Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Cushion screws up, the air bed goes pop! and other bad stuff.

Okay, so I can't really these days but no one needs to know that, right?

My air bed is dead. My Cushion decided it was too soft and he pumped and pumped the bed up until the stitches popped. Pop! pop! pop! the stitches went, scaring My Typist half to death because she was on it when it happened. 

My Cushion really screwed up. The air bed had to be thrown away. 

But that's not the worst of it.


Remember how Dr Dog said I was supposed to go only on short leash walks for 2 weeks? 

Well, My Cushion felt sorry for me so he let me off the leash in the park yesterday and I ran and ran. I couldn't help it! It's been a week since I played with my friends and I! am! going! MAd! 

Then I climbed up these steps.

This is a re-enactment. These pictures were taken some time back. My Typist put them here to make My Cushion feel bad. She knew they'd come in handy one day.

 "What is wrong with you?!" The Typist screamed at My Cushion when she heard about our short easy walk that wouldn't stress my neck and legs. 

I guess he screwed up again.

But that's not the worst of it.


My legs have started to itch. I think some ants got into them! I can't stop licking and chewing my toes. They've gone all gummy and red. 
The Typist gave me a medicated bath and I've been getting a little blue pill every morning. She's been hosing down my belly and legs, and rubbing an ointment between my toes but nothing seems to help. [She called Dr Dog this morning too, and left a hysterical message.]

Last night, I tried to eat my front right paw. The Typist couldn't bear it any more, so she made me wear a sock.
"Couldn't you at least have tried to find me a prettier sock, Typist? Something a little more colour coordinated perhaps?"

But that's not the worst of it.


I, of course, refused to wear an ugly sock and skipped about until it came off. The Typist kept pulling the sock back on and I kept pulling it off. Haha! I thought I made it quite clear who was boss around the house, and that would be the end of that!

And then.
I couldn't believe my eyes. It was The Horrible Thing! Bad memories came flooding back! 

I ran and cowered in a corner and looked as pitiful as I could [which, as you know, usually does the trick]. It was My Pushover Cushion so I thought I had a particularly good chance of getting away with it.
But it was no use.


I kept knocking into everything. I didn't dare move. 
I couldn't even go up to bed. It was ridiculous! [I might write a stiff letter of complaint to the SPCA about whoever invented this death trap.]
Finally, The Typist had to take The Horrible Thing off just so I could go upstairs.

"You know, Typist, in retrospect, that sock wasn't so bad after all. How about we give it another try?"

"No? Really? No?"
I can tell you no one got any sleep last night because The Horrible Thing kept knocking into the bed and scraping the floor and making horrible noises.


So here I am, back on my inferior quality old lumpy bed, not allowed to play for yet another week, with itchy gummy legs and toes, and A Horrible Thing on my head.
I think I may really have screwed up this time.



So how's YOUR week going?


Declan said...

I don't know how your Cushion & Typist could be so cruel when you do pathetic so well. My Typist fell over me last night and bruised my leg... she will pay and pay and pay....hehe! Deccy x

georgia little pea said...

That's because they're hard hearted, Deccy. A bruised leg! Do you need the SPCA number? I have it on ICE. Let me know if you need it, okay? X

The Race Against Time said...

i think...

1) the air bed popped while your Cushion was pumping it beeeecause.. your Typist was on IT. It always always POPS when someone is on it while its being pumped *LOL*

2) your Cushion probably loves you a lot and do not want you to go berserk in the house.. that's why he let you go have a fun run in the park...but the steps might be a bit too much.

3) does your front paw taste like chicken? hehehhehee

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the horrible thing... yes yes.. you might have screwed up a wee bit there GLP.

Hope the week ends up better for you.

woofs n lickies,

Tootsie said...

Oh, Ms. Georgia,

I'm worried about you and those gummy paws. Did Dr. Dog have any thoughts?

I'm glad you ARE able to run, even if your Cushion made a BIG MISTAKE. And one must bear those silly hats.


June said...

Oh, Georgia, Georgia...
Nobody ever realizes what delicate flowers we big girls are, do they...
It's sad.

verobirdie said...

I'd say things can only improve now...
Have you seen thar Honey the great dane has also itchy ouchie? And she is in Sydney too... Just saying...

