Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The day everyone forgot.

One day last week, My Typist got a message from my out-at-work human on her mobile phone. It said -


It was sent at 5.40pm. She only got to read it at almost 8pm while waiting for the bus after her capoeira class. By the time she got home, she'd forgotten all about it. My out-at-work human didn't mention it either. So they both ate some takeaway dinner in front of the telly and went to sleep soon after.


A few days later, our vacuum cleaner died. My out-at-work human could see how sad My Typist was [also how filthy the house was], so he wasted no time. He googled and called around, and managed to find the vacuum cleaner she wanted at a very good discount! Whoopee for Easter sales!


- he said again to My Typist, pleased to have gotten her her heart's desire [at such a great price].
"Are you sure about this? Shouldn't there be some flowers or chocolates or an airticket to Bora Bora in there somewhere?"

My Typist saw that the vacuum cleaner had a turbo head, picked up our furballs easily, worked well on carpets and hard floors, was quiet, and even fit under cupboards and dressers [not like the clunky old Dyson she used to have].

" IS quiet."
She was so happy!

"This is the best 24th wedding anniversary present ever!" she exclaimed over the gentle hum of the vacuum cleaner as she set about sucking up our furballs. "So much more useful than an airticket to Bora Bora!"

To which my out-at-work human sensibly replied, "Only the best for you, my dear."


And they say romance is dead.


Jan said...

We say good for your typist. We get so tired of these silly women who get bent when they don't get stuff that the advertising tells them they are entitled to get.

The vacuum was carefully planned and practical. We think that is the most romantic gift of all. Especially if it picks up dog hair. Which seems to annoy humans.

Elizabeth Keene said...

Oh, so nice to hear from you and your Typist, Georgia!

Happy anniversary to your humans! We love the vacuum story; the out-at-work human is clearly in tune with the Typist's unspoken desires. That is a thing to be treasured (we hear from our stay-at-home human, who's hoping that if she stops cleaning our house long enough, someone else might do it for her when her anniversary comes around). :)

Jen said...

That would be the pretty well the perfect gift for me also!! Not only am I strange enough to enjoy housework (I find it calming), but I LOVE to vacuum dog hair. It's a bit sad, but hey, whatever!! I think practical trumps romantic gifts for sure!! :)

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Anonymous said...

they ARE romantic! we spent our anniversary gardening. at least we did it together :)

houndstooth said...

Tee hee! It sounds a little like our house, but Dad is not foolish enough to get mom a household appliance for her birthday or an anniversary, ever!


Jean said...

Hahaha - the best present my (ex) ever gave me was a screwdriver. Not the kind you drink - the kind you use to fix things, with six different heads that can easily be interchanged without any trouble whatsoever. At the time (it was Valentine's Day) I thought "What the $%#@&*", but it wasn't long before I was very possessive of it and wouldn't let him borrow it for fear I'd never see it again. I still have it - about 20 years later.
But I must say that the ONLY way I'd want a significant other to give me a vacuum for a present is if it came with a promisory note that he/she would do all the vacuuming too.

PS - I gotta mention, it always throws me for a loop when I see the date of your posts - it is only Tuesday the 26th here. I'm reading a post for a day that hasn't yet happened! LOL

georgia little pea said...

TOH said this morning that most people would agree the vacuum cleaner was A Most Excellent Present!

yes, pity he doesn't get to use it much.

@Jean - not only is it Wednesday here. It's already midday. you guys over the other side of the big pond are soooo slow :p

koko said...

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary to you hoomans, Georgia!... wow, 24 years... bless your hoomans. Perhaps the ticket to Bora Bora is coming in the mail :)

Licks, hero

georgia little pea said...

@Hero - when pigs fly! yeah, we OLD :)

Pamela said...

Sounds like a great anniversary to me--I saw Mr. Thumper, Georgia keeping charge of things, and a new present to make life a little easier. Oh, and takeaway food so you didn't have to cook.

Not to complain, but my sweetie usually goes for flowers and jewelry. You'd think he'd know me better than that after 22 anniversaries. :p

Happy Anniversary!

georgia little pea said...

Is it my imagination or are dogbloggers are insanely sensible lot? TOH is going to have a huge "I told you so" moment. Better brace myself for it!

@Pamela - please feel free to direct your sweetie to this post and comments section. 22 years??? But you look so young! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, so what was it?
The dyson is crap and the hound barks at the current one.

What brand??

georgia little pea said...

At last! Someone who agrees with me that Dyson is crap, MOMA or not. The new one is an old fashioned Miele. If you google Miele Australia, you'll find a list of questions you can answer about your specific needs and that will lead to a shortlist. The model we settled on was S5781 Premio Plus. We got it from bing lee's for 450. Everything is negotiable :) So far so good.

Kristine said...

Awwww! That's so sweet.

Happy late anniversary! Don't feel too bad. We don't even know when ours is in order to forget about it. I'd love a new vacuum as a present. When you have animals, such things are priceless.

booahboo said...

Romance is surely not dead... someone did remember and a gift is still a very good gift.. soundless is always good. Our vacumn is so loud.. we run away.

I am so sorry.. i keep calling you George but you are Georgia. Hope Rufus is feeling better :)

woofs n licks,

Juliette and Dougie said...

Well I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here as I love Dyson. Up until 3 yrs ago I never did my own housework, so I suppose I'm not an expert. Happy 24 yrs Georgia, that is something big but next year you can collect the silver at 25yrs (don't think they make real silver vacs) so you should get a big romantic pressie. A silver doggie? xx

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Happy Anniversary, a little late:( I covet your vacuum cleaner! Although I probably still wouldn't vacuum any more after the first week or so, the novelty would soon wear off! I think it's a wonderful present, anything to make life easier. I'm so practical and boring:( My ex-husband gave me a possum hat once, I still don't know why and he has custody of it:)

sonia a. mascaro said...

A Very Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary!
Love the romantic story!
(((Many hugs)))

Karen Friesecke said...

Pratical gifts are the *best* gifts! My hubs gave me a pair of work boots for X-mas last year. I was *so* excited!!!

Anonymous said...

dear people, happy anniversary, 24 you say, not a bad effort.

We found the first 30 years quite enjoyable.

The 7 years that followed have been challenging but never dull.

I gave Chris a huge bunch of yellow roses instead of chocolate eggs this Easter.

Enjoying many more years of vacuuming, rgds STeve