.

H and Flo said...

Owch. Glad it all went well and hope the road to recovery is a smooth one. I know you love your capoeira (I had to re-read the post to find out how to spell it...) but I feel it would be remiss were I not to point out that I have never injured myself lying on the couch watching TV. ;)

I think that you'll probably need more than a week off housework. Perhaps a cleaner should be sought.

sim said...

Happy recuperating! Do allow GLP and The Other Half to take care of you for a change.
BTW think you are mad to want to continue doing capoeira.

georgia little pea said...

Rose - it's true. I don't run, jump or climb much (except to get baking trays and prune). Instead, I do cartwheels and am still attempting a handstand. This is not as stupid as it sounds. If my legs go completely kaput, I might have to start walking on my hands. Nothing as tough as your endless ramp of course ;)

Fab - did The Cushion pay you to say that? Beware! I have it on good authority that too much remote surfing can lead to RSI.

Sim! - you too?!

THANKS again for all your good wishes and for making me laugh :) X

bermtopia said...

I hope you enjoy your down time. I know the Two-legged Missus milked it for all it's worth when she had foot surgery. Recuperate well!

Ben in Bermtopia

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

When you're as active and engaged as you are, some things go creaky after a while! Glad the surgery went well, and don't worry recovery may just be way easier than you expect. Take it easy and enjoy some time off.

houndstooth said...

Sheesh! Well, I'm glad it's over already! Hopefully you'll be back to doing the things you love soon. It sounds like you're a much better patient than my mom and will do your best to get back on your feet soon.

Unknown said...

So glad that everything went good. Pain killers are the best :) I had some serious surgery a few years ago and was on strick mobility for 6 weeks and having two hounds in the house was crazy but I managed to teach my lab how to turn off the lights and to open the fridge :) I used training as our walks. Just think of all the blogging time you will hav enow :)

Olivia and Petey said...

Dear Typist,

I'm glad everything went well! Whew! What does "spitting the dummy" mean? I hope you like riding a bike. Maybe as Verobirdie says, GLP can bring you things :)

Jean said...

Well, I'm late to the post, as usual. I knew your surgery was Tuesday, and it is now 9 AM Tuesday morning here so I was about to send you some 'good luck' vibes. But of course it is Tuesday night - or maybe even Wednesday - down under.
So I'm very glad all went well, and I hope you milk the 'no housework' for all it is worth.

Jan said...

We felt bad for you until we got to the no housework part. That we are always looking for an excuse to avoid. Our best wishes for the hole to heal fast.

Pamela said...

Glad everything went quickly and well. I hope that bodes well for a fast recovery.

BTW, have you ever thought of taking up Tai Chi? I bet it's must easier on the body.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope you have finally gotten some rest. I am glad to hear that you were first up and all went well.

I remember a time myself with nothing to eat or drink after midnight and the procedure not scheduled until the early afternoon. Ugh, nothing worse than not being able to eat when hungry!

Here's to a speedy recovery~

georgia little pea said...

Good morning!

Been up since 5 when the alarm went off. We forgot to reset it after yesterday (had to be at the hospital by 6.30). Sadly, the good people at the hospital didn't give me any Endone to bring home. (I should have tried moaning instead of cracking jokes when I woke up.) So it was trusty Panadeine Forte last night, good to a point and managed get some fitful sleep.

It was lovely to wake up to your good wishes! I feel so lurved ;)

HoundGirl - Those are impressive tricks, turning off the lights and opening the fridge! Any issues with the hounds helping themselves to food? Personally, I'd like to teach Georgia how to bring me coffee every morning but I may have to train The Cushion instead. He needs less treats.

Olivia and Petey - my dear blur NYC friends. I feel this might need more of an explanation ;)

Yes Jean - it's Wednesday! We're ahead of Canada in one thing, it would seem :)

Pamela - would you believe I once asked my GP if taichi and yoga would be more suitable at my age (it was meant to be a joke) and he said he sees a lot of people with muscular/joint problems doing these 2 *uhm* gentle practices! This reminds me that he recommended I see someone to help me improve my core strength (and he didn't mean Pilates, yoga or 800 situps). Must find that referral.

Cheers everyone! Have a great day! :) X

Tootsie said...

We are sending you healing thoughts for continued healing! Take it slowly and keep on wagging. :)

chandra said...

First one in for surgery, eh? Impressive. They must have remembered you from last time! It's great that you made those lists while you were supposed to be sleeping because that'll be your inspiration during recovery and rehab.

Has GLP brought you her donut yet?!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

I think you're right, Ms C. They must have remembered me and felt very sorry and wanted me to be happy. Huh.