Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I Am Learning #6

September 2009, Callala
This is a very big swimming pool, don't you think? I'm not sure I like it. Can we go home now?
Where are we going? I'd like to go home now please.
If huff you huff wanted something huff that could swim, puff-pant-puff why didn't you just puff get puff-huff a goldfish?!!^+^!

Boxing Day 2009, Elkington
And that's for hogging the Christmas pudding, Mr Thumper!
Sorry I can't go in there and save you but I can't swim. No point both of us drowning, right?

 January 2010, Mort Bay
Why is this water so cold? Why is it so scary? Why is it so wet? 

 March 2010, Mort Bay


May 2010, Bondi
Are you sure it's okay to go in? It looks quite rough. It's not that I don't trust you, but where are those famous Bondi lifeguards we're always seeing on telly?

winter break phew.


October 2010, Illoura
Oh help! Scotty! Help!!! Where's the sand? Why can't I feel it? Molly! Stop fishing please! Can't you see I'm drowning here? HELP!
Hey! When did YOU learn to swim, Tara?

Last weekend, Callan

"I can't look. Did she drown? Did she? Can I have her bed?"
Oh FUNNY Mr Thumper!


Tell-A-Tale said...

Well done, Geogia. Did your Humans have to teach you how to shake off the wet stuff without giving them a shower? What will you learn next, I wonder...

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia,
Thanks for your visiting and commenting on my blog. I am glad you found me. Love your blog and I will visit you often. I will also read your first post. I also love dogs and I have a lovely friend named Flora.
Have a pleasant week ahead.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love so much the video!
Thanks for sharing!

georgia little pea said...

dear Tell-A-Tale,

it is a human's job to get wet after taking us dogs for a swim or giving us baths.
Next?...hmmm, i'm working on learning how to sleep in their beds but am not having much luck. they're very hard to train.

dear ms mascaro,

thank you for dropping by again! your blog is lovely and we've been visiting for a while to see your pictures and to learn some portuguese:) i think my human has already read all about flora. she's a very lucky dog!

:) xox

Kristine said...

Oh, wow, that's wonderful! It gives me so much hope for my dog. The one thing she is scared of is the water. We've tried everything and she still won't go in on her own. Since we live on the ocean, it's a shame.

Congratulations! I can imagine how excited you are.

ceekay said...

hahaha ... you're a funny looking goldfish, georgia!!

georgia little pea said...

dear ms kristine,

my humans are very excited and proud of me! i don't like swimming much but at least i won't panic now if i ever accidentally fall into the sea.

if shiva loves something A LOT, she might swim out to fetch it. that's how my friend tara learnt to swim. she LOVES her ball and will always swim out to rescue it! but i bet you've tried something like that already. mr thumper can't swim either. he fell into a pond last week and had to be rescued again. he's very clumsy.

dear ceekay,

i'm not talking to you. ever again. huh.