3 doxies said...

I is gettin' da feeling your Cushion is a sucker.
And of course da ait thingamajig wouldn' thas exploded if your Typist hadn't have been on it...cuz dats just hows da Laws of Sumptin' goes. If he had been on it it wouldn't have happened...dats what my mum is tellin' me cuz her says dat would happen heres too.
Nows I am gonna keep these images of you doin' pathetic tucked away in my brain furs future use cuz they will come in handy one day. There's nuttin betters than makin' your hoomans feel like crap when they has done sumptin' stoopid or kerazy. Dat happens heres too...hehehehe.
Can you takes Benadryl fur your itchies? I has a plethora of medications in my cabinet. I also has Hydroxizine furs da itchies too.

I hopes you feels betters withs your itchies and well...everything else.


William the Lurcher said...

Sorry to read you are on light duties too...I've got to stay on the lead for a few days to see if my leg recovers (from whatever it was caused it) - here I am training for the Olympics and my chances of getting chosen are now zero...huh! Very sad you have to wear that lampshade, but I've got a spare one if you need it!

georgia little pea said...

UPDATE - the vet thinks it's likely to be an allergy since it's affecting all 4 paws and he checked for infection last Friday and didn't see any. She's back to 2 blue pills a day and THT stays on her head when we can't keep an eye on her. She's also very down :( Not even keen on dinner tonight which is VERY worrying. Next appointment on Sunday morning.

Puddles and William - I hope you feel better soon too X

Vero - that's really interesting about Honey. I shall check her out. Thanks!

What Remains Now said...

Oh, Georgia! You get the award for worst week. How horrible! Freedom just got through with having to wear the cone for a couple days, so we are particularly sympathetic. Please let us know what you find out about the gummy paws.

Patrice and Higgins said...

Oh no, the cone of shame!!! That is pure evil!!!

I think we have lots in my boredome I have started chewing my backside. I am so happy that my mom does not have a cone of shame, or I would be in lots of trouble!!

One more week! I have been thinking of you!!


3 doxies said...

Puddles mum is the interesting thing...Puddles got bit by something on Sunday late afternoon when she was outside. But she didnt begin having an actual reaction until the next day when I got her out of her crate. But the time frame doesn't make sense. The Vet is completely stumped by what happened and shocked at how bad the reaction is. He did mention ants but he said a real cause will never be known.
I cleaned out all the crates, washed all their bedding, and washed the 87 blankets Puddles has too. I am paranoid what can I say.
So when you mentioned Georgia and the ants I was like OH NO!

I think Puddles leaves our vet stumped all the time and more wealthy;) She has had allergic reactions before but nothing like this. She is also allergic to her yearly shots and has to have Benadryl 30 min. before she has them.
I really hope Georgia is not developing allergies.


H and Flo said...

Oh no! See if you can get some Ilium Neocort from the v-e-t... that really helps when Flo gets her allergic spots on her tum. I thought you were getting all better. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is a really bad horrible, no good time. It can only get better though.....Right?

Kristine said...

Poor Georgia. You look so sad! Maybe next time you'll just leave that sock on, hmmm? But it sounds like it's all your Cushion's fault this time. Maybe he should be the one sleeping on the lumpy bed.

I hope your poor legs heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh Georgia!! Perhaps the sock would have been better. I have seen some much more comfortable looking collars that will still prevent you from chewing. Did the Dr. Dog know for sure that it was ants that attacked your feet, or could it perhaps be poison ivy or something similar that would make you itch?

Do try and follow the instructions of the TYPIST, it would seem she will be a bit stricter than the cushion. :-)

Jean said...

Oh Georgia! Does it help to know that my heart is breaking for you? Tell your Cushion to get you one of the soft 'Elizabethan" collars - They are inflatable protective collars, cost about $30 Canadian, and are available at most big petstores, washable and durable. My dogs don't mind them at all - in fact Charley used to enjoy resting her chin on it. Much, much nicer than the cone of shame! Here's a link to the one we have:

Just don't let your Cushion inflate it - let the typist do that!

georgia little pea said...

