Monday, December 13, 2010

Ms O is in town!

"O. Really?"

Now, now. Enough of the sarcasm. As if you and the rest of the planet didn't know that Ms O is in town!

Over the weekend, apart from shopping, drinking VB and bridge climbing, Ms O threw A Big And Excellent Party for her 300 guests from America in Our Botanic Gardens. Although it was A Garden, they made it into A Beach. Do YOU think this a bit strange? I think it's a bit strange. If they wanted a beach party, why didn't they have it at the beach? Humans can be hard to understand.

It might surprise you, but I wasn't invited to Ms O's party. I'm not too disappointed. None of my friends were invited either. I think Our Nicole and Our Hugh were there though.

My stay-at-home human saw The Menu in the papers. She tells me they didn't serve any liver or chicken hearts or sundried squid. I'm not quite sure why not. Maybe they ran out of money for the yummy stuff. I don't want to sound like a sour grape, but I don't think I missed much at all.

I was, however, really looking forward to Our Famous Annual Christmas Street Party That Everyone Always Talks About, which was on the very same night!
Mr Thumper was there early. He's so unfashionable.

It was a small and quiet one this year. There were no twinkly fairy lights on our little house or in the garden, as there has been every year. Most of the other houses on the street didn't have them either. Santa didn't turn up. The mini-humans went home to bed early.
One of the sausages fell on the ground. My stay-at-home human thoughtfully rescued it for me but then,  forgot to give it to me. What can I say? It was THAT kind of night.
No dogs came out to play. The cats went wild and strutted all over the place. The food table was a bit bare. Everyone forgot to turn on the music machine. No one seemed to care much at all that it was their Famous Annual Christmas Street Party That Everyone Always Talks About.

But there was a good reason for this. Many sad things happened this year. We lost some good friends, both 2- and 4-legged, from the street. Some went away to live in other places. Some went away forever. The street and the party just wasn't the same without them.

Sometime during Our Famous Annual Christmas Street Party That Everyone Always Talks About, the fireworks from Ms O's party went off and lit up the sky. We all went, "O!"
As did Our Very Famous Harbour Bridge.

UPDATE 17th DECEMBER  Could not resist this!
from smh news review, weekend edition dec 11-12


prab n said...

love the Big O pic with the fireworks. But does she worth it?

georgia little pea said...

well mr prab, you will have to call ms keneally's office to find out for sure. i think her answer will be, "YES! every single million dollars. YES!!!"

pity they didn't fork out 30 bucks more for some liver treats and chicken hearts.

p.s. aren't you being a bit un-australian to be asking that question? no more dumplings for you! HAHA :)

Chapeuzinho said...

Mr Aras is always unfashionably early too. It irritates me as he's always hurrying me up and blaming me if we are 5 minutes late. I don't know why as we're nearly always the first there anyway.
Mr Aras also organised to take the kiddies to a picnic in the Botanical Gardens.... on Saturday. You'd think with all the time he spends on the interweb that he would have known we have American Daytime TV royalty blocking off the roads and making us wonder if the Labour Government has truely lost it's mind. How about spending those millions on public transport, you w*@kers. Sorry, a splurge of vitriol there.

georgia little pea said...

LOL! Your vitriol has eaten out my eyeballs Shame on Mr Aras for not knowing. So did you see the big O at least?

Chapeuzinho said...

No. Not at all. We detoured to the Rocks and ate our pickles, ham and ginger beer there. We ARE the Famous Five. (except we have no Timmy the Dog so I'm going to borrow Ms Georgia next time).

georgia little pea said...

Oh please do! A day or even an hour without miss pushy. Bliss! Meanwhile you are The Fab Four ;) xox

Anonymous said...

the BIG O' dropped into Melb also, we thought the Beatles had been resurrected

Good luck with the mosquitoes etc, rgds STeve