Puddles mama - Georgia's had allergies from day 1! We thought we'd gotten them under control (with regular medicated baths, neocourt ointment, hosedowns after every walk in the park, antihistemines, homecooked diet) but it seems not. This desire to eat her toes is new and the timing is terrible! She didn't really get bitten by ants. I just wrote it because of *ahem* antz in pantz? ;) How strange that that's what got Puddles though! 87 blankies ...I've met my match!

Fab - that's the ointment we use. Just got a new tube over the weekend. Flo and Georgia should have a little contest on who finishes their Neocort first. I don't see this tube lasting.

Jodi - The vet thinks it's a plant called Wandering Jew. Heaps of dogs are allergic to it here and it grows like a weed in many of our parks. YES! The Typist is way more sensible and strict :)

Jean - oh gosh! that sounds wonderful! THANK YOU! Hopefully, we'll be able to get one sent out if the stores here don't have them (we're a bit behind on pet products here). Georgia is sending you an extra big kiss for that :) X

Olivia and Petey said...

OH POOR YOU GLP! What a torrent of misfortunes! Popped bed and Evil Thing! So sad. :(
Hugs and rubs
Olivia & Petey

Jan said...

Oh, poor GLP. We hope we have heard the "worst of it."

Our humans tell us that those collars are Eliabethan collars worn by honored dogs in the Court of Elizabeth.

Yeh, we don't buy that either...

Anonymous said...

Oh nooo...such bad Luck Miss Georgia Little Pea... I hope your paws get better soon xxx

houndstooth said...

Oh Georgia!

I keep reading each new thing and feeling all sad for you, and then the story kept getting worse! My dog! How much can one canine stand? And you have another whole week to endure?! Oh, I hope you can make it through to the end!


Scrappy Angel said...

omgoodness. not the cone of shame! that is the worst!

I am sorry about your air bed. was it like a firecracker or like a big explosion?

the sock incident is one you may regret for some time.


Karen Friesecke said...

Should have stuck with the sock, now it's cone of SHAME time :O

Bummer on the air mattress :( You'll just have to stare at your humans until they bring home a new one.

Hope the paws feel better. Jersey sympathizes with you. She starts eating her feet from August until we get frost.

yuki and rocket said...

I think Rocket needs to share his secret with you on how to take that torture cone off, he's perfected it!!

yuki and rocket

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Ms Pea, I'm itching to tell you something (pardon the pun) and this remedy is not so good if the skin is open and broken BUT if you ever get bitten by ants, bees, wasps etc etc make the typist get you your very own bottle of apple Cider Vinegar and soak the affected paw in a bit of it for a few minutes and "voila" magic relief. Or, hold a soaked rag over other areas of the body. E.G. Fred was bitten on the paw by a BIG bumble-bee and was going to eat his paw off and we did the above and "magic". Oh dear oh dear, not the air bed!!! I'll pop in later tonight and see if there's an update on you Ms Pea. I've been away and am catching up. Thank typist for the great comment she made back at my place won't you. PS Tell typist I'll be doing a post in a day or two and will cover the million dollar cat in that. Lots of love Ms Pea and goodness lets hope I hear of an improvement in typists next update. xxxxxxxxxxxx

georgia little pea said...

Rose - thanks for the tip! Good one. The skin on Georgia's paws are a little raw now, so may not be able to use ACV this time. I have used it before as a rinse during bath time for her itchy skin but somehow never thought of using it this way. Duh ;)

Hmmm... Maybe oatmeal?

NOT MUCH OF AN UPDATE - still down. Eating, but not harassing me for food as she usually does. Same with her walks. Sleeping lots. Good news is she's licking rather than chewing her legs and paws now. A small YAY?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Righto Typist, now here's something that I will be shocked if it doesn't soothe. I do our Teams EYES with this and they come to me to ASK for their eye treatment if they have a sore or irritated eye. So, it can only help the paw thing, its really worth a try. To one cup of warm (tepid) water thoroughly mix one level teaspoon of ordinary table salt. and soak the paw or sponge repeatedly for a wee while. I usually dissolve the salt in a little bit of hot water first , to be sure its totally dissolved. For the paws I'd probably do it the tiniest bit stronger. I use this mix for so many things I couldn't tell you, but if Ms Pea is a bit "raw on the paw" it should give her immense relief and maybe will help her to stop the constant licking. Just sayin' from own experience.

georgia little pea said...

Rose - that sounds like what I use for myself in the shower lol. I had a big toe infection a while back and the GP recommended a salt foot soak as a natural disinfectant. It worked a treat. Now I sometimes do an all over body scrub using plain old supermarket salt. I also clean, cure and disinfect my wooden chopping block with salt, especially after cutting meat.

Too much off tangent information for a dogblog you think? ;) Will definitely give this a go tomorrow if Georgia's still licking. Thanks again! X

Rose ~ from Oz said...

It's all good Typist - think of all your followers who might be oohing and aahing and copying down our combined remedies. I bet you'll get some more coming in too. Hahaha, your salt remedies are far more widespread than mine! I will file away the chopping block tip tho' - sounds good.
Pats and hugs for Georgia before bed.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Oh you poor poor thing. I think the sock looked fetching on your little paw.

Those big plastic flying saucers they put on your head are bad news. Your Typist and Cushion can probably find a better one online or in a nifty pet shop--they make 'em flexible and comfy these days.

Big smooches and well wishes you guys--

Peggy Frezon said...

Oh this is sooooo sad. Kelly and Brooks are commiserating with your pain. I hope you stop itching so they can take the Horrible Thing off. And sorry about your air mattress popping...that is not nice. I hope you have a better day today.

Pamela said...

What a travail. It just kept on getting worse and worse. How much suffering do you expect us to witness?

I hope you are back in the pink very soon. But until then, you need to make the most of your speaker (I mean cone). Check this out to see what I'm talking about:

H and Flo said...

Just read Jean's comments - you can get the inflatable collars at PetBarn... the ones I've seen in our store are made by Kong. If you can't find one let me know and I can send one down to you. :)

georgia little pea said...

Fab - We haven't been to Petbarn in years but that was a place we were going to check this weekend or buy online. Thanks! Georgia's off her collar now. I only put it on for a while when I want to stop her licking. She's perfected her baleful glare ;) Cheers! X

Julie said...

Cali is very familiar with wearing the sock, but she agrees that it is much better than the cone of shame ;) Whenever she is itchy she chews on her feet!

I hope you are feeling better soon and the cushion didn't get into too much trouble!!

chandra said...

Oh, GLP! I'm so sorry. Why is it that ailments always seem to run together, it's like they're ganging up on you!

Thanks for the back and forth between the typist and Rose from Oz. Mason was stung by a bee for the first time a couple of weeks back. (I've been waiting for it to happen, he "hunts" them all the time) He was stung between his toes and his paw swelled and he would not stop licking and worrying at it so I took him to the vet - the last thing I wanted was broken skin and possible infection. If I would have tried the ACV in the fridge I could have saved myself the after-hours vet bill. Argh. But will try next time ... because I know there will be a next time!

-c at ddy.

3 doxies said...

Hehehe...I should has explained it betters. You sees I wake up and do my post and I nevers do it beforehand so yo nevers knows what you is gonna get when I does 'em. No, my bite didn't gets worser, just my week.
Huh, I has nevers been tolded I has human eyes befores. Since I is a dog is dat a compliment? It has to be since I use these eyes to gets what I wants.
My nails...I not use them to dead my vermin, I use my teefers. Here look I is gonna open my mouf...AHHHHHHHHH...can you see my toofers? Or was it my tonsiles?

PS: Ya'll soooooo crack me up.

Kari in Alaska said...

oh the dreaded cone, im so sorry

Stop on by for a visit

Peggy Frezon said...

Check out my blog today, there's something special just for you my friend.
Peggy and Kelly
Peggy's Pet Place

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Georgia dear how are you feeling today??? Was Typist and Cushion not taking you back to Dr Dog today? for a check? Look forward to an update. So hope you have "THE CONE" off, Zippy is filled with empathy for you, his cone is driving him slowly insane.

Jean said...

Ms Pea, I sure hope you are feeling much, much better today - tell your Typist to give us an update!
Hugs and scritches, Auntie Jean

Sage said...

You look so sad, GLP. You'd think SOMEONE would have come to your rescue.....